It’s Canada Day long weekend, which means a jaunt up to the cottage, barbecues, camping, or a big road trip. It also means music must be played, and the Weekend Showcase 4.25 edition is the place. This week’s mega-playlist is a doozy, featuring upbeat fair and some dark, titillating numbers. Artists and bands represent 11 countries, including: Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, the United States, and Wales.

The playlist and tracklisting, as usual, follows the list of articles from the past week. The SoundCloud version 42 of the 43 songs (one is absent due to an outstanding issue with the streaming platform), although some may require a GO account. The Spotify playlist has 40 songs.

Enjoy the great music and discover music’s hidden gems. Happy weekend everyone!




  • The Matinee ’18 June 26th – Emma Ruth Rundle, Fine Points, Grand Pax, Great Lake Swimmers, Leonie Kingdom, Low Fem, Our Girl, Slift, Still Corners
  • The Matinee ’18 June 28th – The Chamanas, Exploded View, Hater, The Joy Formidable, Mitski, Steady Holiday, Sudakistan, Tombstones In Their Eyes, Valley Queen
  • The Matinee ’18 June 29th – Dentist, The Gooch Palms feat. Kelly Jansch, Nat Vazer, PUREST, Purple Heart Parade, Sego, Send Medicine, Talkboyy, Wet


Weekend Showcase 4.25 Tracklisting

  • Our Girl – “In My Head” (Brighton/London, England)
  • The Gooch Palms – “Busy Bleeding” ft. Kelly Jansch (Newcastle, Australia)
  • Talkboy – “Mother” (Leeds, England)
  • Nat Vazer – “You’re Winning Me Over” (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Hater – “It’s So Easy” (Malmö, Sweden)
  • Spaceface – “Calm Before” (Memphis, USA)
  • Leonie Kingdom – ‘Night Terrors” (southeast Queensland, Australia)
  • Mitski – “Nobody” (Brooklyn, USA)
  • Sudakistan – “Whiplash” (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Grand Pax – “Destroyer” (London, England)
  • La Force – “You Amaze Me” (Montreal, Canada)
  • Dentist – “Corked” (Asbury Park, NJ, USA)
  • Jim James – “Just A Fool” (Louisville, USA)
  • PUREST – “Forever” (Sheffield, England)
  • Ava Luna – “Deli Run” (Brooklyn, USA)
  • Sego – “Be Alone” (Los Angeles via Utah, USA)
  • Slift – “Fearless Eye” (Toulouse, France)
  • Wet – “You’re Not Wrong” (Brooklyn, USA)
  • Marsicans – “Pop-Ups (Sunny at the Weekend)” (Leeds, England)
  • Exploded View – “Raven Raven” (Berlin, Germany and Mexico City, Mexico)
  • Low Fem – “Videodrome” (Brooklyn, USA)
  • The Response – “Empty Sound” (Christchurch, New Zealand)
  • Versing – “Silver Dollar” (Seattle, USA)
  • Hater – “I Wish I Gave You More Time Because I Love You” (Malmö, Sweden)
  • Holy Pinto – “Bitter Enemies” (Milwaukee via Canturbury, England)
  • Cordovas – “Frozen Rose” (Nashville, USA)
  • Wild Pink – “Jewels Drossed in the Runoff” (New York City, USA)

Supporting labels: AntiFragile Music, Arts & CraftsATO Records, Barsuk Records, Blue Flowers, Cannibal Hymns, Columbia Records, Dead Oceans, Dine Alone Records, Fire RecordsHardly Art, Howlin Banana Records, LAB Records, Monkey Boy Records, Nettwerk Music Group, Partisan Records, PNKSLM Recordings, Propeller Recordings, Roll Call Records, Sacred Bones Records, Sargent House, Seradom, Sonic Unyon Records, Tiny Engines, Western Vinyl, Wrecking Light Records.

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