The Matinee ’18 October 22nd is ready to get your Monday kicked off right. We have a nice mix of upbeat indie rock, psych rock and a bit of singer/songwriter fare. We hope you find your new favorite single or band today. Artists are representing Canada, the US and the UK today.

COIN – “Simple Romance” (Nashville, USA)

RIYL: Passion Pit, Bad Suns, Young the Giant

COIN are back with a new track titled “Simple Romance”. Their newest single is super infectious as it chronicles the reality of trying to navigating around love and romance. The band had help on this track from Mark Foster and Issom Innis (Foster The People).

The single provides a killer bassline and becomes another dreamy upbeat track that can help us all say goodbye to summer. Their newest offering feels a bit different than previous offerings, there are some elements that actually become simplified (ironically), yet provide the trio a very clean and dance ready single that has the potential to go far.

Singer Chase Lawrence shares a bit about the single: “Love isn’t as simple as a feeling. It takes time, space, thought, decision and acceptance. At the time, I was almost romanticizing the idea of romance itself. Love is easy, but staying in love is an art.”

COIN are Chase Lawrence (vocals/keys), Joe Memmel (guitar/vocals) and Ryan Winnen (drums). “Simple Romance” will be featured on the band’s upcoming third studio album which will be released via Columbia Records.

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Florda – “Silver Line” (Montreal, Canada via Lake Worth, USA)

RIYL: Masasolo, Júníus Meyvant, Sleep Party People

Florda is headed up by Harris Shper and their newest  track is titled “Silver Line”. Their newest track is effervescent yet groovy as the overall vibe has a hint of disco shining through. On Florda’s newest offering, the bouyant vocals help put the listener in a dream-like state.

“Silver Line” is the perfect mix of old and new. While the bassline and synth remind of late 70s disco and early 80s new wave, there is a fresh spin on the track which is completely blissful,and exhilarating.

“Silver Line” can totally be added to one of your upbeat playlists, or even one where your main goal is to chill out and relax. While the beat is definitely dance ready, there is an underlying calmness that can easily help improve and regulate one’s mood.

“Silver Line” is off of Florda’s upcoming debut EP which will be out sometime in November.

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Holy Pinto – “Wisconsin” (Canterbury, England via Milwaukee, USA)

RIYL: Ben Gibbard, Boy Rex, Frank Turner

Aymen Saleh is Holy Pinto and “Wisconsin” is his newest release to date. Holy Pinto released an EP earlier this year titled Tales From The Traveling T-Shirt Salesman. This track is a homage to Mr. Saleh’s adopted home town. Originally from England, he is now based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Holy Pinto has proven his talent through emotional and heartfelt songwriting. “Wisconsin” is no different as he shares the struggles of an artist always moving around:  “Some clothes, a sleeping bag. I live wherever I lay my head but I know I’m not allowed to fall in love”.

The acoustic foundation is simple yet beautiful as it’s just Mr. Saleh’s vocals and a guitar. The added “Ahhhs” and backing vocals are also a nice touch and give the track a nice melodic tone.

Holy Pinto will be embarking on a US tour later this fall. Dates can be found here.

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NANCY – “Teenage Fantasy” (somewhere in the United Kingdom)

RIYL: Glass Animals, Magic City Hippies, Vacationer

NANCY is currently a mysterious artist that we don’t know much about. All we do know is that NANCY burst on the scene with a killer cover of “Bootz” by Nancy Sinatra. The newest single release is “Teenage Fantasy” and it’s an awesome slice of psych inspired dream pop.

NANCY shares about the original debut track: “”Teenage Fantasy” is your first glimpse into my world. A peak behind the curtain before the matinee begins. I am the pop culture that you all love, chewed up and spat out back onto the canvas.”Teenage Fantasy” is the song I hear when I dream. It wakes me up nostalgic for a time that never existed. It is the soundtrack to the childhood I never had and the road map to a future I can’t predict. It’s Nancy…” 

The single is filled with hazy vocals as well as vigorous melodies that immediately take hold and won’t let go. The single wraps in a bit of nostalgia as well as a modern slice of euphoric synth.

NANCY’s debut EP, Mysterious Vision, is out November 9th via Cannibal Hymns and B3SCI. Pre-order it on Bandcamp. The EP will be sold with 300 limited cassettes in fully functioning cigarette packets.

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PALMAS – “Where Are You Going?” (Philadelphia & New York City, USA)

RIYL: The Gloomies, Real Estate, Surfer Blood

PALMAS have just released a new track “Where Are You Going?” The single is beautifully written and performed as we have a psych inspired foundation that perfectly frames the soaring vocals. The track is the perfect blend of old and new as we hear a soul filled psych rock vibe as well as melodic harmonies that provides for a very expansive and impressive sound from the quintet.

Lead singer Kurt shares about the track: “The lyrics to our song Where are you Going? were inspired by my Mothers. Together, they adopted 8 children and sacrificed their entire previous lives to take care of us. My adopted brother John and sister Lora were both very sick and passed away at a young age. I just remember a distinct moment where I saw the the light disappearing from my Mother’s eyes. It was like she had nothing left to give. As I got older I reflected on all that they had given up to give us a comfortable life. I could see that they carried around a lot of anger and sadness for justifiable reasons. Money was tight, tensions always seemed high and there were many times when I felt like she resented me (and everyone around her) for the life she had given up. All of her younger days had passed her by and this song asks the question, what now?”

PALMAS are comprised of Eric Camarota, Kurt Cain, Andrew Torre, Matt Young, and Adam Cantiello.

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Sleep State – “Dyin’ When I See Ya” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Colony House, Kid Runner, Knox Hamilton

“Dyin’ When I See Ya” is the newest release by LA trio Sleep State. The band have actually turned a true story of heartbreak into a doo-wop inspired dance ready track.

Vocalist Troy Ritchie shares: “I went on about 4 or 5 dates with this really cute and cool girl and thought things were going pretty well. I invite her out to a house party after our last date, thinking she would be excited to see me when she gets there.”

As the song unfolds, the listener finds out it was actually the worst date ever, and the end of the relationship: “So I’m dyin’ when I see ya / Can’t believe it’s been a year / Since I looked in that mirror  / Just to find you holding other hands / And hanging out with other dudes / And making all the same kinds of plans / Doin’ all the things that we used to do / I’m dyin’ when I see you”

Their newest release turns a negative experience into a surprisingly upbeat and harmonious sing-along track. Their video release is the perfect visualization of the event. The dreamy chorus sticks with you and will also force you to hit repeat. Sleep State so far have released 3 solid track this year. Based on their Facebook page, new tracks will follow this year as well.

Sleep State are Troy Ritchie (vocals/guitar), Michael Haua (keys/backing vocals), and Parker Jackson (drums/percussion).

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