The Matinee ’18 May 14th includes a smorgasbord of music for your ears today. It also includes a little bit of humor to get us through this upcoming week. To switch things up we’re going in reverse alphabetical order. Artists are representing Australia, Canada and the US today.

Wet – “Lately” (Brooklyn, USA)

RIYL: CHVRCHES, Cathedrals, Men I Trust

“Lately” is the newest single released from Brooklyn based Wet. The track is laid back and hazy as the story of a less than relationship that unfolds. We hear common themes that ultimately force the relationship to end: I’ve been bending over backwards just to make you feel like you’re wanted / Oh, I use up all my energy just to make sure that you know you’re important / And I know that I’m not helping, I just get so insecure.

“Lately” is out on Columbia Records. Wet finally announced they will be releasing their sophomore album July 13th titled Still Run.

Kelly Zutrau shares about their newest track and upcoming album: “The album, and this track in particular, are about leaving dysfunctional relationships even when it is easier to stay. It’s also a call to myself to keep doing, running, making things in an overwhelming world. To not get stuck in comfortable situations if they’re not helping you to grow and live. It’s a documentation of my attempt to get control of my life, my relationships and my art and the losses I experienced in that process.”

Wet are Kelly Zutrau, Joe Valle, and Marty Sulkow. Wet will be embarking on their North American tour this week. You can check out tour dates here.

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Vilde – “Flash In The Pan” (Stockholm, Sweden via Melbourne, Australia)

RIYL: Boards of Canada, Caribou, Yeasayer

Thomas Savage aka Vilde recently released a new single titled  “Flash In The Pan”. His newest offering includes unique and memorable beats as well as Mr. Savage’s distinctive vocals. The track is swirling about with world influenced beats, twisted synth which reminds of instrumental greats, Boards of Canada, Caribou or even Yeasayer .

Vilde’s newest song also has a pretty trippy video to go along with it and is definitely worth watching. In writing this new release, Savage reflected on and refined his creative process: “Thud was a new experience for me. I realised that I felt like the last time I really knuckled down and dug into something was making the Kins album in 2012. I’d lost touch with the concept of work ethic in music. Everything since had been whimsical, I believed inspiration was reliable. My productivity waned. I felt an urge to prove to myself that I could actually commit to something and follow it through.”

Vilde’s new album, Thud, is due July 13th.

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Gallant – “Doesn’t Matter” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Usher, Blood Orange, R.LUM.R

“Doesn’t Matter” is the newest single released by Gallant. “Doesn’t Matter”  takes an upbeat turn with a dance-able vibe and includes Gallant’s unforgettable falsetto and R&B infused harmonies. The chorus is quite addicting.  It’s also a modern day love song that speaks to a love that was possibly an accident. The track is still hopeful though with lyrics that include: Stay forever young, in this state of mind / Dying for your love, call it killing time / No matter what you do I’ll be on your side.

Gallant is  currently working on his new album, a follow up to 2016’s Ology. The Grammy nominated R&B singer has not provided an actual release date yet, but with this single and his previous track, “Gentleman”, he definitely has what it takes to continue growing his fan base and further gaining respect and future accolades from the Recording Academy.

“Doesn’t Matter” has been released by Mind of a Genius.

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Foreign Air – “Loud Magic” (Washington, D.C. and New York City, USA)

RIYL: Mating Ritual, Chet Faker, Pacific Air

Foreign Air is back with a new track titled “Loud Magic”. It’s definitely a tune that includes killer beats and a high energy bop.  The synth is quite scintillating as well as the apparent anthemic feel. The track definitely commands your attention and forces you to move.  This track can easily be added to your weekend hype playlist, or definitely one to get you moving in the gym. The lyrics are strong as well: I’m screaming out loud, I’m reaching for the clouds, will they listen to me now?

The track’s hook was first inspired by an unlikely source — Michael Jordan. “I grew up watching the Bull’s as a kid in the 90’s. I had giant inspirational posters of him on my wall,” Jesse explains. “I wanted to capture that spirit in the chorus, that moment when the score is tied, you’re exhausted, and you just put up the last shot at the buzzer.”

Foreign Air are Jesse Clasen and Jacob Michael. The duo will be on tour this summer with Bishop Briggs.

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Cherry Glazerr – “Nighttime Routine” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: “Weird Al” Jankovic re-imagining R. Kelly’s catalogue

Sometimes you have to share something that is just brilliantly hilarious. Today that is the newest track posted from LA based band Cherry Glazerr. “Nighttime Routine” was quietly shared on the bands’ Facebook page last week. It’s almost as if this is a parody that is throwing shade to all those numerous songs out there about explicitly getting it on.

In this case, though we learn from the beginning of the song that there is no we: “I turn the radio on, so it’s just you and me and by you I mean me (just me).”  The description of the song on soundcloud is “a deep and beautiful song about the going-to-bed process”. We learn about taking melatonin, drinking some tea, and well doing a few other things before going to bed.

Besides making a hilarious track about the process of going to bed, Cherry Glazerr have been busy this year playing Coachella and doing shows with The Breeders and Portugal, The Man.

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Billy Raffoul – “I’m Not A Saint” (Toronto via Leamington, Canada)

RIYL: Hozier, Alexi Murdoch, Amos Lee

Billy Raffoul is back with a new single. “I’m Not A Saint” is probably the most direct song to date from the singer/songwriter. With previous tracks tackling love and physical relationships, this one speaks more about making positive changes in life and admitting a few bad habits including saying the f word too much. The track has a great combination of acoustic based guitar as well as dual vocal harmonies on the chorus.

Mr. Raffoul shares about the track: “One of the first songs written for this EP and my first collaboration with Julia Michaels. I’ve been playing this song live for a few years now and I’m happy to say that I’m not quite sick of it yet…excited to share ‘I’m not a Saint’ with you.”

There had been talk of a full length album from Mr. Raffoul, but it looks like it will now be an EP release instead. Billy Raffoul will be on tour later this summer with NEEDTOBREATHE.

“I’m Not A Saint” is out now via Interscope Records.

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