The Matinee ’18 June 8th includes awesome new tracks to get your Friday moving. Artists are representing Australia, Austria, Denmark, Norway, the US and the UK today. We hope you find your new favorite song or band. Check back tomorrow for our Weekend showcase which includes all of our song selections from this week.

Gold Star – “Half The Time” (Los Angeles, USA via Vienna, Austria)

RIYL: Rolling Stones, Kevin Morby, Cass McCombs

Gradually, Vienna-born, LA-based Marlon Rabenreither has developed a reputation as being one of America’s finest but extremely underappreciated singer-songwriters. He’s Jagger and Springsteen rolled up into one talented individual. His debut album, Dark Days, recalled the ’70s when rock ‘n roll was at its peak. While some artists turn to contemporary pop and rock music to sell more music, Rabenreither is still reviving the music our parents listened to under his project Gold Star, and we are forever grateful especially when he releases a song like “Half The Time”.

The tune is timeless. It is an instant classic that will immediately resonate with long-time fans of the Rolling Stones and, for more contemporary tastes, Kevin Morby. The smooth rock ‘n roll vibe recalls road trips taken in a VW van or in our parents’ oversized station wagon. Rabenreither’s lyrics, too, are an adventure, but the journey is a personal one. His story is one of struggle and redemption, of unpredictability and resilience. As he repeats at the end, “I don’t know why”, we all empathize with the bumpy roads he’s traveled and the long, winding routes that have led to nowhere. However, his time is coming, as a talent this great cannot percolate under the radar for long.

Fortunately, the fine folks at Autumn Tone Records have recognized Rabenreither’s talents, and they will release his new album, Uppers & Downers, on September 7th.

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Hannah’s Little Sister – “20” (Liverpool, England)

RIYL: Bully, Slothrust, The Coathangers

Where’s the place to find great new indie rock and punk rock? Most would say New York City, but for us England – especially around the Liverpool, Manchester, and Leeds areas – is the destination we head to first. This region has given us some of the best bands of the past decade (the list is really long), and we may have to add Hannah’s Little Sister to the list soon, assuming they continue to create little rockers like “20”.

Unlike the dark post-punk and anthemic indie rock coming from this area, the quartet delve into gritty, melodic alternative rock that is reminiscent of the US’ East Coast, namely the grueling, throbbing rock of Bully and Slothrust. “20”, as such, isn’t a get-up-and-jump-and-thrash tune, but rather it is a slow head-banger. As the song progresses, the hair flailing gets more intense, as the vocals get a little more intense and the band’s youthful angst hits harder. In other words, they’re telling all the naysayers – particularly the older folks like us – to fuck off and stop telling them who they are, what they should do, and where they should be. They may only be 20, but this band knows what they’re doing.

The song is available on Bandcamp. We don’t have much more information about the band other than they’ve been performing for a couple of years.

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Krrum – “Phase” (Leeds, England)

RIYL: Foreign Air, Mating Ritual, NoMBe

Krrum is producer and songwriter Alex Carrie. He just released an awesome new track titled “Phase”. Krrum is bringing experimental elements into his newest track which feels industrial yet also blends together art rock and pop quite perfectly. It’s a super cool song that can be added to any one of your chilled out playlists.

The brooding bass lines throughout and funky percussion in the track contrast well against the smooth vocals provided by Harrison Warke since Carrie originally formed Krrum. The project began after Carrie started remixing songs for friends and then started co-writing with some university pals including Mr. Warke.  “Phase” came about after a free form studio session. “It kind of just came together and pushed our sound in a direction we hadn’t played with before,” Krrum says. “Those songs tend to be the ones that stick with me.” ​​​​​​​

“Phase” is from Carrie’s debut album, Honeymoon, which drops June 15th via 37 Adventures and +1 Records.

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Maribou State – “Feel Good” (feat. Khruangbin) (London, England & Houston, USA)

RIYL: Maribou State, Khruangbin

What happens when two of the most innovative forces in music collaborate on a song? The answer comes in the form of “Feel Good”, the outstanding, mind-blowing, stupendous new single from Maribou State and their friends Khruangbin. The partnership is an unexpected one, though, given Chris Davids and Liam Ivory have established a reputation as one of electronic music’s most cinematic and creative duos. Laura Lee, Mark Speer, and Donald Ray Johnson, Jr., meanwhile, have have pushed the boundaries of rock with their fusion of psychedelia, dub, classic soul, and Middle Eastern and African influences. And yet, here the two bands converge to deliver a memorable experiences.

