We’ve once again split the daily playlist into two. Unlike previous versions, the songs are not divided geographically. They’re just in alphabetical order with the songs on The Matinee ’18 October 9th – Part 1 edition featuring artists beginning with the letters A through D. They’re based in Russia, England, USA, and Australia.

To hear Part 2 (letters G to M), click here.

angelic milk – “when the limousines pass by” (St. Petersburg, Russia)

RIYL: Frankie Cosmos, Beach Fossils, ShitKid

It’s been a little while since Sarah Persephona, the young woman behind angelic milk, shared anything new. This is quite understandable since she’s been busy studying and gathering some mates to turn her project into a full-fledge band. In the process, she’s revamped her sound, extending beyond her manic grunge-pop roots to surf-infused, dreamier grunge pop. “when the limousines pass by” offers a hint of angelic milk’s transformation.

The song is the definition of late summer bliss (granted it’s autumn). The jangly guitar riffs, the slightly trembling rhythms, and Persephona’s innocent vocals are intoxicating, and together they create a sound that, as she says, “will make you smile”. In addition, you just may find yourself slightly losing consciousness, as your mind levitates into the hazy and enrapturing soundscape. Here, you’ll imagine simpler days with a loved one, whether that is driving along a magnificent coastline or watching the stars in an abandoned field in the middle of nowhere.

angelic milk’s debut album, Divine Biker Love, is out January 11th, 2019 via PNKSLM Recordings. This will be an album to look for in the new year, and it could make Persephona an international star.

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BERRIES – “Discreetly” (London, England)

RIYL: Sleater-Kinney, Wild Flag, Bikini Kill

Almost three years ago, we were introduced to BERRIES, and their Sleater-Kinney-like approach made us immediate fans. In that time, they’ve become a staple of the London rock scene. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the UK – and the world for that matter – acknowledge the talents of Holly Carter (vocals/guitar), Lauren Cooper (bass/vocals), and Lucie Hartmann (drums). Releasing a full-length album would increase their popularity (*hint hint*), but in the meantime we’ll take whatever we can get. When the trio do release new music, one thing is certain – the track will be thoroughly thought out, and “Discreetly” is no exception.

The BERRIES’ latest single is a methodical throbber. Its deliberately pacing allows each element to shine – from Carter’s sizzling guitar, Cooper’s pulsating bass line, and Hartmann’s crushing drumming. The three components merge perfectly together in the outro, where Hartmann’s artillery-like skills elevate Carter’s guitar solo. Carter’s lyrics are, as usual, on point, as she slowly weaves a tale of people losing themselves into the sea of doubt and ambition that consumes them.

Here’s hoping the ladies will release an album in 2019 because the world could use more bands like BERRIES.

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Broken Baby – “It’s My Show!” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Karen O, Blondie

Who’s in the mood for some dance-infused post-punk? Who wants to hear a band that is channeling the great Yeah Yeah Yeahs and delivering an adrenaline-fueled banger? Then you’ve come to the right place, as Amber Bollinger and rock veteran/producer Alex Dezen of The Damnwells, through their little project Broken Baby, are channeling the NYC greats on their single, “It’s My Show”.

Like the Karen O-fronted outfit, the duo have delivered one fiery and exhilarating affair. Addictive, hip-shaking disco grooves seamlessly mesh with post-punk aesthetics, creating the feeling we’re back in the late ’70s and jammed into CBGB on a Friday night. Adding to the entertainment are Bollinger’s no-nonsense lyrics, as she proclaims to all the lurkers and playboys that she’s in charge and she’s not interested in hearing their sweet-nothings. They are some awesome lines, including:

“I see your mouth moving fast with words I just don’t know.
Mmm… what’s that smell? Your cologne, it’s giving me vertigo.
That magic trick on the top of your head,
Where does it sleep when you go to bed.”

