The Matinee ’18 September 10th includes 6 awesome new tracks to get your week started off right. As we transition into fall, we are still able to capture those upbeat summer days with these new releases. Artists today are representing Australia, Canada, The US and The UK today.

Deidre & the Dark – “One Night” (Brooklyn, USA)

RIYL: Natalie Prass, Gloria Gaynor, Donna Summers

Deidre & The Dark (Deidre Muro) has just released a great track to end the summer with, “One Night”. The song is a quite perfect love song that speaks to that relationship where it only took night where you knew the relationship would last forever. Ms. Muro’s vocals are irresistible on this Motown inspired track. It takes us back to some of the great ’60s sing along pop hits, yet we hear modern electronic elements throughout which makes this a modern and shiny new track with a retro spin.

Deidre shares about how the track came about: “We had just finished up a mini-tour of the northeast where we’d been listening to a lot of the Delfonics and Motown hits. This song actually came together in one impromptu late night session at the studio, inspired by other truly joyful songs from that era of classic pop music that are a ton of fun to sing.”

“One Night”  is out now on YouTooCanWoo.

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Henry Nowhere – “Good Thing” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: The Radio Dept., Los Angeles Police Department, Summer Heart

Henry Nowhere is Henry Moser and he has just released another single titled “Good Thing“. It’s a laid back and dreamy track that explores the ebb and flow of any long term relationship. The lush elements on the track provide a feeling of warmth and will be perfect to listen to on any upcoming rainy, cold or even dreary day. The expansive harmonies can soothe any soul that needs to be reminded of the warmth of sunny and carefree days.

Mr. Moser shares about his favorite track off of his upcoming EP:  “I wrote this song about my relationship with my girlfriend. I experimented with putting a lot of acoustic instruments in the arrangement. I played flute, trombone and piano on this cut which I hadn’t done on my other recordings. I have big soft spot for lush arrangements, be it impressionist composers, film scores, or classic jazz/pop arrangement. I have a fantasy of being a Duke Ellington or Henry Mancini type character.”

Moser’s new EP, Not Going Back, will be released September 14th via Sleep Well Records.

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Julia Knight – “Like I Used To” (Nashville, USA via Lexington, KY)

RIYL: Emma Dewing,  Paperwhite, Ralph

Julia Knight stepped into the spotlight in 2016 with her single “Ghost of You”. The now 21 year old took a two year hiatus to be prepared for where she is right now. “Like I Used To” is her first single after taking the time to craft her style as an artist. As soon as Ms. Knight’s sultry vocals are heard on her latest single, it’s hard not to instantly become entranced. The subtle acoustic composition frames her voice perfectly and provides an almost Sade-like environment that can easily relax your mood.

Julia shares a bit about her newest release: “‘like i used to’ is months after the relationship ends when you’re able to look back for the first time and appreciate your feelings for what they were. You’re able to see the relationship in a new light and have a new appreciation for it even if it wasn’t right for you.”

“Like I Used To” is off of Julia Knight’s upcoming LOVE IS A HOAX EP.

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Kyson – “Have My Back” (Berlin, Germany via Australia)

RIYL: Ben Howard, King Krule, Oliver Tank

Kyson is the moniker of producer, singer and songwriter Jian Liew. “Have My Back” is the newest release from Kyson. It’s a unique and vibrant track that has a vocal delivery style reminiscent of King Krule. Instead of a jazz influence, though we hear acoustic elements married with cosmic dance ready beats. “Have My Back” speaks to the realization that a relationship is no longer what it used to be based on a shift in both attitude and body language.

Kyson shares a bit about the track: “‘Have My Back’ came out of a bunch of sessions when experimenting on songs for my new album. It comes from a very different place to ‘Every High’ and ‘Clear Air’ and I really wanted it to sit separately from them, so we decided to break the original EP format and go for a collection of 2 double a-side singles instead”.

“Have My Back” is out now on Taste and Tone.

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Marsicans – “Suburbs” (Leeds, England)

RIYL: High Tyde,The Hunna, Viola Beach

Marsicans are back with a new track titled “Suburbs”. The Leeds quartet have just released another perfectly composed pop-rock track that lyrically questions the meaning of home. We have the endearing vocals of James Newbigging framed by a growing rock anthem that includes killer guitar riffs, pounding percussion wrapped up in a nice shoegaze package.

Singer James Newbigging shares a bit about the track: “Suburbs is about the feeling of not being comfortable where you are. I’d just got back from a pretty hectic few weeks away and I was looking forward to being home. But then I kept getting bored straight away. I guess it’s kind of about wanting more all the time: more experiences, a change of scenery, but not quite knowing why you want it or why you need it. I started over-thinking things quite needlessly. I remember go-ing past a man mowing the grass, making sure the curb edge was pristine, and it made me question everything, I don’t know, but I was probably having a quarter-life crisis.”

Marsicans are James Newbigging (lead vocals/guitar), Oli Jameson (guitar), Rob Brander (bass/keys), and Cale McHale (drums). Their new single is out now on LAB Records.

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Mike Edel – “31” (Victoria, B.C. via Linden, AB, Canada)

RIYL: Dan Mangan, Said the Whale, Ruler

“31” is the newest track from Canadian artist Mike Edel. It’s a totally upbeat track that speaks to the fact that we can still be youthful and free even into our 30s. Mr. Edel has spent the last year in the studio working on new music with Chris Walla (Death Cab For Cutie). The result in “31” is a wonderfully laid back indie rock track that definitely gets your toes tapping and your mood lifted. The lyric “We’re old enough to still feel young” can be the universal mantra for all of those out there that are young at heart.

Mike shares a bit about the meaning behind the track: “31 is an ‘I Won’t Back Down,’ thirties are the new twenties anthem that I wrote when all of my friends started having kids, buying houses and then renovating their basements to rent out. It’s a refusal for the status quo and the hook happens 0:31 seconds into the song.”

Hopefully “31” is part of an upcoming EP or album release, no date or title as of yet.

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