As the wintry weather soon approaches the north and summer colors slowly emerge in the south, the Weekend Showcase 4.42 edition finds the perfect balance. It also has some spooky tunes in preparation for Halloween. Forty-four songs are on this week’s mega-playlist, featuring a wide-range of sweet treats and howling moment. The artists and bands represent 13 countries, including: Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, and the United States.

The playlist and tracklisting, as usual, follows the list of articles from the past week. The SoundCloud version has all the songs, although some may require a GO account, while the Spotify playlist has 43 songs.

Enjoy the great music and discover music’s hidden gems.



  • The Matinee ’18 October 25th – Aadae, Cathedral Bells, Dresage, The Entrepreneurs, HÆLOS, Jade The Moon, Mavica, The Mighty Orchid King, Y La Bamba
  • The Matinee ’18 October 26th – The Berries, Broken Baby, CLAVVS, Fascinations Grand Chorus, MANTELL, Stop Light Observations, Swervedriver, The Van T’s, YONAKA

Weekend Showcase 4.42 Tracklisting

  • Beirut – “Gallipoli” (Berlin, Germany via Santa Fe, USA)
  • YONAKA – “Creature” (London, England)
  • Lights on Moscow – “Like Lovers Often Will” (Birmingham and Newcastle, England)
  • Benz – “The Smile” (Malmö, Sweden)
  • CLAVVS – “Slow Dive” (Brooklyn via Atlanta, USA)
  • NANCY – “Teenage Fantasy” (somewhere in the United Kingdom)
  • Pom Poko – “My Blood” (Trondheim, Norway)
  • Keeva – “The Kindest Thing” (London, England)
  • Mavica – “Fire” (London, England via Cartagena, Spain)
  • Empress Of – “All For Nothing” (Brooklyn, USA)
  • Florda – “Silver Line” (Montreal, Canada via Lake Worth, USA)
  • HÆLOS – “Buried In The Sand” (London, England)
  • Monica Martin – “Cruel” (Los Angeles via Madison, WI and Chicago, USA)
  • MANTELL – “For Something Else” (Melbourne, Australia)
  • PALMAS – “Where Are You Going?” (Philadelphia & New York City, USA)
  • Belle Mare – “We Can Wait For Love” (Brooklyn, USA)
  • Rodes Rollins – “Mystery Man” (Los Angeles via Boulder, CO, USA)
  • Boreen – “Lovely” (Portland, USA)
  • Allen Stone – “Taste of You” feat. Jamie Lidell (Chewalah, WA, USA)
  • Aadae – “Carousel Horses” (London, England via Nigeria)
  • Roosevelt – “Losing Touch” (Cologne, Germany)
  • COIN – “Simple Romance” (Nashville, USA)
  • Dresage – “Sediment” (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Holy Pinto – “Wisconsin” (Canterbury, England via Milwaukee, USA)
  • Jade The Moon – “Polaroids And Airplanes” (Toronto & Vancouver, Canada)
  • The Ninth Wave – “A Wave Goodbye to the People Who Said I’d Win” (Glasgow, Scotland)
  • Broken Baby – “Hello From The Other Side Of Hell No” (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Sleep State – “Dyin’ When I See Ya” (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Mallee Songs – “Digital Mines” (Melbourne, Australia)

Supporting labels: 4ADThe A&R Department, Atlantic Records UK, ATO Records, B3SCI, Beatnik CreativeBecause Music, Bella Union, Better Call Rob RecordsCannibal Hymns, Carpark Records, City SlangClub AC30, Dangerbird Records, Distiller Records, Dusky Tracks, Good Eye Records, Help Yourself RecordsHidden Track Records, Liberator Music, Physical Education Recordings, Republic Records, Rhyme and Reason Records, Run For Cover RecordsTambourhinoceros, TCBYML, Tender Loving Empire, Terrible Records.

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