A little rock band from upstate New York are about to serve the music world notice with their frenetic approach and smart, insightful lyricism. The outfit is Anamon, who hail from Rochester and are a blend of New Zealand’s The Beths, Australia’s Camp Cope, and NYC’s Frankie Cosmos. Its mastermind is Ana Emily Monaco, who is the equal to Lucy Dacus, Gabrielle Smith of Gabby’s World, and Colleen Green. In other words, they have all the ingredients to be indie sensations, and it could happen soon. Eight days soon to be precise, which is when their new album, Purple, Green, and Yellow, sees the light of day. Today, they’re offering one last sneak peek with “No Friends”.

Catchy pop-rock hooks and sizzling rhythms forge together to create a head-shimmying melody. It’s fun, spunky, and perfect for a house party or just losing yourself for a moment and getting re-energized. Beneath the energetic vibe, however, lies the tale of a woman filled with uncertainty and anxiety, revealing that storms still linger behind the sunshine. As Monaco sings:

“What do they know,
Are they even listening?
And on the other side,
I bang my head into the wall.
Is that for here, or to go?”

Despite her struggles, Monaco still finds time to have fun – at least that’s what she and her band mates display on the song’s video, which is below. While it’s just the four of them, they engage in one epic food fight, which almost didn’t work out and had an unexpected consequence.

“The night before the video shoot, we had thrown a show/party and hosted a touring band (Wilder Maker) at our house and did the whole late night/early morning routine. Before we knew it, again, the sun was bearing down and the temperature was in the upper 90s. Katie was super pro and had a shot list and cameras, and she even did the shopping and came prepared with all of the food. It was a little stop-and-start at the beginning trying to get specific food fight shots. We were a little cranky and very tired.

“It took Sam getting in one cheap shot after ‘cut’ was called to dissolve the shoot into mayhem. It was, evidently by looking at it, the most fun 2 minutes I had all summer. Food fight therapy. Someone should monetize that. No sooner were we done shooting that we noticed how awful it all smelled. It was an unexpected side-effect, and we were all disgusted with ourselves. Absolutely putrid. We impatiently packed everything up and drove straight to the lake for a group bath during sunset. Perfect end to the weekend.”

Ana Emily Monaco (vocals/guitar) is joined by Benton Sillick (bass), Aaron Mika (drummer), and Sam Snyder (guitar/producer). The quartet’s new album, Purple, Green, and Yellow, is out next Friday, October 5th, and it’s available for pre-order on Bandcamp.

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