The Matinee ’18 September 21st edition features feelgood music. Well, sonically, each of the nine songs will either get the blood flowing or put a smile on your face. Some of the tunes, though, have personal and powerful messages, so pay attention to what they have to say. There are a mix of newcomers to the daily mini-playlist and a few names you will recognize. Happy Friday everyone!


The Black Black – “ego inflator” (Brooklyn, USA)

RIYL: New Order, Sonic Youth, Nine Inch Nails

If you have plenty of empty space in your basement and it has high ceilings, then gather your pals. Tell them to put on their favorite black T-shirt and some jeans and to bring a towel over. Oh, make sure these buddies are ones who don’t mind body slamming because a mosh pit will likely form when everyone is gathered and you turn on “ego inflator”, the raucous new single from Brooklyn noise-makers The Black Black.

Recalling the early to mid-’80s of Manchester and Berlin, the song is industrial post-punk at its finest. It features the high-octane music that New Order created immediately after the Joy Division days. There is, however, extra grit and edge that comes in the form of a Sonic Youth-esque squeal and the reverberating darkness of Nine Inch Nails and Tool. Even the lyrics channel Trent Reznor, as the band take on the persona of an egoist who wants to control every element of another. The song is intense, thrilling, propulsive, provocative, and just mind-blowing awesome. After you and your pals are finished moshing, grab your towels, dry off, and then do it all over again.

The band’s new album, Gravity & Time, is out today. Its ten songs should be enough for you to have a full-blown party.

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Doombird – “Desterilized” (Sacramento, USA)

RIYL: Spoon, Tycho, An Angle

You’re probably looking at the RIYL and saying, “WTF!” What do ambient / electronic gurus Tycho have anything to do with former Sacramento indie-rock mainstays An Angle and indie-rock gods Spoon? The answer, obviously, is Doombird, under which the members of Tycho and An Angle have joined forces. The connection to Spoon is that by bridging their varied sounds and signatures, they’ve concocted an approach that closely echoes the disparate soundscapes of the famed Austin band. Case in point: “Desterilized”.

This single cannot be easily categorized. Call it electro-rock, but this term ignores the krautrock, Gothic-rock, and darkwave elements that filter through it. The trance-like bass line, which opens and drives the track, is memorable, as are the synths and the angular guitar riff that arrive at the bridge. The combination yields an environment that is like a barren wasteland at night, where the moon is covered in fog and the only lights to be seen are those coming from your car. It’s a little eerie, a little foreboding, but completely unforgettable. Adding to the effect are Kris Anaya’s lyrics, which could be from Stephen King’s Dark Tower:

“Goddamn this world has gone insane.
Leave it to the man to set it ablaze.
I circumcised my soul and gave it to you.
As you watched the world collapse on a black balloon.”

Doombird are Ben Edrington (guitar/synths), Joe Davancens (synths), Cory Phillips (bass), Kris Anaya (guitar/vocals), and Fernando Oliva (drums). The band’s new EP, Twin Prime, is out now, and it was recorded in fellow Tycho member Zac Brown’s studio. Check the band’s website for purchasing and streaming options.

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Fade Awaays – “Get Along” (Toronto, Canada)

RIYL: The Kinks, JET, The Strokes

So how does a band develop a decent following without having yet released an official single? Having a lot of friends and family members certainly helps, as does playing gigs with the likes of Wolf Alice. The latter point provides all the evidence one needs about Toronto garage-rock outfit Fade Awaays‘ potential. The foursome are still teenagers, but they’re rekindling the days of anthemic garage rock that dates as far back as The Kinks’ domination in the ’60s to the days when JET and The Strokes were among the biggest names in rock ‘n roll (the late ’90s and early ’00s). Our fingers are crossed that Reid MacMaster (guitar), Duncan Briggs (bass), Sean Hackl (guitar), and Owen Wolff (drums) will have a similar impact on music, and they get off to a roaring start with “Get Along”.

