The Matinee ’18 April 9th includes six new tracks for your listening pleasure. We have a nice mix of tunes to get you feeling relaxed  on this find Monday. We hope we are due for some warm weather soon as many of these tracks can be added to that upcoming playlist. It’s been surprisingly cold this past weekend. We have artists representing Canada, the US and The UK today.

Haux – “Arrows” (London, England via Boston, USA)

RIYL: S. Carey, Henry Green, Hilang Child

“Arrows” is the newest single by Woodson Black (aka Haux). It’s a beautiful track that reminds us to remember our experiences with others, especially those we have lost with the following lyrics: “If you leave, don’t forget / If you love, don’t regret / If you leave, don’t forget / All the love, that you left”. Haux continues to transcend in each new release by perfectly framing his mesmerizing vocals against acoustic foundations and subtle synthetic vibes.

Haux shares a bit about the meaning behind the song: “The foreverness of death is always the part that gets me. Its permanence hurts just as much as remembering sometimes. I didn’t realize until recently, but this song is a keepsake of someone I lost.”

“Arrows” is off of Haux’s newest EP release, Shift which is out now via Ultra Music.

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Inspired & the Sleep – “First Time” (San Diego, USA)

RIYL: Arms Akimbo, Sego, SWIMM

Inspired & the Sleep are Max Greenhalgh and Bryce Outcault. We have been following the talented duo for a while. “First Time” is their newest release as we haven’t heard much from the duo over the past year. “First Time”  is a wonderfully breezy track that speaks of the beginnings of a growing relationship. We are loving the dreamy elements of vocal echoes, simple acoustics mixed with subtle electronic elements.

The duo have turned a corner with their newest releases. They are now straddling between catchy indie pop and dreamy synthpop. Over the last year, Max moved up to the Highland Park area of Los Angeles and continued to create music with Bryce in San Diego. This geographic change resulted in a change in perspective on how to create their music to sculpting holistic tracks versus the constant experimentation they used in the past.

We expect to hear more from Inspired & the Sleep later this year.

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Laura Welsh – “Atomised” (London, England)

RIYL: Vaults, Jesse Ware, Dev Hynes

Laura Welsh just recently released “Atomised”. The song was not originally going to be released as a single, but Ms. Welsh was inundated with requests after it was featured in last year’s movie, Fallen.

The track is wonderfully constructed as it frames Ms. Welsh’s vocals perfectly. She has a soulful tone to her voice which is similar to Matt Woods. The two should collaborate on a single together as their delivery both have the listener mesmerized with each new lyric.

Ms. Welsh shares a bit about the track: “It’s a song about lost communication. When you know things are coming apart but you don’t want to confront the other person or even yourself. The importance of overcoming your fears and saying how you truly feel.”

“Atomised” is out now on AWAL.

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Maybelleen – “Hey Ruby” (Montreal, Canada)

RIYL: The Electric Mess, The Safes, The Wands

Maybelleen are brothers Peter and Charles Camiré. “Hey Ruby” is their latest single release. The brother duo are back with more retro inspired psych rock and we will be hearing more from them this year. “Hey Ruby’ is an upbeat rocker that you can’t help but want to move to. They also have a video to go along with the track.

Maybelleen share how the song came about: We played this gig in Glasgow, one of our best night, the crowd was really into it and we decided to go at the after party… There was this girl that no one really knew, standing alone, she looked mysterious. We decided to chill with her and we soon got to know each other’s names. Hers was Ruby. Everyone was just jamming with guitars and this song popped out. We pretty much jammed until the light of day.”

“Hey Ruby” is the first single from the duo’s forthcoming EP, Neon Lights & Magic Moments to be released May 18th.

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Tancred – “Reviews” (Maine, USA)

RIYL: Soccer Mommy, Waxahatchee, Hop Along

Tancred is Jess Abbott and she has a new release titled “Reviews”. The song is urgent and awesome as she sings about someone she has lost – either in the physical sense on this earth or possibly a relationship that has ended.

Her lyrics point to remembering someone as they proclaim: “It takes highs and lows to celebrate you / It takes all my words to celebrate you / It takes all my sight, to actually see you / It takes all my love to celebrate you”  Or possibly, maybe she is referring to herself as the other stanza mentions dealing with criticism: “They always tell you don’t read the reviews / So I am blind but the pictures of you”

With “Reviews” Tancred has produced a stellar track full of perfectly placed guitar riffs, memorable electronic elements all the while perfectly framing Ms. Abbott’s mesmerizing vocals.

“Reviews” is from Tancred’s new album Nightstand, out June 1st on Polyvinyl Record Co. Pre-order it on Bandcamp.

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Westerman – “I Turned Away” (London, England)

RIYL: Jens Lenkman, Sondre Lerche, José González

“I Turned Away” is the flip side track of Westerman‘s previous single, “Confirmation”. His newest release is quite hypnotic as we are presented with alluring vocals and an ethereal vibe.  “I Turned Away” is surrounded by simple acoustics and memorable electronic elements that continue to keep the listener enthralled.

Westerman shares a bit about the track: ‘I Turned Away’ is about mirages and was recorded in one take with the intention of retaining it’s rawness. It’s about the realisation that what you thought was there was never really there – just your own impressions. It’s a solitary cry at increased global hostility and the move back towards scapegoating and isolationism as we become more afraid.

“I Turned Away”  is out now via Blue Flowers Music. Westerman is currently working on his upcoming currently untitled album which is slated for early 2019.

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