Singer/songwriter & multi-instrumentalist WILDWOOD is releasing her fourth single, “Hourglass”, and we have the pleasure of the premiere. On her newest release, she plays all the instruments, including violin, viola, and piano. Her multi-instrumental abilities should not be of a surprise to anyone who has followed her career, as she comes from a long line of musicians. Actually, she comes from one of America’s first music families (her surname is Carter), and her pseudonym is an homage to her family who sang about a melancholy flower in the wildwood nearly one hundred years ago.

“Hourglass” builds on the family history in that WILDWOOD has sung from the heart. The single is intoxicating, yet at the same time it is filled with a deep, emotional yearning. The combination of piano, strings, and synth crafts an eclectic composition against the Nashville-based artist’s sultry vocals. The mix of influences is broad, as the cross between Americana and synth-pop provides an honest and original sound that has the potential to shake the industry.

Lyrically, WILDWOOD focuses on the importance of living in the now and realizing that nothing is forever. As such, she asks, why not make the most of what we have right now in front of us? The lyrics, “Some things aren’t meant to last / only be memories in the past”, remind us that life changes and certain relationships may only serve a temporary purpose. As she explains:

“I wrote ‘Hourglass’ in just a few hours after midnight one night. I was feeling melancholy, thinking of how sometimes you have to enjoy present moments, even when you know they can’t last forever. I sat down at my keyboard in my 18th floor studio apartment in Nashville, and the words, melody, and chords just flooded out effortlessly. 

‘Hourglass’is an ode to anyone who’s ever loved something or someone they know they can’t have forever. It expresses two feelings at the same time: hope and grief. My favorite thing about this song is how we took it from a simple piano/vocal ballad and turned it into a really lush, cinematic track. I loved working with producer Brandon Metcalf of South x Sea on this one.”