This is their debut single. Yes, this is the first song they’ve officially unveiled for the entire world to hear. With crunchy and catchy guitar riffs, groovy rhythms, and delectable harmonies that would even make The Yukon Blonde gents enviously admire from a distance, “Get Along” is one infectious tune. It’s that special tune that gets you wiggling in your seat, shaking your hips if you’re standing, and firing the occasional air guitar windmill. It will also get you singing the chorus since the young lads’ message is one of optimism, community, and hope.

Fade Awaays are in the process of finalizing their debut EP, which should be out early in 2019. Toronto music fans should expect to hear them a lot on Indie88.

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The Jack Moves – “Nasty” (Newark, N.J., USA)

RIYL: Prince, Curtis Harding

There should be a law requiring everyone to crank up some sweet soul tunes at the start of every weekend. What other genre puts you in the perfect mood for a groovy slide into Saturday fun? Soul – especially the kind the The Jack Moves are laying down – can be a sexy wink or a slow shake of the head. Their new single “Nasty” is more of the former.

Prepare yourself for irresistible charms. The duo of Zee Desmondes and Teddy Powell channels Prince better than any other group in music. Just try to hear the smooth falsetto and shimmy-inducing rhythms without feeling amorous. (We’re pretty sure it’s impossible.) But maybe don’t follow the lyrics too closely:

“You make me wanna jump in the bushes when you whisper in my ear”

Whatever you do, don’t miss out on this New Jersey-based duo. Their sweet, sexy beats are the soundtrack to all your weekend plans. Look for their upcoming album, Free Money, when itarrives October 18 via Everloving Records / Wax Poetics Records. You can pre-order it from these links. Their upcoming tour starts October 2 in Philadelphia.

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LOYAL – “Patterns That Fall” (Brighton, England)

RIYL: Yumi Zouma, Mating Ritual, Men I Trust

“Patterns That Fall” is the newest released by Brighton’s LOYAL. Some of their past offerings have been a bit more electronic in nature. Their newest single has a lovely acoustic based vibe, almost similar to what you would hear from Fleetwood Mac. The groovy baseline is also a nice touch to this laid back track. The vocals are intoxicating and the overall sound feels relaxing and groovy. The band is crafting their own unique sounds which crossover more than one genre. They have the potential for gaining many more fans with their newest offering which offers up a lovely organic based instrumentation.

The band share a bit about how their newest release came about: “The lyrics and music came to us incredibly naturally. Almost like a stream of consciousness from both sides. The song represents us as human beings falling through our limited time here; The binary code happening behind our endless social media scrolling, even the rain as it falls. In that reflective Monday morning mood it felt as though everything in life was a mere pattern falling with little direction or rule. The comfort is to know we are all experiencing the exact same thing – and embracing that is all we can do.”

The seven-piece collective’s new EP is due out December 7th, making it a great Christmas gift to give to your favorite music fan.

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Lupa J – “Drift” (Sydney, Australia)

RIYL: Grimes, Woodes, Purity Ring

Imogen Jones’ story is one we like to repeat because she’s a music junkie. She’s a classically trained violinist, which she accomplished in her early teens. It wasn’t until she was 14 or 15 when she started to dabble in electronic and electro-pop, where she brought symphonic arrangements and elements to the genres. That was when Lupa J was born, and her earliest releases recalled Laura Marling and The xx. Over time, however, she’s moved more into Grimes territory, and the Sydney-based teenager’s newest single sees her rival the famed Canadian.

“Drift” is arguably Jones’ most vibrant and intoxicating song, which is saying something considering the stunning nature of her previous endeavors. At times, it is mesmerizing and dream-like, as Jones’ slows the tempo down and brings us into her mind to reveal the thoughts that occupy it. Then there are the dance bursts that unexpectedly arrive, where the grooves intensify and the alluring atmosphere turns into an intimate night out at one of Sydney’s finest nightclubs. In other words, this is the perfect weekend tune, in which you can simply drift away for a moment.

Jones’ debut album, Swallow Me Whole, is expected early 2019. Don’t be surprised if it gets serious ARIA buzz.

