Since 2015, we have asked independent artists to share their favorite memories from their time at SXSW. In just three years, this project has become one of our most popular features thanks to the growing interests of bands and singers from around the world. These memories are from Rosemary & Garlic.

The project of Netherlands-based Anne van den Hoogen and Dolf Smolenaers, the duo released their self-titled debut album earlier this year via Nettwerk Music Group. Their dream-folk approach is reminiscent of the ethereal approach of Luluc with the intimacy of This Is Kit and French for Rabbits. Like so many bands that experience the music marathon, Rosemary & Garlic were excited and eager, and for five days they ran on adrenaline. Unlike most individuals, however, they did not talk about the food. They did have an encounter with masks and pills, though.

Day 1

“On our way to Austin! First stop Houston, where we’ll pick up Anne who’s already in the States. Dolf has planned to binge watch Blade Runner over and over for the next 9 hours.”

Day 2

“We’re a band again! We found Anne in Houston and started collecting our instruments and backline. Our friend and label-mate Austin Basham kindly trusted us with his guitar. For Dionne (our cellist), we stopped by a violin store for a cello. Anne bought a new Telecaster so we’re kinda ready for it!”

Day 3

“Kind of jet-legged, we had ourselves an American breakfast (sweetened bread?) and went to Music Lab for a quick rehearsal to test our collected gear. Made a stroll to the city to Austin Convention Center. Still not that crowded at night, but bands were already playing in every available room. Our show at the New Dutch Wave House was nice. After a few songs, we got the peoples’ attention, which is always difficult at these kind of showcase festivals where people run in and out of the venues. After our first showcase, we were invited by Paradiso Amsterdam to check the amazing Canshaker Pi. Great show guys!”

“We ended in a cool place called Liberty, which is right across the street of our apartment. Sorry for the blurred picture and that we’ve forgotten the name of the band playing, but it was kind of late. We did see them rolling on the ground, wearing masks, and forcing people to eat pills they brought to the gig.”

Day 4

“It was such a hot and humid day! We were lucky to have some interviews by the Colorado River and a few hours later we had our linecheck at the Presbyterian Church, sometimes things look really peaceful. But actually we had a quite stressful line check.”


Day 5

“Tuning down our guitars before flight!”

Final Note
“Our apartment promised us a nice rooftop terrace. The view over foggy Austin was spectacular. We hope to return to the US soon!”

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