The Matinee ’18 May 7th includes 6 awesome new tracks for your listening pleasure. We have a surprise collaboration, upbeat indie pop. dream pop and some amazing rock for good measure. We hope you find your new favorite song or band as warmer days are fast approaching us. Artists are representing Australia, Norway, Sweden and the US today.

Nina Kinert – “Chapped Lips” (feat. Samuel T Herring of Future Islands) (Stockholm, Sweden)

RIYL: London Grammar, CHVRCHES, Meadowlark

We are already huge fans of Future Islands, so when this new single by Nina Kinert passed through our inboxes with Samuel T Herring in the title, we took notice. After listening to Ms. Kinert’s first lyric sung it’s like an instant love affair. As soon as Sam’s vocals hit the first verse, it’s instant amazingness.

“Chapped Lips” is a perfect love story composed with unique compositions which frame Nina and Sam’s vocals perfectly. It’s nostalgic as it takes you back to those times when first loves began during youthful days. It reminds of when you could not keep your lips away from your new lover.  It’s even more special when you can recreate those feelings and actions into adulthood. After hearing the track, it’s hard not to imagine Sam as the vocalist within the duet.

Nina shares: ”It was always written as a duet, but it was hard finding the right singer and voice to fit the story. I wanted the voice to feel experienced, like it “had lived”, without belonging to an old man. When I thought of Sam, everything made sense”. Nina and her producer reached out to Sam and the rest is history.

Kinert’s new album, Romance, arrives this Friday, May 11th.

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DAGNY – “That Feeling When” (London, England via Tromsø, Norway)

RIYL: Astrid S, Charli XCX, Phoebe Ryan

Norwegian pop star DAGNY has a new release titled “That Feeling When”. Already having a huge following from her native Norway she has created the perfect formula to make worldwide waves in the indie pop arena.

“That Feeling When” has more of a dramatic feel vs. her upbeat and fast paced indie dance heavy tracks. Her newest release still includes driving beats and catchy rhythms, but there is a definite atmospheric and dreamy feel. The lyrics also hit home for anyone entering into a relationship with caution. Her lyrics speak to that point of vulernability:  “I felt myself unravel,  too scared and too shattered, built walls as high as castles, too high for anyone but I wasn’t expecting you – like a punch that knocks the wind out…”

DAGNY shares a bit about her newest release: “The inspiration for the song came from the hashtag #ThatFeelingWhen, and was written from my personal experiences of not only falling in love, but also sorrow. It will be the first of two singles that will be released before the summer, and I hope that ‘That Feeling When’ can create a different feeling for the listeners than my previous songs.”

“That Feeling When” is out now via Republic Records / Island Records. You can check out the video here, if you ever wondered how beautiful Tromsø, Norway was.

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easton – “Blue Love” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: flor, GreatGoodFineOK, Max Frost

Easton Schirra is usually a celebrity photographer and is now branching out into creating music of his own. “Blue Love” is his debut track. He offers up super smooth vocals and the overall vibe has a definite R&B slant. Having been raised on jazz and R&B while growing up, his influences are definitely seeping into his musical style.

Easton shares a bit about the track: “This song is about drowning in love and the swelling of emotions. Holding your breath, sinking deeper and letting it wash over you until you’re drenched .”

After reading Mr. Schirra’s description and hearing the song, it makes total sense as there is a feel of muted backing vocals as if he could possibly be underwater, especially with the outro.  The feeling is definitely translated throughout the track without taking away from his vocals and overall sound. The beats on this track are super smooth and this song really needs to be added to your chill vibes playlist ASAP.

Hopefully 2018 will include more music from Easton.

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Hoodlem – “Last Night” (Toronto, Canada via Melbourne, Australia)

RIYL: Janet Jackson, Billie Eilish, Mothica

“Last Night” is the newest track from Australian native Hoodlem. She projects a solid pop persona with an ever present R&B vibe that reminds of early Janet Jackson. The composition of the track has a total future soul vibe and the listener is easily enthralled throughout the track. It’s definitely one to be added for your upcoming days lounging by the pool.

Hoodlem shares about the meaning behind her newest release: “‘Last Night” is the afterward of a night with someone you’re into and you can’t stop thinking about that person, you replay it all over in your head and it drives you a little crazy,” Hoodlem says of the track. “I think that ‘not knowing where you stand with someone’ feeling is kind of stressful but also fuels this half excited anxiety and that’s the feeling I was going through when I wrote this.”

Hoodlem will be releasing a new EP later this summer titled Teenager.

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Jimmy Eat World – “half heart” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Angels & Airwaves, New Found Glory, Taking Back Sunday

Jimmy Eat World continues cranking out awesome tracks year after year and album after album. We have not heard any new music from the band since 2016’s Integrity Blues. On May 4th,  they just so happened to release two singles as part of a limited edition 7″.

“half heart” tackles the reality of relationships where you just aren’t all in or aren’t fully present for whatever reason. J.E.W. always have a way with putting those relationship issues into lyrics that almost everyone can relate to. The other thing they always do is compose perfect harmonies that force you to feel emotions with every single song. After all, they practically invented the Emo genre.

The parting lyrics sum it up perfectly: The path you didn’t take, it always ends / Perfect only cause you never did / The moment that we have is almost gone / Either you’re here or you’re not / Either you’re here or you’re not.

:”half heart” is out on RCA Records. Jimmy Eat World are: Jim Adkins – Vocals, guitars, Tom Linton – Guitars, vocals, Rick Burch – Bass and Zach Lind – Drums. The band is currently on tour – if you have never seen them live, you won’t be disappointed.

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Pure Mids – “Walking in Place” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Beach Fossils,  Underwater Boys, Wild Nothing

“Walking in Place” is from the LA based band Pure Mids. Their sound reminds of the warmth of Wild Nothing and Beach Fossils, the Los Angeles-based trio have a crafted a glorious dream pop number. Front man William Gonzalez’s soft vocals are calming and quite pristine. After listening to “Walking in Place”, we have an instant feeling of comfort and bliss.

Pure Mids’ combination of dreamy pop, shoegaze and psych vibes makes for the perfect sound to jam by the pool,  take on a road trip or just listen to so that by the end you can feel completely calm and relaxed. With summer quickly approaching, you could actually add almost any single from their recently released album.

Pure-Mids is comprised of multi-instrumentalist William Gonzalez, producer/multi-instrumentalist Steven Martinez, and drummer Daniel Jurado

“Walking in Place” is from the band’s new album, Optimistic-ism, and it can be purchased or streamed here.

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