It’s about the time of year where summer anthems pop up. Perhaps, for Lillian Frances, a self-described “sound collager”, the timing of her sophomore EP, Timeism, is perfect. It’s a record full of laid-back vibes, songs that are witty, and undeniably groovy. From its synth goodness to its playful, smart vocals, Timeism may indeed be the soundtrack to many listeners’ summers.

Timeism is a millennial record. Right from the first track, “Netflix + Chill”, that’s obvious. The lyrics are layered with a youthful tone. It flows smoothly into “Better, Worse”, a dreamy groove with wonderfully layered instrumentals and more playful vocal tracks.

The production on the EP is stellar. The synth in “Phone Keys Wallet”, for instance, sounds so so so so good. Mix that in with some of the EP’s best lyrics, “Ooh I lost myself / Phone keys wallet / Is there anything else?” It’s a phenomenal track about Frances coming to terms with losing her ability to play guitar due to tendonitis. “For A Good Time, Call” is about a bad, boring date. Frances compares her companion for the night to cardboard. Timeism comes to a close with the Spanish-language trackm “Bailamos con el humo”, which is another oh-so-good number. It’s impossible to not get up and dance along to it.

On Timeism, Frances delivers one of the year’s most addictive EPs. It has instrumentals that will get trapped in your head, and some smart, funny, and completely relatable lyrics. From the smooth “Phone Keys Wallet” to the rapping parts in “For a Good Time, Call” to the infectious opener duo, Timeism is crafted incredibly well.

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