If you’re interested in hearing more from Broken Baby, they released their self-titled, debut album a little more than two weeks ago. It’s available on Bandcamp and streaming on the usual platforms. The LP is a kaleidoscope, as the pair draw influences from Stevie Nicks, The Strokes, Bikini Kill, The Pretenders, and others. Check it out!

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BRONCHO – “Keep It In Line” (Tulsa, OK, USA)

RIYL: CRUISR, Phoenix, Fickle Friends

If there is one band that we can count on to brighten our day, it is BRONCHO. They’re not the typical indie pop-rock band, where they just focus on creating anthemic or happy-go-lucky soundscapes. They also use their stories and lyrics to lift people’s spirits, but not in a cheesy or overly sappy way (you know what we mean by this). Instead, they are connoisseurs of turning their personal tales into experiences to which we can all relate, and they demonstrate this gift on “Keep It In Line”.

The beautifully nuanced arrangements create a light, spring-like melody. There’s no over-the-top climax nor outro, but just a soothing approach that intoxicates and energizes and is perfect to spin on a short joyride. Front man Ryan Lindsey’s delicate falsetto, meanwhile, is our guide, and he recounts the different points of his life where he felt uncertain and vulnerable, where the “versions in his head did not always mesh with other people’s account. As such, he has to constantly tell himself to “keep it in line”, which is a daily reminder to look forward instead of behind. It’s a reminder we all need, especially given the circumstances under which we live.

BRONCHO are Ryan Lindsey (vocals/guitar), Nathan Price (drums), Ben King (guitar), and Penny Pitchlynn (bass). Their new album, Bad Behavior, will be released this Friday, October 12th via Park The Van Records. Pre-orders available here.

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Courtney Barnett – “Small Talk” (Melbourne, Australia)

RIYL: Courtney Barnett, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan

After releasing one of the best albums of the year with Tell Me How You Really Feel and touring the globe two (maybe now three) times over, Courtney Barnett isn’t ready to settle down. Then again, the only thing busier than the outstanding singer-songwriter’s schedule is her mind, which seems to be filled with ideas every second of the day. Fortunately for us, she often shares her thoughts through her music, such as on “Small Talk”.

Whereas Tell Me How You Really Feel was punchier in its lyricism, “Small Talk” is the Courtney Barnett of old, as she tells multiple tales and thoughts within a single song. Musically, the song echoes of a bygone era when Van Morrison and Bob Dylan were the most envied artists. A bluesy guitar riff meshes seamlessly into the song’s Americana vibes, which are accentuated by the terrific bass line and the tickling keys. All the while Barnett speaks about her brother, asks if we also have siblings, and how people slowly grow apart as they have less in common. It’s, unsurprisingly, a smart and charming track, which would be perfect to spin while sitting on the veranda or in the background and sipping a couple of cold ones with your friends. Hopefully, though, you won’t grow tired of the small talk like Barnett expresses.

The single is out on Milk! Records. Barnett is touring across the US as we speak and then hits Europe in November. Dates and information are here.

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Devon Church – “Chamomile” (Brooklyn, USA)

RIYL: EXITMUSIC, Tom Waits, Mark Lanegan

It was only a month ago when EXITMUSIC’s Devon Church had our jaws dropping when he released “We Are Inextricable”, which is the title track to his forthcoming, debut album. Well, he’s yet again amazed us with “Chamomile”, which is an absolutely breathtaking, synth-pop hymn.

There are very few tunes that have made us speechless, where we are unable to find the right words to describe a song’s brilliance. “Chamomile”, though, is one of them. It simply just needs to be heard. To truly experience it, however, you should close your eyes and allow Church’s deep baritone, the tender rhythms, and the swirling, wistful synths sweep you away. About a minute in, you’ll feel like you’ve found your utopia, and Church’s words are now the words by which you live:

“Life is for the living, and you’re meant to be free.”

Church’s debut album, We Are Inextricable, arrives October 26 via felte, and it can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp.

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