The Dan Ryan formed as a side project in Lawrence, Kansas, and they currently reside in the music capital of the world, Austin, Texas. The psych-folk band have released two albums to date, both of which channel a bygone era when the stories mattered and the music were the canvases to the actual art. Today, they put their art onto a modern-day platform, unveiling the video to their most recent single “Maker”.

The Dan Ryan have a way with creating acoustic based tracks intertwined with psych/cosmic vibes. On “Maker”, which is from their latest album titled Guidance, we could definitely close our eyes and imagine ourselves out in an expansive desert with the breeze running through our hair and tumbleweeds rolling by. It’s only fitting that the visuals on the video pretty much take us there (minus the tumbleweeds, of course).

Singer and songwriter Nathan Dixey presents his storytelling in a calm and concise manner. His solitary figure in the desert is symbolic of the song’s meaning – the constant changes in our life and contemplating what the afterlife holds.

Guidance is out now via Cosmic Dreamer Music. Follow the band at:
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