The Matinee ’18 August 31st includes 9 amazing songs to get your weekend kicked off just right (for some, it will be a long weekend as well). We have an awesome mix of genres and artists today. Artists are representing Australia, Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, The US and The UK today. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for our Weekend Playlist which includes everything we’ve shared for the week.

Bad Sav – “Hen’s Teeth” (Port Chalmers / Dunedin, New Zealand)

RIYL: No Joy, Pinkshinyultrablast, Ringo Deathstarr

Bad Sav are a New Zealand super-group of sorts. The trio consists of Death And The Maiden guitarist/vocalist Hope Robertson and bassist/vocalist Lucinda King plus Shifting Sands guitarist Mike McLeod, who is playing drums with this project. They have teased the project for ten years, but they finally found the time to complete enough songs for a record. Their self-titled, debut album will finally see the light of day on September 21st, and the excellent boutique label Fishrider Records will have the honors. To prep us for what is to come, they released “Hen’s Nest” earlier this week.

Like the sparkling, dark shoegaze of No Joy and Pinkshinyultrablast, “Hen’s Nest” is a dazzler. It is quietly urgent and mesmerizing, and it engulfs you up with its intense bleakness, which is forged by the spectacular reverb-drenched guitar and the heavy, throbbing rhythms. Robertson and King’s dual vocals, meanwhile, are captivating, providing the perfect counter to the haunting atmosphere. They ring like sirens, whose voices pierce through the dense fog to enchant us. The two singers, though, aren’t hear to bring us to their lagoon, but rather to take us to the clouds and watch the life of a man who has given up. A man who is ready to take his own journey through the skies.

Bad Sav is available for pre-orders on Bandcamp. Get to know this band (and their main projects, too, because they really are great).

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COSBY – “Sunlight” (Munich, Germany)

RIYL: Yumi Zouma, HAIM, The Aces

Germany isn’t the first place one thinks about when it comes to indie pop (the country is home of krautrock after all). If we were paying closer attention as early as 2013, we would have noticed that a young band was starting to make waves. Big waves! Following the release of this year’s Milestone LP, Cosby are gradually becoming a European sensation. Soon, they’ll be international stars, especially once people grab a listen of “Sunlight”.

“Sunlight” is glorious, shimmering indie pop that is perfect for this final long weekend of summer. From the sizzling synths to the percolating beats and rhythms, the tune will smother and intoxicate you, and you may find yourself basking and swirling under its radiance. While the music sounds like it could be played in an ’80s disco club, front woman Marie Kabylka, through her lush vocals, tells a gorgeous tale of a young woman trying to move forward and find her little piece of paradise. Its a story that we all can relate to, especially in this day and age.

Marie Kobylka, Chris Werner, Kilian Reischl, and Robin Karow are Cosby. The single is out on Just Push Play.

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Evalyn – “Big Bad City” (Venice Beach, CA, USA)

RIYL: Elohim, Mothica, Vérité

“Big Bad City” is the newest single released from LA songstress Evalyn. The song is part of her upcoming EP which follows a theme that tackles the seven deadly sins.

Her newest release, “Big Bad City” tackles the subject of greed. The track feels a bit dark and brooding with watery synth when it first begins. Once Evalyn’s strong yet delicate vocals kick in, the energy changes a bit and grows into more of an energetic track,. The song starts off slow yet builds with an expansive chorus.that feels dance worthy by the end. Evalyn already has a nice built in base of fans after offering up her vocals on Louis the Child’s “Fire” back in 2016.

Evalyn’s new EP, Salvation, drops September 28th. Evalyn shares a bit about the new EP: “One of the central themes is the idea of trying to find something to save you, whether it’s religion or a cult or anything else you might worship.”

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Holm – “With Every Heartbeat” (Copenhagen, Denmark)

RIYL: Craft Spells, Here We Go Magic, Wild Nothing

We don’t know a whole lot about Danish multi-instrumentalist Mikkel Holm-Silkjær’s project Holm, but we’ll trust the judgment of those at the great Tough Love Records, who signed him about a year ago. Holm-Silkjær could be considered Denmark’s equivalent to Jack Tatum (Wild Nothing), Will Toledo (Car Seat Headrest), and Justin Vallesteros (Craft Spells). In others, he’s a gifted artist who combines shimmering, melodic rock with terrific lyricism, which he does on “With Every Heartbeat”.

According to the Copenhagen-based singer-songwriter, he wrote this “one drunk summer night in Aarhus”. He won’t be the first nor the last to be under the influence while writing a fantastic song (Kevin Parker wrote much of Tame Impala’s Currents while high). Despite his state of mind, the music is clean and his lyrics are crystal clear. The jangly, indie-rock vibe is urgent yet contagious. His words are immediate, as he shares the pain in his heart, yet he admits “that we could keep trying, things will never change”. But deep down, he yearns for a second chance, as he later sings, “And it hurts with every heartbeat”. We all know the feeling, but we never could find the words to say it as endearingly as Holm-Silkjær’s has.

His previous EP, Dappled, is available on Bandcamp. Check it out!

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Jade Bird – “Uh Huh” (London, England)

RIYL: Elle King, Courtney Barnett, Caroline Rose

Jade Bird is making international waves, and she could become the next Alanis Morissette. The 20 year old released her debut EP Something American last year and is currently releasing singles that will become part of her debut album. “Uh Huh” is the newest single and it continues to prove Ms. Bird’s strong vocal talent and clever songwriting. The track displays the soulful influences from Ms. Bird’s upbringing along with a raw and electrifying attitude that cannot be denied.

