From stunning numbers that will leave you vulnerable to rambunctious numbers that will leave you celebrating who you are, The Matinee ’18 May 22nd is filled with nine great songs. The mini-playlist kicks off with some haze from one of the coolest, little bands in the world.

Baywaves – “I’m Tryna” (Madrid, Spain)

RIYL: Tame Impala, Masasolo, Pond

The Spanish music scene is booming. Hinds just released a great album, and their good friends, Baywaves, released a cool, new EP last week. It’s Been Like is four tracks of groovy psychedelic-pop or, as the quartet like to say, “hipnopop”. Whatever one wishes to call their music, their intoxicating, trippy approach has made us fans. The record’s highlight is “Still in Bed”, but we already shared that. It was tough to decide between the remaining three songs, but “I’m Tryna” slightly edged out the other two because it’s the sound of summer.

The slithering synth and the hazy but sublime psychedelic disco-pop approach wash over you like the cool ocean breeze. The fuzzy vocals sound like waves gently coming to shore. Suddenly, you’ll imagine yourself walking on Venice Beach in the ’70s, where nobody gave two cents who you were or what you were wearing. It was a time of love and happiness, which is exactly how this little number will make you feel.

The EP is out on awesome, little indie label Art Is Hard Records. Spin it on Spotify and help the gents earn the tenth of a cent for every song that is heard.

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Danny Goffey – “Sick Holiday” (Eton, England)

RIYL: Supergrass, The Streets, Gaz Coombes

Supergrass were one of the most successful Brit-pop bands of the ’90s and into the 2000s. The band had a few global hits, including “Alright”, and they were in the midst of writing and recording their 7th album before disbanding in 2010. Like The Beatles and Oasis, each member set out on their own path with Gaz Coombes being the most successful of the foursome. Don’t, however, sleep on drummer-turned-front ma Danny Goffey, who has a fair bit of talent himself.

Before saying, “Oh no, not another Ringo Starr”, hear “Sick Holiday” and you’ll immediately be won over by Goffey’s ability. More accurately, you’ll be won over by his wit and quirky charm on this immensely entertaining track. Musically, Goffey channels the Madchester era, delivering one catchy, boppy number that is like a shot of espresso in the morning. What makes the song, however, is Goffey’s lyrics, as he describes many of the eventful things that can happen on a holiday, especially when one takes EasyJet and goes to a place like Ibiza (we think it’s Ibiza). For those who grew up watching National Lampoon movies, this could be the sequel to their Vacation film.

Goffey’s new album, Schtick, is due out June 22nd. Pre-orders available here.

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Declan Welsh & The Decadent West – “Lull” (East Kilbride, Scotland)

RIYL: Arctic Monkeys, Pulp, Suede

Despite having yet to release an LP or an EP, Declan Welsh & The Decadent West have developed quite the following among Scottish fans with their energetic indie-rock style that is reminiscent of a young Pulp and Arctic Monkeys. Given this combination, it’s no surprise to learn that their live gigs are raucous events. Their latest single, “Lull”, will only add to their reputation.

Anything but boring, “Lull” is a rip-roaring affair. The opening 20 seconds get the adrenaline flowing, but then it eases into a steady groove. From there, Welsh takes over and shoots out a smattering of sharp, witty lyrics about his the growing apathy of today’s youth and their lack of motivation. But it’s not all their doing, as the world has dried up with opportunities and those benefiting the most are the wealthiest. Welsh and his band might be musicians, but they also have the chance to be the voice of a generation much like The Ramones and Nirvana were.

Joining Welsh as The Decadent West are Duncan McBride, Ben Corlett, and Jamie Holmes. Their self-titled debut album is out June 1st.

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Kendall Core – “Sweet Champagne” (Portland, USA)

RIYL: Neko Case, Erika Wennerstrom, The Heartless Bastards

Grab a glass and fill it up with some whiskey, bourbon, cognac, or whatever your favorite highball may be. Then dim the lights, sit back, press play, and allow Kendall Core‘s single, “Sweet Champagne”, overwhelm and intoxicate you.

Imagine Neko Case or The Heartless Bastards’ Erika Wennerstrom at their utmost darkest musically yet at the height of their songwriting prowess, and that is “Sweet Champagne” in a nutshell. As the guitars silently rage in the background, Core’s raw, gritty, and powerful vocals, which match the wall-shaking effects of the aforementioned Wennerstrom, tell the tale of a person on the move with no destination. A person who is impervious to all the noise and distractions, as her head “floats in the clouds”. Her lines are poetic with multitude meanings. Draw your own conclusion but share one with us – Kendall Core is a hidden gem of a talent.

The song is taken from Core’ debut album, Crazy Dog. It’s out now and can be heard on Spotify.

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River Whyless – “Darkness in Mind” (Asheville, NC, USA)

RIYL: Quilt, Queue, Wye Oak

For the past five years, River Whyless have gradually made a name for themselves within the Americana and folk-rock realms. Their self-titled EP was a dream, and shortly after its release they enthralled the audience at the prestigious Newport Folk Festival. They continued down this path on their debut album, We All the Light, but it seems like they’re going in a slightly different direction for their sophomore LP. And we couldn’t be more excited, especially if the rest of the LP sounds like “Darkness in Mind”.

