The Matinee ’18 July 9th includes 6 new tracks for your listening pleasure. We have something for every one ranging from pounding  rockers to ethereal singer-songwriter. We hope you find your new favorite song or band today. Artists are representing Canada, the US and the Uk today.

Boy Bjorn – “Alone At The Severance” (Nashville via Madison, WI, USA)

RIYL:  Foreign Fields, Hayden Calnin, Sufjan Stevens

Boy Bjorn is the solo project from Brian Holl of Foreign Fields. “Alone at the Severance” is a perfectly delivered track with an impressive musical composition surrounding Holl’s vocal style story telling similar to Sufjan Stevens. The song has a laid back vibe all the while tackling some deeper philosophical themes.   The other amazing fact about this song is that considering the sense of scale and immensity in the tune the entire track was recorded using just a single microphone.

“Alone at the Severance” is the second track from Boy Bjorn, the follow up to “Anchorage” which was a personal nostalgic look back on childhood lost.

Brian shares a bit about the track: “Alone at the Severance was born from conversations about society and existentialism. The mid-20s pursuit of truth. All the long, inebriated talks I’ve had with friends that get compressed to a silent agreement that “we’re believing a lie, but it’s alright”.” 

“Alone at the Severance”  is out now on Communion Music, who will also release Holl’s debut album in the near future.

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cleopatrick – “youth” (Cobourg, ON, Canada)

RIYL: Royal Blood, Drenge, Blood Red Shoes

“youth” is the newest track from the band cleopatrick.  The track is high energy and full of attitude. “youth” ebbs and flows with a demanding cadence and reminds of 90s rock greats. It’s also a look back on the crazy stories either heard or witnessed that were unfortunately a reality in certain high school situations.

This lyric is telling and speaks to the consequences that indulgence can bring:
“first or last, somewhere you’ve ashed, the cigarette, that’s going to take you down.”

cleopatrick share a bit more about the song: growing up, the male population of my small town was comprised of strange social castes – hockey boys, country boys, and general assholes with twisted hive minds. every friday, i would hear them talk about which girls they were going to hookup with that weekend, and just how far gone they were planning to get. then every monday, the stories of sex and regret would spill over onto their desks and i would sit and wonder how this could be so normal. by the time i was finishing high school, a profound anger was building deep inside of me. i couldn’t go to the parties because, when i did, i felt overwhelmed with anxiety from the mistreatment and predation that thrived in those environments. “youth” is me finally letting that anger out, and reaching my conclusion on how wrong it all is. “youth” is me confronting them for wasting so much time. “youth” is me standing up for the girls that have to put up with that bullshit. “youth” is a message to those guys – i haven’t forgotten the things you’ve done”

cleopatrick is frontman Luke Gruntz and drummer Ian Fraser.

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Gardenback – “Health and Wellbeing” (Manchester, England)

RIYL: The Vryll Society, Cabbage, Palm Honey

It’s been a little over a year since we’ve shared music from Oldham based band Gardenback. They have just released “Health and Wellbeing” and it’s a psych inspired rocker that truly expands the range and creativity we’ve heard so far from the trio.

The song tackles the struggles of mental health issues and how isolation can win out so that others close to that person have no idea what they are truly going through.

The song truly does embody the emotions that the lyricist might actually be feeling within the song – especially towards the end with an explosion of screaming guitars, layered lyrics and the parting lyric “Are you seeing what I’m  seeing?”  It’s possible the ending is an attempt to portray an audible representation of what they are ‘seeing/feeling’.  The trio has seemed to really lay it all out with this track and this could be the song that gains the attention of those that could possibly catapult the band in front of a larger audience.

Gardenback share a bit about the track: “Health and Wellbeing is about the pressure to seem “fine” when you’re feeling anxious or depressed. Bottling up these feelings can amplify them, and can make you feel like you’re carrying a huge weight, but it’s important to know that you’re not alone, and it is okay, and quite often helpful to talk about these things. If you think someone is struggling just let them know you’re there for them, and that they can talk to you if and when they want to- sometimes you can help people a lot by just listening.”

Gardenback are Ellis James, Neil James and Jacob James.

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KIN – “At What Cost” (London, England)

RIYL: Bon Iver, Phoria, Sigur Rós

London three piece KIN have just released “At What Cost” and it’s another stunning track. With each new release from their combination of ethereal elements and hauntingly beautiful vocal harmonies, it’s hard not to fall instantly in love with their sound. Each track stays with you well after first listen. “At What Cost” is written about  “the cyclical life of someone who can never settle” according to the band.

KIN also booked a cottage on a windswept hill in Wales and set up a studio to see what they could come up with. A wintery, rain soaked week later, they emerged with 10 tracks, all written, recorded and produced at the cottage. These songs will be released, one a month, during 2018. The band share a bit about the process and it also explains a bit more about their flawless production heard with each new release: Writing in the cottage in Wales was a really beautiful experience. There was no phone signal or internet, no noise limitations or distractions, and no preconceived idea of what the music should sound like; we just wrote what we wanted to hear.”

KIN’s debut album is expected early in 2019. KIN is Billy, Tom and Tommy.

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Me Not You – “Imagine That” (New York City, USA)

RIYL: Lush, Memoryhouse, Still Corners

“Imagine That” is the newest track by NYC based band Me Not You. It’s a hopeful track for those feeling isolation and rejection. After hearing the full reason behind the song, respect for Me Not You grows. Not only is the musical composition dreamy and hopeful, the vocals really grab your attention as we hear:

“Someone cut you off, someone cut you off, someone turned you down, loveless and alone, faceless in a crowd: But you belong, you belong. Imagine That”

Me Not You share a bit more about the song on their Facebook page: “ we’ve been in the studio this month working on our debut LP. a few weeks back, after the Santa Fe school shooting in Texas, we were reading so much about the shooter and caught a really intense bit of inspiration and wrote Imagine That. it all just sort of appeared that day, and it was magical for us…. that ephemeral, elusive feeling that is the reason we make music. after each of these tragedies, we all point fingers, inevitably. but we wrote the song as if writing to the shooter, and to all the shooters, imagining what we would have said to them had we had the chance, before they did the horrible things they did.”

Me Not You is also donating all of their revenue from this track to MarchForOurLives

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Uma & The Wandering Stars – “One Second” (London, England)

RIYL: SecondStill, Bugeye, Kate Bush

“One Second” is the newest track from Uma & The Wandering Stars. It’s a driving rocker with Uma Staret’s intense vocals as she recounts a volatile situation or relationship she wishes she could escape from as she states “I swear I won’t leave” and “I will not lock you out”…as if all of those scenarios have played out before.

The driving bassline and swirling guitars audibly depict a pressing situation of feeling or being trapped. The hurried vocals toward the end by Ms. Staret also reinforce the hopelessness of the situation as the parting lyrics include: “you go on and on and on and on, you never stop”. The last part of the song reminds the listener of a negative never ending cycle.

Uma & The Wandering Stars are Uma Starets (vocals), Diego Perez Guillermo (bass), Itamar Starets (guitar), and Pav Stanev (drums).

“One Second” is the third single from the band’s forthcoming Trapped EP.

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