The Matinee ’18 September 24th includes an eclectic mix to keep you going this lovely Monday Morning. We have a mix of different tracks to kick your week off right. Artists today are representing Canada, Denmark, the UK and The US today. We hope you find your new favorite song or band today.

The Dig – “Don’t Stop Running” (Los Angeles via New York City, USA)

RIYL: Halcyon Drive, Marsicans, Wombats

“Don’t Stop Running” is the newest track from LA’s The Dig. It’s a groovy track that has a most excellent bassline throughout. The track is very soothing and will instantly transport you into a melodic trance. This will be the perfect track to spin if you’d like to reminisce of warmer and carefree days.

The band share a bit about the theme of the upcoming EP: Afternoon With Caroline is about moving of your own free will. Chasing ambition, following your heart and breaking free of toxic situations.

The Dig are David Baldwin (guitar/vocals), Emile Mosseri (bass/vocals), Erick Eiser (keys/guitar), and Mark Demiglio (drums). The song is part of their upcoming EP, Afternoon with Caroline, which will be released October 19th. The most excellent Roll Call Records is releasing their newest EP.

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The Dodos – “SW3” (San Francisco, USA)

RIYL: The Dodos

The Dodos have a brand new track titled “SW3”. The single  is part of their upcoming LP which Meric Long describes as the band’s “midlife crisis record”. The track is filled with the band’s unique percussion, this time with flurried drumstick clicks that keep the tempo frantic yet consistent.

Mr. Long’s signature vocals are inviting as the lyrics are probing with the questions “Is that what you wish, honestly?”  and “Is that what you think, honestly?” as well as the parting lyric that states “I only wanted to be a version of something”

The video release is quite epic as young martial artist Queena Tran stars. The band share a bit about how the video came about: “Working with a group of Shaolin teenagers, ‘SW3’ video director Ryan Daniel Browne initially had a vision of student Queena Tran practicing her form in the park and in front of her instructor. However two days prior to filming, Queena and her friends decided to choreograph an entire fight scene instead, and the music video quickly transformed.” 

Meric Long and Logan Kroeber’s new album, Certainty Waves, will be out in October 12th via Polyvinyl Records.

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The Orphan The Poet – “Money” (Columbus, OH, USA)

RIYL: Coast Modern, COIN, Mainland

“Money” is the newest track from Columbus based The Orphan The Poet. It’s a super infectious pop track that you will most definitely be singing by the end. With the super upbeat chorus and vibes, this would also be a great one to add to your workout playlist.  It’s also a perfect homage to being young, broke and in love. It reminds of those days where it didn’t matter that the only thing to do was to just hang out and spend time together.

The band share a bit about their newest track:“Posh things have never been super important to us. This is our cheers to the low life, and hanging with someone you care about.”

The Orphan The Poet are David Eselgroth (Vocals/Guitar), Jake Floyd (Bass), and Sam Gordon (Drums). They are currently out on tour supporting The Score. Tour dates available here.

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Oya Paya – “Why?” (Liverpool, England)

RIYL: Electric Guest, Gengahr, Glass Animals

Oya Paya are from Liverpool, yet one of their band members is currently residing on another continent. “Why” was written to convey the frustration of no longer being able to play live shows together as well as having to create new music via the internet. Oya Paya was formed by Ashwin, Saam and Maxime. Ashwin is from Singapore and his student visa ended last year. They are currently creating music long distance and the result of “Why” is evidence of their eclectic sound from band members that span multiple countries (Singapore, France, Iran and England).

The band share a bit about the track: “Being separated felt like having the future of the band stripped away from us, but from the ashes of frustration we have this song, Why? emerged in the few weeks after Ashwin headed back home. The overall mood of the track reflects how terrible we all felt at the time. We could’ve sat around and asked ourselves why these bad things happen but instead chose to get off our butts and make a song about it. We made use of the only thing that still connected us (the internet) and started piecing tunes together across continents. It’s meant to resonate with anybody who’s ever felt lonely and isolated. It’s a convoluted way of asking life “why” does it have to be so difficult? The fruits of our labour have helped us understand that it’s not impossible.”

Maybe one day the band will be re-united once they land a record label or managing company that can get Ashwin back over to England. In the meantime, the trio continues to create new music which spans multiple genres as well as continents. Their current sound offers up unique indie pop that has the potential to please a multitude of fans.

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Rhye – “Hymn” (Toronto, Canada / Los Angeles, USA / Copenhagen, Denmark)

RIYL: Rhye

“Hymn” is the newest track from Rhye.It’s actually a B-Side track from their latest album Blood which was released earlier this year.

The newest single is quite intoxicating as the seductive vocals of Mr. Milosh reel you in. The instrumentation is stellar as the listener is slowly elevated into an ethereal and trance like state. The cadence of percussion and strings toward the middle of the track which then abruptly ends takes the listener on an auditory ride that you won’t soon forget. The single ends with Milosh’s vocals call his lover in his life.

Rhye are Canadian-born singer-songwriter and vocalist Mike Milosh and Danish multi-instrumentalist Robin Hannibal. “Hymn” is out now on Last Gang Records.

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The RPMs – “Gotta Let Go” (Brighton, England)

RIYL: The Academic, Marsicans, Written Years

The RPMs have a new track titled “Gotta Let Go”.  It’s the perfect ode to ending a toxic relationship. Think of it as the male version of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone”. It’s anthemic and celebratory regarding the end of a relationship that was no good for you anyway. It is actually one of those uplifting break up songs that gives you strength to keep on going. “Gotta Let Go” is probably most definitely quite a raucous track played live.

The track is super upbeat and is totally dance ready. The band share a bit about the track: “It’s actually a classic break up song, but not in the traditional sense being sad and tragic, it’s about the more explosive and potentially positive side to being freed from someone who’s treated you badly and feeling empowered from making that hard decision. But can also encapsulate lots of difficult situations you might have to shrug off in life.”

The RPMs are Jack Valero (guitar/lead vocals), Miguel Cosme (bass/backing vocals), Callum James (drums), Ollie Summers (lead guitar), and Chris Bowden (keyboards). The track is out on Xtra Mile Recordings.

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