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NVDES – “Mind Body Soul Music” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Prodigy, Fat Boy Slim, Underworld

When Los Angeles-based duo NVDES first emerged three years ago, they crafted infectious and inventive electro-pop, such as on “Fela”. They have since dipped their toes into pretty much every electronic genre, including remixes, house, and back to electro-pop. For the most part, their releases have been creative, but their latest number is la crème de la crème of their artistry.

“Mind Body Soul Music” is completely whacked, and we say this with the utmost respect and compliment. It is an intense, manic expression of electronica that we haven’t seen since the days of Prodigy or during Fat Boy Slim’s peak. The song is 214 seconds of pure adrenaline with beats, a wailing guitar, and all sorts of vocal samples buzzing in all directions. Or imagine sitting still in a pitch-black room and then suddenly lasers of all colors and quick flashes of bright, white light are bursting all around you. That’s the effect of this seismic track, which is just awesome. It’s so great that it deserves a “F*ck yeah!”, and this might be the first time we used this expression on an electronic track.

NVDES’ debut album, Vibe City Utah, drops November 2nd. Pre-orders and pre-streams are available here.

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Public Service Broadcasting – “White Star Liner” (London, England)

RIYL: Public Service Broadcasting

We have new music from Public Service Broadcasting. It’s always exciting to find out what past historical event the trio will tackle next. The past two efforts have been themed albums with 2014’s The Race For Space tackling space exploration and last year’s Every Valley taking on the coal mining industry in the UK. It’s only fitting they are now covering the largest and most majestic vessel that was built at the turn of the century (The Titanic of course).

“White Star Liner” starts with plucky guitar, Mr. Wrigglesworth’s signature percussion that maintains a strong tempo throughout. The historical commentary is tackling the construction of the massive ship that happened in Belfast. Towards the end we hear horns that add and extra element to the track as well as the synthy vibe of “White Star Liner” in the background which is often what the Titanic was referred to as it was built by the British company White Star Line.
Public Service Broadcasting are J. Willgoose, Esq. (guitar, banjo, other stringed instruments, samplings, electronic musical instruments); Wrigglesworth (drums, piano, electronic musical instruments); and J. F. Abraham (flugelhorn, bass guitar, drums and assorted other instruments including a vibraslap).

The trio’s new EP, White Star Liner, will be released October 26th on Play It Again Sam. Pre-order and pre-stream saving options are available here.

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Unloved – “Heartbreak” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Grapell, The Paris Sisters, Natalie Prass

Two years ago, we feel head over heels for Unloved and their film-noir style. Their debut album, Guilty of Love, could have been the soundtrack to a Quentin Tarantino film. There’s a good reason why the trio’s music is cinematic. Composer Keefus Ciancia has contributed to compositions for True Detective and The Fall, and DJ/producer David Holmes has composed the soundtrack for several Steven Soderbergh films. The third member of the group is singer-songwriter and vocalist Jade Vincent, who sounds like she was transported through a time machine from the ’40s and ’50s to present day. Now this is a super-group like no other.

The three have been busy since 2016, obviously being involved in TV and movies. For instance, they just had a few songs featured on the latest episode of Killing Eve. How cool is that? We’re confident that “Heartbreak” will also find it’s way on to the big or little screens.

“Heartbreak” isn’t quite the film-noir material of their past, but it still extremely retro. Doo-wop, soul, and classic pop-rock collide together to create a super groovy and super sexy tune. Vincent’s voice fluctuates from diva-esque to enchantress, as she asks, “how many times can our hearts stand to break?” As she reflects on the question and all “the times I’ve said goodbye”, her companions deliver an arrangement that is unforgettably classic and ear-popping. You’ll be left swaying from side-to-side and doing a few shoulder shimmies while reflecting on when this song will be included in an upcoming TV series or movie (maybe in Tarantino’s new movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood).

The single is out now on Heavenly Recordings, who will release the band’s sophomore album some time in 2019.

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