The Matinee ’18 August 24th includes 9 awesome new tracks for you listening pleasure on this fine Friday. We also aren’t going to let our social media woes let us down (currently Twitter and Facebook are giving us posting issues). So be sure and follow us on Instagram 🙂 (@therevueca). We have tracks spanning alt rock, bedroom pop, electro-pop, indie pop, guitar pop and post punk. Artists today are representing Finland, Sweden, The US and The UK today. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for our weekly playlist of everything we have covered this week.


Club De Lay – “Clementine” (Lahti/Helsinki, Finland)

RIYL: The Human League, Flock of Seagulls, Superorganism

We have a soft spot for the ’80s, particularly the movies of John Hughes and Chris Columbus. Yeah they were cheesy, occasionally overdramatic, and over-the-top unbelievable, but they were fun and made me think the impossible was possible. So when a new tunes comes along and brings back memories of Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, and The Goonies, we cannot help but share it. Boy does nostalgia set in when spinning “Clementine”, the breezy new single from Finnish indie-pop outfit Club De Lay.

From the buzzing synths to the crystalline guitars to the bouncy rhythms to the sweltering vocals, “Clementine” is the Molly Ringwald of modern-day synth-pop. You cannot help but smile and be lost within the track’s retro vortex. If you let yourself go, you’ll find yourself in a jubilant mood and dancing like the kids did back in the big hair, neon-color, and leotard days. Front man Mikko Ahvonen’s story, though, belongs on the big screen, as he sings about forgiveness, undying love, and turning the page.

“Keep dancing to our songs
‘Cause I just can’t let you go.
I never meant to do you wrong,
But it’s the only way for me to move on.”

The band is comprised of Mikko Ahvonen (vocals/guitar), Teemu Leikas (guitar), Aleksi Siimestö (drums), Jami Varonen (bass), and Antti Haiko (synths). We’ll have to invite them to our next high school reunion.

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Far Caspian – “The Place” (Leeds, England)

RIYL: Los Angeles Police Department, Washed Out, Youth Lagoon

“The Place” is the newest track from Far Caspian. It’s the perfect track if you need to instantly lift your mood. From the first hit of the play button, we hear amazing harmonies that take you on a bliss filled ride to a dreamlike state. Joel Johnston’s vocals float effortlessly over subtle percussion and rhythmic guitar. The ethereal harmonies provide us with another track that firmly cements Far Caspian as a major player in the dream pop arena.

The band shares a bit about the meaning behind the track: “The song is about overthinking things in social situations and feeling like you aren’t contributing enough to conversation because you’re feeling awkward”.

Even though the lyrical content is about dealing with a bit of social awkwardness, we are audibly presented with almost damn near perfect dreamy indie pop.

Far Caspian is comprised of Joel Johnston (vocals/guitar), Jof Cabedo (drums/vocals), and Alessio Scozarro (bass/vocals). Their new EP, The Place, is out today via Dance To The Radio.

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Glassio – “Young & Departed” (New York City, USA)

RIYL: Charles Fauna, Mating Ritual, Work Drugs

“Young & Departed” is the newest release from Brooklyn based Glassio. The track is a look back on the past, yet focuses on moving forward. “Young & Departed” is totally energetic with an electro-house vibe. It’s the perfect song to get ready for the upcoming weekend and close out this heat filled summer. The mixture of dance and house elements over immaculate production of shimmery indie pop makes for one fine single release.

The track reflects on past memories from a relationship yet also looks forward to a hopeful future with the lyrics “We were young when we started, now we’re fighting everything we’ve won. We were young & departed, but tonight we’re gonna make up a world we love”.

Glassio’s new EP, Age of Experience, is out October 10th. Glassio, which is the solo project of Sam Radseresht, will be supporting the EP with an appearance October 13th at Brooklyn’s Elsewhere.

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Hater – “Fall Off” (Malmö, Sweden)

RIYL: Alvvays, Yo La Tengo, Camera Obscura

If the quartet of Måns Leonartsson, Adam Agace, Lukas Thomasson, and Caroline Landahl were American, Canada, or British, their project, Hater, would likely be indie superstars by now. Their debut album, You Tried, was filled with dreamy numbers while their follow-up EP, Red Blinders, was emotionally stunning. As we’ve stated before, they have an unmatched ability to effortlessly write songs that are devastating in their lyrical impact yet bewitching to hear. The third single from their forthcoming sophomore album further evidences their talent.

“Fall Off” is another beautiful knee-buckler. It radiates with the cool sunsets of the approaching autumn, yet it exhilarates like a spirited race along the seashore. The throbbing bass line sets the tone, mimicking the pounding of your heart. Jangly guitar lines and titillating cymbals glisten in the background, acting like bursts of sunlight breaking through the clouds. The star that rises high, though, is Landahl’s gorgeous voice and her introspective songwriting. She shares a memory of “staying so long” with someone through their trials and tribulations. While they experienced more valleys than peaks and are now traveling their own paths, she still manages to lift herself up time and time again. It’s a gorgeously intimate and vulnerable single, and the lovely instrumental that ends the song accentuates its impact.

Once again, Hater have found another way to mesmerize us. Expect them to further dazzle when Siesta is released on September 28th. The fine folks at Fire Records have the honors of releasing it to the world.

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Public Practice – “Fate/Glory” (New York City, USA)

RIYL: Blondie, Shopping, Beverly, Wall

Some may argue that the term supergroup should be reserved for the ultra-rich and -popular. We say the heck with that notion because what should matter is talent and not Spotify streams or record sales (especially in today’s overly manufactured and lyrically suppressed mainstream industry). As such, new band Public Practice is a supergroup, featuring members from NYC post-punk outfit Wall and indie pop-rock darlings Beverly, who we’ve been fans of for a little while. Together, they bridge their considerable talents and different musical leanings into a retro-inspired number.

