When thinking about the music that comes from Russia, most English-speaking music fans will cite Pussy Riot, Pinkshinyultrablast, and Tchaikovsky. The list is pretty limited due to the lack of exposure Russian artists and bands receive abroad. Someone, however, has to be the first, and the group could be Hospital.

Formed in 2011, Hospital is an indie-pop rock band that have been featured in these parts. Comprised of Egor Berdnikov (vocals/guitar), Aleksey Shorin (bass), Andrey Tsvetkov (guitar/backing voals), and Vladimir Balovnev (drums), their ’80s-inspired sound recalls the bubbly synth-pop of New Order and the sultry flair of George Michael and Wham!. In their seven years together, they’ve released two albums plus opened for Lana Del Ray, The Neighbourhood, and The Kooks. As such, some people surely believe in their potential.

In two days, the quartet will release their their full-length album, Memory Waves. To give you a taste of what to expect, we have the pleasure of sharing it in its entirety.

The LP is nine songs of infectious pop music that spans the spectrum of the genre. There is the anthemic and bouncy “Nothing But Love”, which echoes of Passion Pit and The Wombats, and the scintillating urgency of “In the Evening, which is a nod to Rick Springfield. A touch of shoegaze splashes on the shimmering “Golden Days”, sensuality drips from the Spandau Ballet-esque “Lush”, and the closer, “Two Sides”, is New Order reincarnated. In other words, the entire album is pure exhilaration for any ’80s pop music fan, and it provides a moment to escape the madness of this wacky world. Speaking of which, the band adds the following about the record:

“We think ‘Memory Waves’ is all about escapism. Of course, there are a lot of ‘typical’ love songs. Love, though, could be the best way to escape your fears. For us, this album is about being strong whatever road you take in life. It’s about the value of friendship and fighting your demons.

‘In the Evening’ was the first song recorded for the album back in 2016. It was not the best time for the band because we were not sure if we should record anything at all. We were at the edge of a split, to be honest. After the first half of the song was done, however, we decided that it might be the right sound for us, so we started working on some other songs. Actually it took one-and-a-half years for us to finished this album.”

Hear the album below. To repeat, it officially arrives Thursday, September 6th, and it can be purchased on Bandcamp.

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