Another amazing fact about Jade Bird is that she is creating and writing her tracks 100% on her own without a producer or anyone influencing her end result. She is also very receptive to feedback from fans and often asks for comments from new song snippets on Instagram.

Jade Bird is currently touring in the US. You can check out remaining dates here and catch her live if it’s not already sold out. We have a feeling 2018 will be a huge year for this talented 20 year old from Hexham, England.

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Oh Pep! – “What’s The Deal With David?” (Melbourne, Australia)

RIYL: Lucius, The Sundays, Courtney Barnett 

What’s not to love about Oh Pep! The duo of Olivia ‘Liv’ Hally and Pepita ‘Pep’ Emmerichs have consistently wowed us since 2015. We fell fast and hard for the “clever melodies and pulsating rhythms” of their 2015 debut, The Race. Since then, their talents as songwriters and performers continue to evolve, proving they are future legends in the making. You only need to hear a few seconds of “What’s the Deal with David?” to appreciate their incomparable charm.

You can’t write about Oh Pep! without mentioning their vocal chemistry. Much like the female due-led indie outfit Lucius, there is an almost palpable electricity in everything Liv and Pep create. Their vocals weave together seamlessly, while the instrumentation here is dazzling (and danceable) indie pop at its finest. As they sing throughout this tune, “Electricity runs down your spine….now you’re having a good time.” Truer words were never sung. You absolutely will get a spine-tingling rush every time you spin this song. It’s one of the catchiest in their repertoire (which is really saying something!), and we couldn’t be more excited to hear what other gems are on their upcoming LP.

I Wasn’t Only Thinking About You is due October 26th via ATO Records. Pre-orders for those in Australia and New Zealand are available here while the rest of the world can click this link.

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Straight Arrows – “21st Century” (Sydney, Australia)

RIYL: The Kinks, Peter Bjorn and John, Ron Gallo

Australian indie rockers Straight Arrowshave an infectious, retro-inspired energy sure to knock your socks off this weekend. Their latest amped-up offering is the psychedelic “21stCentury”, a true sonic gem if we’ve ever heard one. (With a tune this infectious, it’s no wonder they toured with modern indie royalty like Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees!)

These guys don’t waste any time getting straight into the good stuff. They hit you with an irresistible hook in the first seconds. While the song title is forward-facing, the grooves draw heavily from the mid-’60s (especially The Kinks). But this is only the tip of the iceberg when trying to explain their charm; we could wax poetic about their talents for days. This tune showcases the myriad aspects of their talent: besides the supremely tight hooks, “21st Century” boasts a fierce bass line and quote-worthy lyrics. In fact, don’t be surprised if you find the melody on repeat in your head for the rest of the year, along with the line “I haven’t been this high since high school.”

Straight Arrows have been making waves Down Under for a few years now. Keep this banger on repeat and you’ll understand why.

Their new album, On Top!, is out October 26th via Rice is Nice Records. Pre-orders are available here, including Bandcamp.

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Ultra Material – “Transfer” (Brisbane, Australia)

RIYL: The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees

Remember the delirious emotions you felt when you first fell in love with your favourite band? There is a certain euphoria that happens when a band’s sound makes you wish you could crawl inside the melody and absorb every note. This feeling may not happen every day, but you always know it when it does. We had that exact reaction after hearing the lush “Transfer” from Brisbane indie band Ultra Material.

Sure, it’s easy to bandy the term lush about like it’s no big deal, but with this band, it’s a very big deal. There aren’t many bands out there with a sound that evokes The Cure’s “Prayers for Rain” without sounding derivative. Ultra Material’s sound has those same dense textures, the same richness of fuzzed-out distortion layers that makes your head spin. Adding to that evocative sound is the vocals that call to mind Siouxsie Sioux at times. Brooding, mysterious, and intriguing, “Transfer” serves up all the things we love about indie music. So yeah, it’s easy to understand why we swooned a bit when we first heard this song. It’s one thing to remember your initial listening experience to The Cure’s Disintegration; it’s another to hear that influence woven into a new wave of musical talents. For that reason and more, Ultra Material are definitely a band to watch.

The single is taken from their new album, Cosmic Anti Stuff, which is out now via Black Wire Records. You can get it on Bandcamp.

The band is comprised of Nick (guitar/vocals), Zuzi (keys), Sarah (bass/vocals), and Matt (drums).



The Wombats – “Bee-Sting” (Liverpool, England)

Alternate streams: YouTube, Spotify

RIYL: Death Cab for Cutie, Bombay Bicycle Club, Two Door Cinema Club

Earlier this year, Liverpool’s favorite pop band The Wombats released their fourth full-length album, Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life, which highlighted the trio’s ability to deliver catchy hooks and unforgettable choruses. Most bands would focus all their energies in promoting the record, but Matthew Murphy (vocals/guitar), Dan Haggis (drummer), and Tord Øverland-Knudsen (bass) don’t seem content with just sharing eleven songs. As such, they’ll be releasing an extended version of the album that will feature three bonus tracks, two of which will be brand new, including “Bee-Sting”.

“Bee-Sting” is prototypical The Wombats – a sunshine-sweltering tune that will get you moving and shaking. Crunchy guitar riffs, a vibrant melody, and hip-shaking rhythms produce a shimmering sound that is perfect for this long weekend. However, like most of their songs, there is much more than the rip-roaring approach. Murphy’s songwriting addresses several issues – anxiety, the lack of identity, and being abandoned by the people who should be welcoming you. Listen closely and all his words, and not just the music, move you.

“Bee-Sting” and “Oceans”, which is the other new tune, will also be released as a separate 7″. As such, if you already have the album, you won’t have to fork over money on a product you already have. The extended LP and the 7″ will be released on AWAL.

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