Maribou State’s dark, cinematic textures are noticeable, creating the mysterious and enticing atmosphere that feels like a seductive evening in Ibiza. At the same time, Khruangbin’s touches stand out, particularly the psychedelic swirls and Lee’s enchanting vocals. Their contribution takes us from the Spanish party island to the exclusive confines of Bora Bora. But no matter where you are today, you’ll be basking in the song’s sensational heat. Did we mention this was outstanding?

Speaking of which, Maribou State’s new album, Kingdoms In Colour, is out September 7th via Counter Records. We cannot wait!

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Otha – “One Of the Girls” (Oslo, Norway)

RIYL: TT, Warpaint, Telepopmusik

Last week, Norwegian duo Otha announced themselves to the world with a song that will go down as one of the year’s most memorable debuts. For that matter, “One Of the Girls” is already one of the best indietronica songs of 2018.

Like a fusion of French titans Telepopmusik and indie chameleons Warpaint, Othalie Husøy and Tyler Johnson deliver a hypnotic and mesmerizing affair. The song grooves gently, feeling like we’re slowly floating down the river while gazing up at the stars. All the while Husøy’s delicate vocals swirl around us, telling us to “move your feet out to the open space” and to dance. The song then gradually builds into the most dizzying and dazzling climax with Johnson’s production spiraling like a tornado and Husøy continuing to encourage us to move. Her message, however, isn’t about having a good time, but rather she’s telling us to take control of our destinies. Take control of the here and now and don’t let anyone else tell us otherwise. Then again, if Otha continue to create such seismic music, we’ll have no choice but to listen.

Pick up the song on Bandcamp. Afterwards, make sure to follow them on social media and spread the word about the duo because they are on the fast-track to being Scandinavia’s next big thing.

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OTR – “Cold Facts” ft. Blondage (Atlanta, USA & Copenhagen, Denmark)

RIYL: Jai Wolf, Ford., ODESZA

“Cold Facts” Is the newest release from electronic producer OTR (Ryan Chadwick) featuring Pernille Smith-Sivertsen, the Danish singer from electronic duo Blondage. The combination of OTR’s slick beats and production form this track into a perfectly energetic summer anthem. Pernille’s vocals entrall the listener with her sweet and syrupy vocals.

Both artists share about about how the collaboration came about: “I needed power and personality to shine through on such an intense instrumental. Blondage was the perfect fit.” – OTR

“OTR made a killer remix of our song ‘Stoned’ last year and it was obvious that we should make a track together. When I heard the first demo for this song, the melody and lyrics completely wrote itself. I love how the track bounces back and forth between great sensitivity and a powerful, liberating energy. Cold Fact is about breaking free from a version of yourself that you’ve outgrown. And fiercely owning your transition. This song is bubbling with spring and a feeling of change.” – Blondage 

“Cold Facts” is from OTR’s upcoming debut EP titled Unfold out July 18th.

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Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – “The Hammer” (Melbourne, Australia)

RIYL: Dune Rats, Grandaddy, Hockey Dad

Only one more week lies between the world and Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever‘s debut album, Hope Downs. This one should be a great one, as the singles released to date have been outstanding. Heck, all of RBCF’s music has been great, and their efforts have made them one of Australia’s most celebrated indie-rock / punk rock outfits of the decade. Their newest tune only further proves why thousands of people around the globe are excited about what is to come.

“The Hammer” is a slice of brilliant sun-drenched indie rock. It is groovy, rapturous, and one joyous anthem. The chiming guitar line bleeds of Melbourne’s pioneering history in jangle rock, but the surf-rock grooves resonate of the Central Coast. As much as this tune should be played at every beach party, front man Fran Keaney delivers one heck of a tale about growing up and finding one’s way. About the confusion, the highs and lows of each day, and the moments where it feels like we’re just kicking up dust. Despite the doldrums, Keaney and his band mates still find a way to find the positives in life. This is the perfect song to this tumultuous year.

RBCF’s new album, Hope Downs, is out June 15th via Sub Pop (world) and Ivy League (AUS/NZ). Pre-order the LP here.

The band is comprised of cousins Fran Keaney (guitar/vocals) and Joe White (guitar), brothers Tom Russo (guitar/vocals) and Joe Russo (bass), and Marcel Tussie (drums).

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