SXSW 2018 is upon us. Tuesday has a nice list of bands to check out as the days progress, it becomes harder to decide whom to see as the choices become overwhelming. We are giving two of the best showcase options – one where you most likely must have a badge or wristband, and one where you can probably just pay cash at the door.

Just remember to be careful and make sure you have plenty of money for parking or download the Uber, Lyft or Ride Austin app if you are into ride sharing (Expect to pay a HUGE premium, too). Don’t forget about Pedi-Cabs, too. Biking is also a cool option as parking is limited and there is a lot of ground to cover. If you click on the band name it takes you to their bio and showcase info on the SXSW page. If you are not able to catch them tonight, more than likely your favorite band will be playing later in the week. Make sure you don’t  open any unfamiliar packages as well.

Badge/Wristband Showcase: Seven Grand 7:45pm-1:50am (Killing Moon Live x Reverbnation)

LuxDeluxe – (Northampton, MA) 7:45pm

Allman Brown – (London, UK) 8:35pm

Anemone – (Montreal, QC Canada) 9:15pm

Francobollo – (London, UK) 10:20pm

Zuli –  (Long Island, NY) 11:20pm

Flyte – (London, UK) 12:20am

Otzeki – (London, UK) 1:15am


Cash/Wristband/Badge Showcase: BD Riley’s 7pm-1:50am

Tino Drima – (San Francisco, CA) 7:00pm

LIP – (Austin, TX) 8:00pm

The Jacks – (Los Angeles, CA) 9:00pm

The Outer Vibe – (Nashville, TN) 10:00pm

Doe – (London, UK) 11:00pm

Belle Adair – (Florence, AL) 12:00am

Thunderpussy – (Seattle, WA) 1:00am

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