The Matinee ’18 October 16th includes 6 new tracks to help get you through the week. For some, winter is here but many of these tracks will have you longing for warmer days. Artists are representing Sweden, The US and the UK today.

The Endorphins – “This Is It” (Stockholm, Sweden)

RIYL: Brandy, Sabrina Claudio, Tori Kelly

The Endorphins are a Swedish duo creating a completely dance ready future RnB sound. “This Is It” is their newest release. All we know about The Endorphins is that they’ve known each other all their lives (siblings possibly) and they are from Stockholm.

The vocals on their newest single soar, and the slick production of driving beats provide the listener with an extremely euphoric experience.

The duo share a bit about their newest single: “A lot of people who have never been in love start to believe that love maybe isn’t meant for them. That they weren’t meant to ever be in a relationship. Then, suddenly love hits them like a euphoric thunderstorm. That’s the feeling we want to convey.”

The single is out on Swedish micro-label, Amuse.

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Far Caspian – “Blue” (Leeds, England)

RIYL: Beach Fossils, Real Estate, Youth Lagoon

Far Caspian have a brand new track titled “Blue”. The track is super dreamy and will immediately put you in a relaxed mood. The trio have coined themselves as “melanjolly” which is a great description. They have that laid back vibe going on with an underlying upbeat element.

“Blue” is the perfect track to listen to while staring out the window on a dreary, cold and rainy day with a nice hot coffee or tea as the song will add a little extra warmth as well.

Vocalist Joel Johnston reveals “The track itself is about unrequited love, and being consumed by being so close to a person, yet knowing that your feelings wouldn’t be reciprocated” he says, before revealing “My good pal Milhouse Van Houten was the main inspiration for the song.”

“Blue” is out via Dance To The Radio. Far Caspian are Joel Johnston (vocals/guitar), Jof Cabedo (drums/vocals), Nath Sayers (lead guitar), and Alessio Scozarro (bass/vocals).

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Fickle Friends – “The Moment” (Brighton, England)

RIYL: Oh Wonder, Ralph, Sylvan Esso

Brighton group Fickle Friends have been busy releasing new singles this year which will eventually make up their newest EP release. “The Moment” is the newest single that gives us another dose of upbeat 80s inspired synth pop.  “The Moment” is filled with Ms. Shiner’s syrupy vocals accompanied by the group’s glistening synth. It’s another perfect track to say goodbye to summer.

Vocalist Natti Shiner shares about the track: “it came about as a result of a newfound headspace after the release of our debut full length release earlier in the year.”

Fickle Friends are Natassja Shiner, keyboardist Jack Wilson, bassist Harry Herrington, drummer Sam Morris, and guitarist Chris Hall. Their new EP, Broken Sleep, is expected this fall via their own label, Palmeira Music.

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HOLY WARS – “Born Dark” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Anna von Hausswolff, A Place To Bury Strangers, Garbage

HOLY WARS is Kat Leon and “Born Dark” is the first single from the LA artist this year. The newest single is a strong new sound, most likely because of help from AFI’s Hunter Burgan as producer.

The newest offering includes a heavy rock sound with added synth to provide a perfect dark pop vibe. The vocals by Ms. Leon remind a bit of Garbage and the underlying percussion and beats remind a bit of Nine Inch Nails. One thing is for certain, the energy and intensity from Holy Wars is evident throughout their newest release.

Kat shares a bit about the meaning behind the track: “Lyrically the song is a response to all the times I was asked why I couldn’t write a happy song. As long as I have been writing poetry, I have always been inspired by pain as there is such a beautiful romance in a heart break,” Leon said of the single. “I have always been attracted to the dark in my creativity, maybe in some part due to growing up in a household of my mother being a Tarot reader. This song gives me a feeling of dancing in the dark, turning the lights off and just moving to the music where no one is watching and it is just you and your soul.”

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Moontower – “Long Hair” (Los Angeles via St. Louis & Baltimore, USA)

RIYL: Arms Akimbo, COIN, courtship.

Moontower has just released a new track titled “Long Hair” and it’s the perfect track for those that need to tune out all the negative people in their life. Their debut track “William” has garnered over 250k spins on Spotify so far. “Long Hair” is a bit of a trilogy about fictional character William Hollywood.  The trio have the potential to reach a large group of fans with their smart blend of electro pop. The trio met at USC and have since moved to LA. At first thought, we could have assumed they were from Austin (you know, home of the actual Moontowers) but their inspiration for the name actually came from Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused.

The band share about their newest track: “’Long Hair’ is a song about letting go of people who told you you would never be anything.”

“Long Hair” is the perfect track for anyone who has nay-sayers in their life. It’s time to do whatever you want, including growing long hair (or cutting it short for some). Besides being a track of empowerment, it’s also catchy as hell and will be stuck in your head long after first listen. There is a definitely 80s nostalgia going on throughout the track and has an awesome good vibes chorus.

Moontower are Jacob Culver, Tom Carpenter and Devan Welsh.

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TWIN XL – “Good” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Foster the People, Fake Shark, Portugal. The Man

TWIN XL have just recently formed as a talented super group from members of The Summer Set and Nekokat. “Good” is their debut track and it will stay with us to remind of those feel good summer days. The trio also have a pretty cool video for the track inspired by Hunter S Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Their debut track is extremely infectious and if you don’t want to move by the end of the song, you might need to have your pulse checked. “Good” is damn near pop perfection with just the right combination of shimmering synth, an addictive bassline and Walker’s sleek vocals. The track has the potential for being a huge break out with the clever whistling much like “Pumped up Kicks” (FTP) and “Young Folks” (Peter Bjorn and John) did.

TWIN XL are brothers Stephen and John Gomez and Cameron Walker-Wright.

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