For some bands, it takes years before a label is convinced to take a chance on them. For Greta and Raimond, who are Duets & Stuff, it took just two songs. Their debut singles were exquisite dream-pop affairs, and they left taste-makers and music fans in a state of bliss. The sun-kissed “Serve Somebody” left listeners with a permanent smile while the more sombre “Hold On” was pure escapism. Not surprisingly, both songs went viral, and they accumulated tens of thousands of streams on the various platforms. With their immediate success, the excellent Swedish indie label Bolero Recordings – which is home to Pale Honey – signed them. Tomorrow, the Uppsala-based duet will release their first song under the label, but today they are offering a sneak peek.

“Already Gone” is unsurprisingly another dazzling piece of ethereal dream-pop. As ambient synths and a drum machine buzz through the air, an anticipation swells inside the listener, as if waiting for someone to enter the room. Or conversely, waiting for something to come to its inevitable conclusion. Greta’s lush vocals levitate easily over the dreamy yet urgent soundscape, and her words offer clues as to what awaits.

“Saying that you’re sorry makes a start
My wall falls apart.
For so many years the days passed by
I couldn’t tell it was a lie.
And you said, we’re already gone.”

Hear this stunning and intimate tune below. In terms of its meaning, the duo explain,

‘Already Gone’ is that typical song that almost wrote itself when we started to work on it. It’s also one of our favourite songs to play together. It’s about drifting apart and the first steps of realizing that something is about to end. It was a subject that we felt suited the vibe of this track.”

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