The Matinee ’18 September 14th edition is a rambunctious affair with most of the songs turning back the clocks. Many of them take us to the eras and genres that our parents and grandparents spun in their youth. For some of us here, these times were also when we were teenagers. So whether you’re 18 or 80, we think you’ll love today’s tunes.


Adeline – “Before” (New York City, USA via Paris, France)

RIYL: Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, Escort

Tonight, put on your best outfit, gather your friends, and turn your living room into Studio 54. It’s Friday night after all, and now all you need is the music. You can turn to the typical music playing on the radio or surprise your guests with a sizzling disco number that sounds like it came from the voices of Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, or any other great dance diva of the ’70s. The exception is that Adeline Michèle wasn’t even born at the time, yet her sound is vintage.

Better known for her work with nu-disco outfit and cult favorites Escort, the Paris native is making the days of bell bottoms and sequins blouses cool again with songs like “Before”. It’s sexy, groovy, and completely contagious. Michèle’s sugary vocals grab you at first, spinning you like a marionette. In the meantime, the funky bass line has you bopping around, and the cascading synths wash over you with the exhilaration of a midnight skinny dip. This feeling of rejuvenation is echoed in our lyrics, as she sings, “I feel clearer than before”. Oh, wait for the crescendo where Michèle’s vocals reaches aria levels, and the moment is mind-blowing. Simply wow!

Michèle’s debut solo album, [ad•uh•leen], is due November 9th.

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The Ar-kaics – “She’s Obsessed with Herself” (Richmond, VA, USA)

RIYL: Foxygen, The Seeds, The Rolling Stones

We’ll be upfront and say that we don’t know a whole lot about The Ar-Kaics. What we do know is that the quartet of Kevin, Johnny, Tim, and Patty have been kicking around the Richmond, Virginia area since at least 2013, fine-tuning their craft of revitalizing and reinventing ’60s punk and garage-rock. We also know that an awesome label has signed them, and they have some awesome artwork for their records and singles (check out their Bandcamp page). Other than that, there isn’t much more we can say. Well, that’s not entirely true. We can say that their latest single, “She’s Obsessed with Herself”, is tremendous.

Fans of The Rolling Stones’ early work or those who grew up listening to The Seeds will immediately be drawn to this track. If you were born in the ’90s and adore Foxygen’s modernized classic rock, then you, too, will be lost in the hazy swelter of this gem of the tune. The rhythms are smooth and groovy while the dual guitars jangle and chime, giving the song a surfy vibe – as in Brighton, England surf and not the California variety. Front man Kevin’s vocals, too, have an air of a young Mick Jagger as does his relatable songwriting. We all know a person who is so self-absorbed that she is immune to everything around her.

“She always has this one dream,
Nothing matters much as long as you heard about it.
Oh she’s so perfectly swell
She can put you done and not even breathe it.”

The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming, debut album, In This Time, is scheduled to arrive on October 26th via Daptone Records’ imprint Wick Records.

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Black Honey – “Into The Nightmare” (Brighton, England)

Alternate streams: Spotify, YouTube

RIYL: Blondie, Wolf Alice, Sunflower Bean

Making their thirteenth appearance on our site – not including Weekend Showcase playlists – are Izzy B Phillips, Chris Ostler, Tommy Taylor, and Tom Dewhurst. You know them better as Black Honey, who have been blasting the minds of music fans in the UK and abroad for more than three years. Their ascent to the top of the UK indie rock mountain has been a slow and gradual one, but it was inevitable with their raucous indie-rock approach, incredible live shows, and stories that should be immortalized in print. Seriously, the quartet are the complete package, which explains why they’ve frequently graced these spaces. Adding to their growing legacy is “Into The Nightmare”.

Imagine for a moment Blondie being supported by The Bad Seeds and the collaboration delivering a creepy tune for Halloween. This is essentially what “Into The Nightmare” is. Front woman Phillips is a modern-day Debbie Harry with their wide-ranging vocals that are simultaneously seductive, assertive, and edgy. As Phillips and her band mates orchestrate a gritty, head-bobbing, and goose bump-inducing melody, she tells a love story set in the after life and it’s immensely clever.

