Canadian Music Week, the week long festival featuring music, comedy, film, along with both trade/award shows and a conference, is almost here! Now in its 36th year, May 7th through 13th will see Toronto ablaze with musical fire! Held in about 35 venues in downtown, venture out to see some of the home grown and international talent. Grab a bracelet, check out the schedule and get out there!

If you were looking for some suggestions, here’s a few we’ve gathered for you to get you through the weekend, though don’t forget to take a look at Part I for ideas to beat the weekday doldrums. The recommendations below are for next weekend – Friday, May 11th to Sunday, May 13th.

Dina suggests:

Skye Wallace (Friday, May 11th @ Dakota Tavern)

With a critically acclaimed album already under her belt and her second release in the works for 2018, this Toronto-based artist is worth noting. Head out Friday night for an ounce of punk with equal parts rock, served with a classical twist. If you need more convincing to stir up your weekend, read The Matinee on this Canadian firecracker.


Ellevator (Friday, May 11th @ Lee’s Palace)

“Energetic, contagious, dramatic, and euphoric” is how fellow The Revuer, Ben, recently described the track above. That’s more than enough reasons to go check out this indie-pop band from Hamilton. If you need more, read his full take on their talent.


Twin Bandit (Saturday, May 12th @ Dakota Tavern)

The folk/roots pairing of Hannah Walker and Jamie Elliott, collectively Twin Bandit, recently released their second album, Full Circle. This duo have a lovely way with words and voices that intermingle enchantingly. Opt for harmony over harried on a Saturday night and don’t miss this show. If your Saturday is already spoken for, they do have a show on the 11th at Cameron House.


Darren suggests:

The Honest Heart Collective (Friday, May 11th @ Adelaide Hall)

I was introduced and won over by The Honest Heart Collective at CMW last year. Their no-holds-barred performance was a highlight of the festival for me. Later in 2017, they headlined what would be the final concert at the iconic Ottawa venue Zaphod Beeblebrox. Along with a couple other bands, this frenetic farewell party gave the venue a proper send-off. Don’t miss your chance to see these guys.


ANML (Friday, May 11th @ Longboat Hall)

When checking out the schedule for CMW 2018 and giving a listen to almost every artist playing the festival, ANML’s quirky voice easily caught my attention. You may already be familiar with her music as this Canadian-born, LA-based singer has been featured on many television shows.


Texas King (Saturday, May 12th @ Longboat Hall)

I was introduced to this band at the aforementioned Zaphod Beeblebrox final show. Not knowing them before, it only took one performance to be won over. If you like a good fun and high-energy rock shows, this is a band you have to see live.


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Sunday, May 13th @ Phoenix Concert Theatre)

Normally I like to highlight smaller bands that people may not be aware of, but when a band of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s calibre is playing you just have to take notice. This California rock band formed in 1998 and since then they have released eight studio albums and several EPs. The band has managed to stay relevant on the rock charts throughout their twenty years in the industry, including their latest release, 2018’s Wrong Creatures, which was highly received by us.

See you at the shows!

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