Gold Coast native Jacob Lee is a truly independent artist blazing his own path. An amazing fact is that his music has been streamed over 22 million times on Spotify, and he’s achieved this with no label, management, or booking agency. No wonder the 23-year old is amassing a substantial fan base with his transparent yet hopeful lyrics. He has also released an impressive range of songs from melodic indie rock to awe-inspiring vocals that float effortlessly over acoustic guitar. Mr. Lee has the potential to become a worldwide success story with his steadfast formula of unequivocal talent in both his vocal range and his lyrical poetry to which many can relate.

“With You” is one of those mesmerizing tracks that truly grabs your attention and takes a huge tug on your heart strings. Not only is the acoustic composition extremely stunning, it’s also emotionally charged. It’s the perfect song for anyone that has fallen completely in love in a relationship and taken it to the ultimate level by having a child together. The lyrics are extremely touching as a young father reflects:

“We were so surprised with all the things you taught us
Until the day arrives when you don’t fit in my arms.
I only hope you grow up knowing that you are loved.”

“You were born with eyes that help us understand love.”

“Until the day arrives when you no longer need us,
You were the best thing that’s ever happened to us.”

Lee has this to share about the track.

“‘With You’ is an intimate, orchestral love ballad illustrating the advice a father will one day provide to his future daughter… The verses touch on the everlasting romance between man & woman & their undeniable desire to travel the Earth hand in hand. The pre-choruses & choruses are words of wisdom & words of devotion from a father who endeavors to provide the most fulfilled & jubilant life for his young family.”

“With You” reminds us that time is often fleeting and that we must live as much as we can in the moment and savor those memories we have with our children. As parents, we only have about 18 summers until they are ready to spread their wings and create an independent life of their own. It also captures the importance of parenthood, and a mother’s and father’s relationship with their children must be fostered and cared for now that they have become a family of 3.

“With You” is officially released Friday, June 15th.

Jacob Lee is releasing his debut album Philosophy as singles. There is, however, no final album release date as of yet.

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Photo credit: Susan Magnano

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