The Matinee ’18 May 15th – World Edition features a six-pack of incredibly gifted artists and bands who are starting to make big waves. As such, get to know them quickly before they start filling out festival lineups and become international sensations.


Dan Sultan – “Killer” (Feat. Camp Cope) (Melbourne, Australia)

RIYL: Paul Kelly, Dawes, Ryan Adams

Dan Sultan is a pretty big name within the Aussie music landscape. He’s one of the country’s leading alternative and roots rock musicians and occasionally dabbles in the blues. He’s won numerous ARIAs (Australia’s equivalent of The Grammys), and he’s supported other great artists, such as Paul Kelly. With his new EP, Killer Under a Blood Moon, arriving this Friday, May 18th, he’s shared one more song to entice listeners.

Pairing up this time with fast-rising indie-rock trio Camp Cope, who earlier released a great LP, How To Socialise & Make Friends, Sultan rewinds the clocks and returns us to the ’90s with the fantastic single, “Killer”. This dark and gritty rocker starts off patiently before growing into a riveting, emotional roller coaster. Georgia “Maq” McDonald and Sultan form a terrific duet, and the two deliver a dramatic and emotive storyline that belongs on the soundtrack of a femme fatale movie (think The Last Seduction). “For the thrill of it, I’ll take your heart away”, the two state with the callousness of a cold-hearted assassin. And like The Jackal, the pair’s aim is true.

AntiFragile Music will release the EP.

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HINDU – “Gorgeous” (Kyiv, Ukraine)

RIYL: Nite Jewel, Kristin Kontrol, Elohim

Earlier this year, we were introduced to Ukrainian producer and singer-songwriter Tania Yankovska and her project Hindu. At the time, she had us bopping around with the bright-eyed “Brighton”. That song was made for little dance clubs and gathers with friends. She changes things up a bit for her latest single, and we highly recommend dimming the lights and even closing your eyes.

“Gorgeous” is, well, gorgeous. A little darker, more sensual, and more immediate and intimate, the track is absolutely spellbinding and it gets seductive with each additional listen. Yankovska’s production and synth work are splendid while her high falsetto enchants. Although she could have gotten away with repetitive, cookie-cutter lyrics due to the hypnotic nature of the music, she delivers a wonderful message of self-worth. “You are gorgeous”, she delicately whispers to us, reinforcing the notion that life can only be enjoyed if we are true to ourselves.

The single is out on Manimal Vinyl. Hindu’s sophomore album is expected later this year.

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L I P S – “Apartment” (Falmouth, England)

RIYL: Alvvays, Frankie Cosmos, Life Model

Nearly five years ago, a little band called Alvvays bedazzled the music world with their dreamy and smile-evoking music. Now arrives a band with a similar story and musical style, and one who could also become an indie favorite. The band is L I P S, and their newest single will have you imagining your basking under the sunshine on the beach.

“Apartment” is that song, which could be the quartet’s tickets to stardom. Reminiscent of Alvvays’ breezy and heart-warming approach, L I P S share a number that will make you believe that better days ahead even if things appear to be dour. Front woman Rachel Anstis’ swimmingly radiant voice is the lure that nabs us while the dreamgaze-y guitars, the sublime echo of the keys, and the heart-pounding rhythms keep our attention locked in. The band demonstrate, however, they aren’t imitators or one-trick ponies. They display some ingenuity with the delicate and heavenly bridge that leads into a fabulous flourish of instrumentation. This is a band that will make you think your dreams can come true, and hopefully theirs will too.

L I P S are Rachel Anstis, Alex Smith, Theo Dorian, and Christian Wright. Pick up this single on Bandcamp.

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Slow Riot – “Betrayed” (Limerick, Ireland)

RIYL: Jesus and The Mary Chain, A Place To Bury Strangers, Eagulls

In 2015, Irish outfit Slow Riot introduced themselves with their explosive debut EP, Cathedral. That was truly a terrific record that showcased a young band deliver raw and emphatic post-punk music. They’ve released a few singles since, but it seems like the quartet of Niall Clancy, Aaron Duff, Paul Cosgrave, and Liam O’Connor are ramping up for a big 2018 or 2019 if their new single, “Betrayed”, is any indication.

“Betrayed” is Eagulls-like explosive but filtered through the noisy shoegaze of A Place To Bury Strangers. It’s bombastic, propulsive, and anthemic. It is, in other words, just awesome. The reverb-drenched guitars stand out, but The Cure-esque rhythms are what really drive the track to its dark delirium. Together, they forge a soundscape that feels like we’re spinning out of control and falling into the depths of our own despair. Front man Niall Clancy’s echo-y vocals only add to this feeling, as he attempts to unravel the puzzles that occupy our minds. Unravel the conflicting feelings that govern our bodies and souls before we “fall to pieces”.

Look out U2 and Snow Patrol, there’s a new Irish quartet that is about to be known as the country’s best musical export.

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Terra Pines – “Dream Big” (Brisbane, Australia)

RIYL: Lush, A Place To Bury Strangers, My Bloody Valentine

On Friday, Australian shoegaze / noise-pop trio Terra Pines released their self-titled debut album on Bandcamp for the bargain basement price of name your own. It’s the type of record that fans of varied shoegaze approaches will greatly enjoy. For instance, the song, “Kidult”, possessed the ferocity of A Place To Bury Strangers. On the opposite end of the spectrum is “Dream Big”, which is a dazzler.

While there is still some of the APTBS fury in the guitar work, the song is more lush and, well, dreamy than its predecessor. Co-front person Kelly Hanlon gives the song it’s airy and nearly heavenly quality, and her lyrics also have a hopeful element. While her bandmates Owen Dengate and Cameron Smith wail away on their guitars and drums, respectively, Hanlon’s message focuses on living our dreams and letting our imaginations run wild. Although we may not know everything and daydream about the impossible, we can never achieve anything if we don’t dream big. Once the song’s three minutes and eighteen seconds expire, you might start to understand why you’re here on Earth and in the power of music. In the power of a little band called Terra Pines.

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YONAKA – “F.W.T.B.” (London, England)

RIYL: Anteros, Thyla, Wolf Alice

Last year, London-based Yonaka shared their awesome debut EP, Heavy, which “challenge(d) us musically, lyrically, and, most importantly, psychologically, making us re-think the world we live in and our place in it.” The record was also the culmination of a wild two years that saw the quartet go from internet sensations to signing with a major label. Despite the contract with Atlantic Records UK, Theresa Jarvis (vocals), George Edwards (guitar), Alex Crosby (bass/keys), and Robert Mason (drums) haven’t completely set aside their indie foundations. They’re still releasing songs one-by-one and retaining the edge that made them favorites with so many people, including ourselves. Their latest, “F.W.T.B.”, is a reminder of Yonaka’s sonic power.

Short for “Fucking with the Boss”, the band deliver one mind-blowing rocker that will sure rattle the walls, ceiling, and columns of the O2 Arena and have every one of the 12,000 patrons pounding their fists and losing their minds. It’s not just the ferocity in which the instrumentation is executed, but the fury in Jarvis’ voice is intoxicating. She is like a drill sergeant, but she’s the leader for whome we’re willing to sacrifice our lives. Her politically-charged lyrics fuel our adrenaline, making us believe we are the Boss and that we are in control of our future. All we need to do is act.

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