Words and photos are from Elissa Vinh, a photographer and writer based in Paris, France and London, England.

An assertive, high-pitched scream from the audience filled the whole room as the band came up on stage. “We do it really soft”, Florist front woman Emily Sprague quietly replied in the microphone, alluding to her blend of calm folk and electronic sound, before breaking into her first song.

During the whole concert, the audience was captivated by the gentle melodic resonance of Sprague’s voice and the synth sounds from the OP-1 that Jonnie Baker was programming when he wasn’t playing his guitar with a bow, violoncello style. In between songs, the singer interacted with the audience to express her gratitude because it was her first show in Europe. As such, she wasn’t expecting anyone to come. She set a friendly tone to the venue, stating how she was “very very very… happy to be here”. After having commented on the “nice darkness”, the band played a song which had not been released while some filmed it to have a personal record of it.

Espace B is a small venue, and only half of it was filled up as the small crowd gathered around the cramped stage. The red lighting coming from a single projector in the left corner produced a warm atmosphere throughout the whole performance. This was enhanced by the intense heat created by the pack of people congregated near the music stage, who were hard to weave in and out of to take photos.

After the show, the band stayed behind to talk to the audience and sell some of their merchandise. Sprague even came to the bar to talk to some fans who were waiting around drinking their beer. Connections among the ones who had attended the gig were made as conversations were struck, unaffected by the fear of the French and English language barrier. Generally, there was an overall, welcoming convivial feel to Florist’s first show of their tour, promoting their third album If Blue Could Be Happiness, which was one of our favorite albums of 2017 and Rich wrote:

It’s an album full of reminders to find strength in things. From colors to locations, the album creates this vibrant imagery that just feels warm. There are only a few artists whose music I’ve compared to a warm blanket on a cold day; those whom create a comforting feeling. Florist’s music has always been that for me, something to find strength to get through a tough time. That is especially present on If Blue Could Be Happiness.

Best of luck to Florist as they continue their challenging UK & Europe Spring 2018 tour full with almost daily shows. Dates and information are available here.

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