The Matinee ’18 March 19th includes six new tracks to surely get your week off on the right start. We have a nice mix of indie rock  and synth pop. .Artists are representing Norway, the US and The UK today. We hope you find your new favorite song or band.

Crooked Teeth – “Mountain Song” (London, England)

RIYL: LCD Soundsystem, Leftfield, Underworld

Crooked Teeth may sound like a heavy metal rock band, but look no further for unique synth driven tracks that embody electronic greats like LCD Soundsystem. “Mountain Song” is the newest track from the London based trio. It is filled with pulsating synth, distorted guitar lines and vocal hooks that hold your attention. Their sound is reminiscent of early new wave yet with a modern edge that keeps the listener wanting to hear more.

Crooked Teeth began in Glasglow and later moved to London. The band has been at it for about 3 years and received buzz around last year’s single release of “Mirrors”. Their newest release garnered the attention of Lost In The Manor Records and “Mountain Song” is part of a deal with the label to release a debut double-A.

The band shares a bit about the track: The lyrics reflect the daily dichotomy of positive and negative emotions inherent in contemporary urban existence. “We kind of let ourselves live in that confusion, on the edge of collapse,” says guitarist Sam, “picking out the fragments that make sense, the moments of anger or euphoria.”

Crooked Teeth are Rob, Jo and Sam.

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DANCEHALL – “Droners” (London, England)

RIYL: A Place to Bury Strangers, Acid Dad, Fidlar

DANCEHALL has a new track titled “Droners”. The post punk trio have chosen the name due to the track featuring a single guitar note, effected with tape delays, buzzing through the entirety of the song. They also depart a bit from their post punk roots and delve into a bit of shoegaze with their newest track.

The song actually does anything but drone on as the guitar riff effects are heavy and in your face along with the perfect amount of reverb set over melodic vocals and ample percussion.

Singer Tim explains a bit about the lyrics behind the song: “the torture of being in love and all the fear, self-doubt and anxiety one goes through on the journey of companionship, lust, passion and the uncertainty when you place your life in the hands of another”.

DANCEHALL’s debut album is out June 16th on their own label Vibe/Anti Vibe.

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Hot Flash Heat Wave – “Glo Ride” (San Francisco, USA)

RIYL: The Buttertones, No Vacation, Triathlon

Hot Flash Heat Wave have a new single out titled “Glo Ride”. The San Francisco based band just wrapped up attending  the SXSW festival. “Glo Ride” is dreamy, laid back and the perfect track to add to your chilled out playlist. The warmer weather is at least here in Texas (especially if any bands played there outside this past weekend).

The San Francisco based band have perfected lo-fi dreamy pop with their newest release, and it’s one where you can totally hit repeat to maintain a totally relaxed mood.

Guitarist Adam Abildgaard shares about the new track:

“The unknown is a frightening concept in most people’s lives. Being unsure of your direction or wondering if your passions are valid enough to pursue can stop you from doing what you love or trying new things. Since childhood we are told to buckle down and find a career that will make money and lead to success, to take the reigns and make a 5 year plan. In ‘Glo Ride’  we assume the passenger’s point of view, it’s about embracing the unknown and letting it take us for a ride.”

Hot Flash Heat Wave are currently on tour with No Vacation. Schedule is available here.

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The RPMs – “Your Ghost” (Brighton, England)

RIYL: The Academic, High Tyde, Marsicans

The RPMs just attended the SXSW Festival and their melodic indie rock made an impression. Their sound is energetic with impressive guitar riffs and unique vocals.

“Your Ghost” Is their most recent release and it’s quite addicting. In a live setting, it definitely forces you to move. The track has a great mix of modern day indie rock with some hard hitting drum beats and hook-laden keys. The band also recently released a video for the track, which is out on Xtra Mile Recordings.

The RPMs are Jack Valero (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Miguel Cosme (Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals), Callum James (Drums), Ollie Summers (Lead Guitar) and Chris Bowden (Keyboards)

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Sigrid – “Raw” (Ålesund, Norway)

RIYL: Anna of the North, Astrid S, Billie Eilish

Sigrid is back with a new track titled “Raw”. The Norway native has been creating really clever Scandi-pop for a little over a year now. “Raw” allows her songwriting to shine regarding a complicated relationship.

Sigrid’s vocals take the forefront on “Raw” and are surrounded by bass heavy synth and simplistic keys. Her lyrics describe her frustration in the relationship as she proclaims “I just wanna be pure, that’s what you wanted me for so I get pissed off when you ask me to be more. I just wanna be raw”

Sigrid will be appearing at Coachella next month and “Raw” is out now on Island Records UK . Her upcoming tour starts November 16 in Oslo.

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Waves of Dread – “Flying” (Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England)

RIYL: The Byrds, My Bloody Valentine, Ride

Waves of Dread is a brand-spanking new band with only two singles currently public.
“Flying” is their newest single release. The track is an awesome mix of psychedelia, shoegaze and dreamy rock with a retro flair similar to The Byrds.

“Flying” speaks to living in a dream world, possibly because of an extremely euphoric relationship.  The song elicits positive vibes throughout and will definitely set you in a better mood after listening. It’s another track to add to your warm weather feel good playlist.

We don’t know much about Waves of Dread as they are so far pretty elusive on each of their social media accounts. We are however excited to hear more from this talented and intriguing band.

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