“Front row seats to a car crash
What I’d do to get you back
Wish you were here beats in my blood
I played along just because…”

“Into the Nightmare” was co-written with Royal Blood’s Mike Kerr. It is taken from the the band’s forthcoming, eponymous debut album, which will be released on Foxfive Records next Friday, September 21st. We cannot wait!

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Dish Pit – “Family Man” (Montreal, Canada)

RIYL: Hole, Bikini Kill, L7

When we last heard from Montreal’s Dish Pit, they were reviving the punk rock of the ’70s and ’80s with “1000 Ways To Die”. This time around, they have fast forwarded their time machine by 12 years and entered the year 1991, where we find them blasting some awesome grunge with “Family Man”.

Like Hole and L7 before them, Nora Kelly, Brianna, and Jack deliver a propulsive, grimy little melodic rocker. Kelly’s over-driven guitar opens the track before the feedback on Brianna’s bass takes over. Jack’s steady drumming anchors the track together, offering the one clean instrumental piece. As the three whale on their instruments, Kelly takes on misogynistic attitudes and how some men claim their authoritative positions due to them being the family’s primary breadwinner. As such, he can do as he please because he’s a “family man” – or maybe he’s just an asshole of a dad.

Dish Pit’s debut EP is expected at the end of this year or early 2019. Mainline Records in the UK will be delivering the goods.

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Featherfin – “Keep on Walking” (Norway)

RIYL: Slowdive, Cocteau Twins, New Order

We tend to focus on younger artists who are trying to make a name for themselves in the competitive music industry. It’s not often we come across an individual returning to the business after an extended hiatus. This is the case with Knut B. Lindbjør, who more than three released his first songs. After more than a decade, he took a hiatus to focus on his family, career, and life in general. Anyone who has been involved in music knows its allure, and Lindbjør returned a few years ago under the moniker Featherfin, releasing three EPs and some covers. Now he’s fully re-engaged, and his new album, Miles to go before I sleep, will be released in two weeks (Friday, September 28th to be exact). From it is a song that makes you wonder why he took a break in the first place.

“Keep on Walking” is like Slowdive reincarnated. It is a shoegaze spell and simply extravagant. With the mesmerizing chiming guitar, the spatial production and beats, and Lindbjør’s transcendent vocals, the track is pure delirium. The cosmic vibes create the feeling we’re swimming through through the galaxy and going to make an incredible discovery. What we find, however, isn’t something tangible, but rather it is ourselves.

“You’ve come to the end of the world,
You must keep on walking, you must keep on walking.
Because there’s no way back,
You don’t have to go back.”

Pick up the single on Bandcamp, and a Joy Division cover is included.

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Fickle Friends – “Broken Sleep” (Brighton, England)

RIYL: Great Good Fine OK, Ralph, Scavenger Hunt

“Broken Sleep” is the newest track from Brighton based Fickle Friends. The band have just embarked on a new adventure with starting their own record label. Their newest track is off of their upcoming EP of the same name. The vibe on their newest release is the perfect one to  jam while being active (it’s got a great cardio cadence) and will give you an immediate dose of audible energy.

The 80s inspired gem of a track really can’t help you from wanting to move as singer Natassja Shiner chronicles being woken up in a dream pining over a past l lover. She shares more about the meaning behind the track:

“Over in the U.K. we’ve just had three months of it being 100 million degrees, which never, never happens. We’re not used to that heat, so nowhere has any air conditioning. No one’s been sleeping for like months and months. We were writing with our friend Sam Preston (The Ordinary Boys), and we were just talking, like, “Man, I had such broken sleep last night.” And we were like, “That’s a fucking great name for a song.”

I expanded the idea of when you have a really goofy dream and you get woken up, like it’s just too hot, and you want to go back to sleep or straight back into that moment of seeing that thing, or an ex-lover that you want to get back with who’s in your dream, and you come out of the dream and they’re not there. You just want to go backwards and see them again. You want to go back to sleep.”