Their first single, “Fate/Glory”, channels New York City in the ’70s when Blondie, The Talking Heads, and Television roamed the streets and filled venues across the Big Apple. This tune is part post-punk, part stuttering indie rock, and completely memorable. Its nervous energy – highlighted by the stuttering drumming, the pulsating bass line and guitar riffs – is highly contagious. Then like the final seconds of the Thunderbolt ride at Coney Island, the song accelerates and manic dancing sets in. Frontwoman Sam York discusses our contradictory obsessions, where wants become fear and desire turns cold. Her lyrics are insightful, biting, and awesome.

“We learned our fate, this is the hype
Maniacal eyes filled with lies
We gift our souls to a life left wanting
Filled with lies, fame and glory.”

Public Practice are lead vocalist Sam York, guitarist Vince McClelland, synth/bassist and vocalist Drew Citron, and drummer/programmer and producer Scott Rosenthal. Their debut EP, Distance is a Mirror, is out October 26th via Wharf Cat Records. Pre-order it here.

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Sir Babygirl – “Heels” (Chicago via Hanover, NH, USA)

RIYL: Charli XCX, Lisa Prank

Kelsie Hogue – the musical mastermind of the Sir Babygirl project – is a quadruple threat. For starters, she’s a multi-instrumentalist (bass, guitar, and piano, TYVM). But that’s only scratching the surface of her talent. This emerging superstar also writes, sings, and produces her own rainbow-hued synthpop that is best paired with the terms electrifying and delicious.

Take her new single “Heels” for example: sweet hooks pair with fierce vocals to create a one-two punch of dynamic pop energy. And did we mention the sparks that fly on the chorus? Prepare to have some spine-tingling moments when you hear the high notes that follow the “I changed my hair refrain” refrain. Move over, Arcade Fire: we expect Antoni will be sporting a Sir Babygirl on the next season of Queer Eye. This LGBTQ anthem is as the lyrics say, a “nice surprise” and easily one of the surprise hits of the summer.

This single is out now via Father/Daughter Records and streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

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Spesh – “Candy Legs” (Seattle, USA)

RIYL: New Order, Future Islands, Beach Fossils

Everyone loves a song that makes them feel like they’re doing the backstroke while standing on solid ground. You know a tune so cool and exhilarating that it seems you’re swimming in mid-air. Whether you know this sensation or not, spin Spesh‘s “Candy Legs” to experience it all over again (or for the first time).

Like a young New Order – even front man Michael McKinney’s voice sounds like Bernard Sumner and the bass line is Peter Hook-esque – the Seattle four-piece deliver one shimmering tune that is perfect for an end-of-summer playlist. It is bright, blustery, and lighthearted, and its smoothness will not only have you swaying your arms but you’ll be smiling all day. Even the storyline brings feel-good vibes, as McKinney describes how his and his partner’s love is an unbreakable bond. Exactly what “Candy Legs” are is unknown, but we can only guess it’s code for the sweet emotions that fill the air when the two see each other. Or maybe not. Regardless, this tune will have you uttering sweet-nothings to your loved one when it’s all over (sorry, we couldn’t resist!).

Michael McKinney, Sergio Mirazo, Morgan Dixon, and Brian Yeager are Spesh. Their new album, Famous World, drops September 28th via Killroom Records. Pre-order it on Bandcamp.



Teddy Glass – “Carrion” (Austin, USA)

RIYL: Dinosaur Jr. road tripping with Kevin Morby & JD McPherson

You know what your weekend needs? A groovy new tune from Texas indie band Teddy Glass. Their new album, Nights and Weekends, is out today and features the impossibly irresistible “Carrion.”

When we first heard the album’s “Lean On” single last month, we knew this duo of Peter Shults and Josh Halpern would steal our hearts. And sure enough, that’s exactly what they did with that tune plus the album’s title track two weeks ago. We would yell “mercy” but the fact is, we simply can’t get enough of their music.

“Carrion” is soulful. It’s rockin’. It’s just the right balance of dreamy vocals with sweaty guitar licks. Basically these guys have stumbled onto the winning formula. If you road-tripped with Dinosaur Jr.’s J. Mascis, Kevin Morby, and JD McPherson, the result would be Teddy Glass. Just crank up “Carrion” and you’ll understand why their fuzzy, hazy doowop is the missing ingredient in your life.

Their self-released album is out today. Check their social media links for details.

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Wild Nothing – “Canyon on Fire” (New York City via Blacksburg, VA USA)

RIYL: The Fixx, Cutting Crew, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

We are starting to wonder if Wild Nothing‘s Jack Tatum has sold his soul or otherwise made some diabolical pact. How else can you explain the magic in everything he creates? Whether it’s soft dream pop or vintage-sounding, synth-driven works, each song is masterclass in indie perfection. His latest from the forthcoming Indigo LP is further proof (as if you needed any!) of Tatum’s wizardry.

“Canyon on Fire” is a nearly five-minute voyage into the past. The pastel hues that dominated the mid- to late-’80s synth pop scene (The Fixx, Cutting Crew) become the pulse of this shimmering gem. Meanwhile Tatum’s smooth vocals draw you further into the modern dream pop world that is his signature. It’s at once exhilarating and melancholic. Try not to sigh as he sings “Where would I be without you?”

Tatum’s new album, Indigo, arrives next Friday, August 31st via Captured Tracks. Pre-orders are available here and at Bandcamp.

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