Some people are born athletes and others are born leaders. Kerri Powers was born to play the guitar and tell stories that could best be defined as Mark Twain’s Mississippi River tales meet Kurt Vonnegut’s Sierra Nevada deserts. The Connecticut-based singer-songwriter, in other words, is a throwback, who would have been a star if she started performing in the ’70s instead of the early 2010s. Time, however, is on Powers’ side because people will eventually discover this gem of a talent who is a young Bonnie Raitt. Yes, she is like the legendary artist, playing blues, roots, Americana, country, and folk with an attitude and a sharp tongue. It is our pleasure, as such, to premiere Powers’ new song, “Bicycle Man”, today.

Featuring a classic, twangy guitar line and Powers’ classic, raspy vocals, “Bicycle Man” is swampy blues – roots number meant to be played in the blues bars that litter New Orleans’ Bourbon Street. It rocks and smoulders with the grit, attitude, and addictive qualities of Buddy Guy’s, Taj Mahal’s, and Ms. Raitt’s finest numbers. Her songwriting, too, is akin to these greats (and Vonnegut, too), where she applies wit and satire to tackle conventional norms. In this number, she takes the classic fairy tale and puts it on its head. There’s no Prince Charming arriving on a white steed or a motorcycle riding, leather jacket-wearing hero to save the day. The hero in Powers’ story is “the rambling girl”, who is the “cog in the wheel” or the man who rides a bicycle. A man who is powerless without his better half.

“Bicycle Man” is taken from Powers’ new album, Starseed, which arrives May 4th. Powers is playing a few gigs around Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York this month. Find dates and ticket information here.

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