Based in Amsterdam, Spill Gold brings a distinctly euro-phile vibe to their psyche-folk-rock sound. Embarking on an odyssey strangeness, the video expression of their track “Palms” moves from stripped-back and simple, washed-out landscape of virtual monochrome, through characters and actions that demand the viewers’ interpretation. Concluding with colour on a backdrop of coldness, this mini-film by Annelies Verhelst intrigues and engages, offering a stimulus of conundrums on which to draft our own stories. Or not. It’s weird that way. We’re delighted to premiere it here today.

The track mesmerizes, too. Unwinding from lush, intricate vocals, “Palms” moves into a dreamy, trance-like style with synths and guitar integrating their waving lines of music. Layering itself over five minutes and forty-eight seconds, this is not a song built for radio. Instead there’s an addictive quality, keeping the listener bound into the sound.

Describing themselves as “a psychedelic three-piece that unwinds vivid, spiraling stories with their eerie yet persistent songs, bringing listeners into a trance-like state”, Spill Gold are poets of their genre, which reflects in the eccentricity of their visuals too. As they explain:

“They saw the sirens– and just like that, as they were sitting in the rain, daydreaming on a foggy mountain trip with Japhy Ryder, witnessed the rising of an unusual new moon. A revelation that would not be contained, an unrelenting vision that demanded to be shared. Spill Gold invites you to lean in to your unrelenting visions and pour out the best you’ve got, streaming and unrestrained. Let it out and get drenched bathing in it.”

Take a look at the video here, or if you prefer, listen to the audio below:

“Palms” is taken from Spill Gold’s self-titled EP, which was was recorded and mixed in Ghent by Belgian producer Koen Gisen (Bony King of Nowhere, Flying Horseman, An Pierle, Dans Dans) and released on the 21st of October 2017 on Meduse MagiQ records.

Spill Gold are Jessica Tucker (vocals/keys), Nina de Jong (drums/percussion), and Rosa Ronsdorf (vocals/guitar).

Catch them live in Europe and Canada. With respect to the latter, they are playing:

  • March 18th: Smiling Buddha, Toronto.
  • March 31st: La Plante , Montreal, CAN
  • April 1st: Pressed, Ottawa, CAN

Here are the social links you need to keep up with their work and appearances:

Website | Facebook | Instagram


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