Out of the Laurel Canyon neighborhood, the Asheville quartet deliver a stunning number. Despite the song’s title, it is arguably the band’s dreamiest number, and the perfect track to add to any road-trip playlist. As exhilarating the music is, the foursome’s message is even more uplifting. Ryan O’Keefe and Halli Anderson share the vocal duties and tell us to keep our heads up and move forward. To keep coming up with new ideas, to listen for the bells, and believe that better things will come. These are words that we call need to hear today, especially during these challenging times. When June 8th arrives, their new album, Kindness, A Rebel, is one we all should be spinning. Roll Call Records have the honors of releasing the record to the world.

The band is comprised of Ryan O’Keefe (guitars/vocals), Halli Anderson (violin/vocals), Alex McWalters (drums/percussion), and Daniel Shearin (bass/vocals/harmonium/cello/banjo)

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Rosie Carney – “Bare” (Downings, Ireland)

RIYL: Aldous Harding, Ailbhe Reddy, Tiny Ruins

There are songs that break you down, but then there are those that leave you feeling vulnerable. Irish singer-songwriter Rosie Carney has done the latter with her gorgeous new single, “Bare”. This is a song that requires your undivided attention, which means pulling the car over, turning off the TV or your phone, or locking yourself in a room where distractions are minimal.

From the immediate drop of the acoustic guitar to the arrival of Carney’s dazzling voice, the breathtaking ambience takes you away. The song feels like a dream or a fairy tale, where you’re gracefully walking through a meadow of flowers. But not everything around you is as beautiful as the scene. Carney tells the tale of a person going through despair and loneliness before finally finding her way out. Finding her place in this maddening world. Hopefully, the ending to our own story will be a stunning as the song’s finale.

“Bare” is out now on Akira Records. Carney is touring across Europe, and dates can be found here.

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TAYLS – “Consider The Lilies” (Nashville, USA)

RIYL: Wavves, Titus Andronicus, Cloud Nothings

Taylor Cole, the man behind TAYLS, looks like he could be a member of an ’80s hair band, like Poison, Motley Crue, or Def Leppard. The young Nashville-based artist, however, isn’t another hard-rock outfit nor writing power love ballads. Heck, he isn’t even imitating the formula that made the aforementioned bands rich and famous nor even his more popular contemporaries. He’s instead paving his path with a rich and dynamic sound and some serious songwriting chops.

His newest single, “Consider The Lilies”, is just one example of his talent. A mix of pop, rock, ska, and even traces of punk, Cole delivers a rousing affair. It’s the type of track that one could temporarily lose themselves in and just delight in its energy. Cole’s lyrics are also sharp, as counters the negativity that exists around and within us. It’s a song about taking control and celebrating who we are instead of hoping for some divine intervention to create change.

“And I say if God does exist,
It’s siding with the anarchists,
For what could it be but the limitless potentials of Self.”

These are words to live by if you asked us. The young man is a serious talent.

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Two People – “I’m Tied, To You” (Melbourne, Australia)

RIYL: Hundred Waters, Maribou State, Kllo

It’s been nearly two years since we’ve heard new, original music from Phoebe Lou and Joey Clough – a.k.a. Two People. Back in 2016, they blew us away with the engrossing “If We Have Time”. The wait, however, has been worth is because their latest single is absolutely spellbinding.

Before hitting play, dim the lights, and close your eyes. Then allow the Melbourne-based duo to seduce you with “I’m Tied, To You”. This is a song for the deep hollows of the night, where only shadows linger under the pale moonlight and your best friend is the voice inside your head. The pair’s production work is exquisite, creating the heart-pounding and brooding soundscape. The addition of the sax is also a fantastic touch that adds to the track’s mysteriousness. Lou’s vocals, meanwhile, are distant yet alluring, drawing us further and further into this world of beautiful despair. “Give me your talk, and I’ll give you mine”, she whispers into our ear. And that’s all she needs to say because halfway through the song we’ve tied to her and Clough. Not just during the song’s 4.5 minute duration but for eternity.

The single is out now on Liberation Records.

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Youth Man – “Statuesque” (Birmingham, England)

RIYL: Sleater-Kinney, Wild Flag, Sonic Youth

Today’s “how-have-we-not-heard-of-this-band-before” goes to Youth Man, the Birmingham-bred outfit who have been rocking England’s underground scene since 2012. Formed by Kaila Whyte and Marcus Perks, the band have established a reputation as an edgy, gritty, sex-punk band. On their new single, “Statuesque”, however, they channel a different era – ’90s riot grrrl and they hit it out of the park.

Whyte wails with the intensity and fury of a young Corin Tucker with the lyrics to match, tackling the “ideal” version of femininity in today’s media-obsessed society. Perks is like Janet Weiss, pounding hard on the drums until the rooms starts to shake, while Miles Cocker’s bass throbs like fists pounding on the wall. And like Sleater-Kinney, this song will have you punching the air while the adrenaline builds inside you, making you feel like you can take on the world. Come June 29th, you just might be doing that, as Youth Man’s new EP, Five Songs, arrives via Alcopop Records. Pre-order it here.

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