We’ve reached the middle of the last big summer music festival in Ottawa. Fret not! There’s still plenty of talent to take in at CityFolk Music Festival to keep you content through the weekend.

Also, if hanging at Landsdowne isn’t your scene, or you’re still seeking more music on a Friday, be sure to check out the musical harvest that is Marvest.  This is a free festival  showcasing local artists held parallel to CityFolk.  It takes place only on two nights (September 14th and 15th) and it includes numerous shows held at a variety of unique venues in The Glebe. You can find out more details here.

As The Revue has done in previous years, we will offer suggestions as to which CityFolk stages to stake out to keep your ears entertained (avoiding the headliners as much as possible). Though the previews will highlight individual days, the full schedule can be found here. Various passes and tickets are still available for purchase.

As a quick helpful hint, do download the app to design your own itinerary and be sure to follow Ottawa Cityfolk on social media for any fun contests and changes in schedules.

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Friday, Sept 15th picks

54-40 – 6:00, City Stage

Like with Steve Earle & the Dukes on Wednesday, we have another band with a long and illustrious career opening the day. They should require no introduction, but for any younger readers out there, 54-40 are Canadian alternative rock legends and have been loved by generations since their debut in 1984. If you do not know them by name but have listened to the radio in Canada in the past thirty years, you will be familiar with some of the music. We’ve seen them play in Ottawa before and they put on a fabulous show !

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Flint Eastwood – 6:30, RavenLaw Stage

Detroit-native Jax Anderson (a.k.a. Flint Eastwood) had a tremendous 2017 with the release of her EP, Broke Royalty, as well as performances at several major festivals. The momentum is still going strong thanks to a reputation for being fantastic live as well as a successful online game. This is a performance people will be talking about for a long time and maybe, just maybe, you’ll see her hanging around the area afterwards (she’s known to make an effort to check out the local scene).

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Allan Rayman– 7:30, City Stage

Returning to CityFolk for the second year in a row is the somewhat reticent singer-songwriter Allan Rayman. Though mysterious, the Toronto native hasn’t stealthy slipped Juno’s radar, having won the 2018 Breakthrough Artist of the Year Award. Purely based on our own experience of seeing him perform earlier this summer, prepare for a fascinating experience, both the songs themselves and his onstage presence. It’s all imbued in emotion with an eccentric edge. It’s just perfectly him. It also may involve a plaid shirt, but don’t quote us.

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