As March continues to roar with wintry temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere, the music is heating up. The Weekend Showcase 4.10 edition is evidence of this with its 50 songs. There’s more of an edge – rock and post-punk in particular – on the mega-playlist as well as some ambient, pop, and electronica.

Fourteen countries are represented, including: Australia, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, England, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, the United States, and Wales.

The playlist and tracklisting, as usual, follows the list of articles from the past week. The SoundCloud version has all the songs, although some may require a GO account, while the Spotify playlist has 42 of the 50.

Enjoy the great music and discover music’s hidden gems.



  • The Matinee ’18 March 13th – Big White, Britt Rion, Feverbones, Flower Face, Gundelach feat. ARY, Michael Rault, Polly Tikk, Sad Palace, Wilder Maker
  • The Matinee ’18 March 15th – Hospital, Leon Bridges, Look Vibrant, Mercyfox, NIGHT OWLS, October Drift, Saltwater Sun, Soviet X-Ray Record Club, Tiger Darrow
  • The Matinee ’18 March 16th – Amen Dunes, Banzai Cliff, Champyons, Courtney Barnett, DANTE, Frederick The Younger, Sjowgren, Tomma Intet, VNLVX


Weekend Showcase 4.10 Tracklisting

  • Michael Rault – “I’ll Be There” (Toronto via Edmonton, Canada)
  • Tomma Intet – “Falling From The Edge Of The World” (Gothenburg, Sweden)
  • TT – “Love Leaks” (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Sjowgren – “Beginners” (San Francisco/Oakland, USA)
  • Britt Rion – “Chaos & Beauty” (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • PHOSPHENES – “Girls Trip” (Weimar, Germany)
  • Big White – “Right Before Everything Dies” (Sydney, Australia)
  • Gundelach – “Past The Building” (feat. ARY) (Oslo, Norway)
  • Flyte – “Moon Unit” (London, England)
  • NIGHT OWLS – “Do You Want It All?” (Leeds, England)
  • Flower Face – “April To Death” (Ontario, Canada)
  • Blossoms – “I Can’t Stand It” (Stockport, England)
  • Brett – “On The Rise” (Los Angeles via Washington, D.C., USA)
  • Look Vibrant – “Last One To Survive” (Montreal, Canada)
  • Champyons – “No Applause” (Berlin, Germany & New York City, USA)
  • Hospital – “In The Evening” (Moscow, Russia)
  • Or Else – “Headstuck” (Cardiff, Wales)
  • DANTE – “Sermons” (Perthshire, Scotland)
  • Nap Eyes – “Dull Me Line” (Halifax, Canada)
  • VNLVX – “Echaté” (Ventura, CA, USA)
  • La Fonda – “In The Summer” (Seattle, USA)
  • Mercyfox – “Naked Cross” (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • PROJECTOR – “Break Your Own Heart” (Brighton, England)
  • Polly Tikk – “Flowers” (Berlin, Germany via Sakhalin Island, Russia)
  • No Name Hotel – “Blood on Sky” (Los Angeles via Jacksonville, USA)
  • Tiger Darrow – “Like Summer” (New York City via Dallas, USA)
  • Afterpartees – “Two Kinds of Lovers” (Horst, Netherlands)
  • Sad Palace – “Honeycone” (Hampshire, England)
  • ENNOR – “Farewell to Atlantis” (Cornwall, England)
  • Test Card – “Marble Index” (Vancouver, Canada)

Supporting labels: 10K Islands, AntiFragile Music, Austin Town Hall Records, Big Help MusicBlanket Fort, Burger Records, Caroline InternationalColumbia Records, Duchess Box Records, EMI, Gaphals, Golden Brown, Hand In Hive, Hidden Shoal, Interscope RecordsJalapeno Records, LoveLeaks, Lövely Records, Marathon Artists, Milk Records, Mom + Pop Music, Ninja Tune, Nomad Records, Northern Spy Records, Paradise of Bachelors, Roadkill Records, Sacred Bones Records, Spunk Records, Stitch Records, Terrible Records, U OK, Universal Music Group, Virgin Records, and Wick Records.

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