The single is out on singer Natassja Shiner, keyboardist Jack Wilson, bassist Harry Herrington, drummer Sam Morris, and guitarist Chris Hall’s new label, Palmeira Music.

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Jesse Jo Stark – “Rot Away” & “Wish I Was Dead” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, The Runaways, Black Honey

Three months ago, rock ‘n roll revivalist Jesse Jo Stark released her excellent new EP, Dandelion. At five songs, it showcased the LA native’s tremendous diversity – rip-roaring, gritty rockers; lush and tantalizing ballads; and some hip-shaking doo-wop. Never one to stay idle (she has her own fashion line), she’s back with not one but two awesome tracks. Instead of picking one, we’re sharing both!

The first, “Rot Away”, is a grueling, suspenseful rocker. It’s Stark channeling her doom-rock side and unleashing a dark, thunderous storm. As the duel guitars rage in the background, Stark seductively beckons us to “Please rot away with me”. Exactly where she’s taking us is unknown, but it likely isn’t Eden.

On the flip side is the adrenaline rusher “Wish I Was Dead”, where Stark dons her trademark femme-fatale costume and delivers an anthemic and propulsive number about our favorite heroine on a bender. The track rings of the late ’70s and the gritty, blues-infused, creeped-out rockers, andit would have been perfect on The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack (you might see images of Magenta and Riff Raff dancing around as you spin this track). Speaking of which, both songs would be perfect for any Halloween playlist or party. We’ll sure be adding them to ours.

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Surf Rock Is Dead – “Away Message” (Brooklyn via Chicago, USA and Melbourne, Australia)

RIYL: DIIV, Beach Fossils, Wild Nothing

Surf Rock Is Dead have released a brand new track. Kevin Pariso and Joel Witenberg are back with a new tune titled “Away Message”. The Brooklyn duo have since added drummer Jake Beal to their roster and their newest release is the perfect send off to summer. We hear the perfect amount of reverb throughout this dreamy pop rock gem. The added wall of percussion help keep the upbeat tempo throughout the track.

The retro vibe heard throughout reminds of true early 60s surf rock. As usual, though SRID are able to craft a true surf rock vibe that floats in between shoegaze and new wave.  “Away Message” would be a great track to jam as the last of these summer days remain as well as remind us of that warmth on an upcoming winter day.

“Away Message” is the lead single from their forthcoming debut album, which should be out early 2019 via The Native Sound.

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The True Loves – “The Dapper Derp” (Seattle, USA)

RIYL: The Dap-Kings, Antibalas, The Budos Band 

Oooooohweeeee, this tune is smokin’! We have been crushing hard on Seattle soul group The True Loves for many years now. There is something about their sound – something truly electrifying – that recharges your entire being better than any prescribed substance. In fact, their new single “The Dapper Derp” should be prescribed to cure a host of ailments. This is a tune that’s guaranteed to elevate your mind, body, and spirit. Trust us when we tell you: The True Loves will heal what ails you.

We understand if you think soul music isn’t your bag. We get it. It was not so long ago that we, too, were strangers to the power of soul. But much like traveling abroad where you find kindness to be a universal language, The True Loves create irresistible rhythms that unite us all. While “The Dapper Derp” (which is paired with the equally funky “Kabuki”) is brief, it packs quite a wallop in its two-and-a-half minutes. That’s because this multi-member collective is one of the tightest groups in music. Much like their fellow groovemasters on the East Coast (those legends The Dap-Kings and Antibalas), each individual contributes something special that magnifies their “musical mojo” if you will. Whether it’s their old-school horns or red-hot bass lines that inspire you, “The Dapper Derp” will absolutely make you move. Somewhere in the Great Beyond, the Funky Drummer himself (Mr. Clyde Stubblefield) is smiling, pleased at how well The True Loves continue to make soul a language we can all speak fluently.

Get this pair of singles, available now on their Bandcamp page. Keep it cranked and on repeat this weekend. You can thank us later.

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