We’ve had Lorna Dea picked out as one to watch for some time now. Her Motown-influenced, pure-pop style delivered bubbly up-beat girl-power in her 2016 debut EP, Little Spark, and her collaboration with Jack in a Box “Got To Have You” showed an unexpected, quirky side to her work. If we saw the promise of her talent, it’s not surprising that she’s come to the attention of others in the music industry, including multi-platinum artist Paloma Faith, who invited Dea to join her tour with a guest spot at the O2 in London this week.

Dea’s appearance on Paloma Faith’s stage was predicted in her cover of “Cry Baby” which, accompanied by a creatively engaging video from the team at Captured Alive, is one of a quartet of tracks that form Dea’s sophomore EP Comfort Zone

Opening the EP, title track “Comfort Zone” trips in playfully, setting Dea’s exquisitely bright vocals onto a counter-melody of keys. Simple yet engaging, this is a song that demands we dance along, while encouraging everyone to take a tempting chance on life.

Taking her daddy’s advice (or so the lyrics say) “Count To Ten” is Dea’s song of inspiration, even when things get scary out there. Fun, pop and totally memorable, this is a track that’ll play over and over in your mind, long after the music ends.

Covering a song by an iconic British talent like Paloma Faith is a brave step. The resulting track “Cry Baby” shows that Dea’s courage is not misplaced. Her vocals are up to the challenge, as is Alix Original’s careful production. Together, they have created a tribute that is both faithful and refreshing. It’s not surprising that Ms Faith is sufficiently impressed with the outcome to include Dea as a support artist.

Showing her soul side, closing track “Got My Back” brings something smooth to the album. Layered vocals, cleverly arranged over contemporary orchestrations with just a touch of jazz, this is an exceptional piece of musicality that hints towards Dea’s potential as an artist. With her well-placed confidence in her own style and sound, access to an ever extending network of musicians and mentors, and her career nurtured by boutique label Big Help Music, Dea’s future is assured. Expect more from her, especially original material, as she’ll be working with another Big Help protege, FEMME (hailed as the most successful ‘unsigned’ artist in the UK) in the very near future.

Comfort Zone was released on February 9th by Big Help Music. Get your copy here

Catch Lorna Dea live at her regular gigs at The Bear, Rugby and The Fusilier, Leamington Spa, and at music festivals across the Midlands and beyond throughout the summer.

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