Canadian Music Week, the annual Spring festival held in Toronto, has come to a close for 2018. With over 600 artists in over 35 venues, you’re likely still reeling from the fun (we are!). The options were expansive for each evening, but with a bit of bar hopping and pre-planning, you could see a ton of talent. Our Part I of Canadian Music Week is a photographic revisit of some of the highlights of the first three nights of the festival.


The festival held the kick-off party at the Phoenix Concert Theatre. Goodnight, Sunrise and Monowhales got the crowd warmed up before Matt & Kim took the stage and brought the crowd to a whole other level of excitement, successfully launching the festival on a high. Elsewhere in the city, Lolo Zouaï headlined The Drake Underground where she drew a dance-ready crowd, and Steve Gunn gave a stirring intimate performance at The Great Hall. 


Darren started the night at Monarch Tavern, where he caught German band Blackberries and Bex and the Disappointment. Subsequently, a stopover at Bovine Sex Club introduced him to Fear the Mammoth, a band that produces copious sound from their two members.

At the Denholm’s Birthday Pizza Party at Baby G, Dina took in Scarlet Rose (performing complete with bagpiper) and hometown alternative trio Whip Kisser. However, the find of the night was bluesman Slim Paul of Toulouse, France, who was one of a triple bill at Dakota Tavern. The evening was closed out at the Horseshoe Tavern with Australia’s Howlite and Montreal’s Wolves at Midnight.


Darren logged some miles club-hopping to catch his choices, starting with Eliott Maginot (Supermarket), The Redhill Valleys (Rock ‘n’ Horse Saloon), Chkbns (Hard Luck Bar), and Marcus Starks (Remix Lounge) before finally calling it at the Nightowl for Royal Prospect and Brooklyn Doran. Given the talent at The Garrison, with Joanna Worthington, Jess Williamson, and LOMA headling, it was an easy choice to stay put and enjoy the full evening at one venue.

Words & Photos by: Darren Boucher & Dina MacLeod

Goodnight, Sunrise
Matt and Kim
Lolo Zouaï
Steve Gunn
Bex and the Disappointment
Fear The Mammoth
Wolves at Midnight
Slim Paul
Scarlet Rose
Whip Kisser
Joanna Worthington
Jess Williamson
Eliott Maginot
The Redhill Valleys
The Redhill Valleys
Marcus Starks
Royal Prospect
Brooklyn Doran



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