The Matinee ’18 November 12th includes 6 new tracks to kick off your week. We have a nice mix of punk inspired rock as well as exciting synthpop as well. We hope you discover your new favorite song or band today. Artists are representing Canada, The US and the UK today.

36? – “so what?” (Calgary, Canada)

RIYL: Animal Collective, Grandaddy, The Dodos

“so what?” is the newest track from the band 36?. The single provides an amazing wall of sound. We hear some percussion influences similar to the Dodos as well as many psych influences sprinkled throughout. The industrial elements and even sunny Beach Boys-esque guitar in the beginning firmly plants 36? into an impressive eclectic blend all it’s own.

36? is releasing new music after 3 years and their newest single release is a triumphant return for the Calgary based band. They are currently working on wrapping up their newest album. “so what?” is the first single released from their upcoming release.

Taylor Cochrane shares about the meaning behind  the track: “so what?”: is about when being out with all of your friends can’t stop you from feeling alone – when you’re so down on yourself that it feels disingenuous to even engage with the people who are close with you.”

36? are Taylor Cochrane, Justin Van Groningen, Mike Malkin, Scott White, and Colin Adhikary. The single is out on File Under Music.

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CHILDCARE – “Bamboo” (London, England)

RIYL: Everything Everything, Gwenno, San Fermin

“Bamboo” is the newest single from London based CHILDCARE. The single is a bit different from past singles as vocalist Ed Cares is usually at the microphone but we have a wonderful single sung by bassist Emma Topolski.  With Emma’s vocals we are given a sweet yet shiny single that still capitalizes on CHILDCARE’s blend of eclectic harmonies.

The bombastic guitar riffs and driving percussion provide a nice contrast with the sometimes delicate vocals. Once again the band can easily experiment with new sounds and arrangements yet maintaining their unique overall blend of skewed psych pop.

CHILDCARE are Ed Cares (vocals), Emma Topolski (bass), Rich Legate (guitar), and Glyn Daniels (drums). The single is out on Big Indie Records, and their long-awaited, debut album is expected early in 2019.

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Earhart – “An Incubator To Grow My Head In” (London, England)

RIYL: Francobollo, Born Ruffians, Cabbage

“An Incubator To Grow My Head In” is the newest released from Earhart. The band have just a handful of singles released but so far we are being presented with stellar indie rock from the quartet. Their latest offering is their best single yet and provides us with capricious harmonies and gritty vocals.

Singer Joe Tennant shares a bit about the newest track: “It had been growing in the back of my mind for about a year before it really surfaced. Like persistent theme music it was always there. So getting it out was a hugely cathartic process. Putting those thoughts and ideas into song form was the only way to confess them. They say ‘art’ should be vulnerable, and this one is close to the bone, but I hope people can see the humour in it. If it doesn’t make parents sad you must be doing something wrong. Right”?

Named after trailblazing aviator Amelia Earhart, the band seems to be following suit in the music realm by blazing their own path with hook-laden yet hard hitting indie rock.

“An Incubator To Grow My Head In” is out now via Fauna Records.

Earhart is Joe Tennant (vocals, guitar), Daniel Green (guitar), Aaron Dolby (bass) and Harry Lane (drums).

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Meadowlark – “Appetite” (Bristol, England)

RIYL: Arctic Lake, Iris Lune, Portishead

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from UK duo Meadowlark. They released their debut last year and we now have a bit of an exciting new sound from the duo.

“Appetite” is a wonderful display of mellowed out beauty. Kate’s vocals completely intoxicate as she recounts the unraveling of a relationship due to infidelity and addiction. The composition soars but with a very minimalist sound which keeps the single clean and damn near perfect.

Kate shares what they have been up to since releasing their debut album: “New label, new found love for music and our song-writing that we lost in the haze of releasing a debut and trying to fit a mould,” says Kate. “I think it’s just good to get a sense of rebirth with this new stuff: our heads are out of the clouds so to speak and we’re excited to be releasing stuff we love again.”

“Appetite” is out on Fries Boom Barrier Records, a division of Guesstimate. Kate McGill and Daniel Broadley are currently working on their sophomore album, which is expected in 2019.

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MONOGEM – “SHADE” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: BANKS, Tove Lo, Elohim

MONOGEM is Jen Hirsh and we have been following her career for quite a while now. “SHADE” is the newest single from the soulful synthpop artist and it’s another mesmerizing track. As usual MONOGEM’s vocals fully capture the listener from the first note sung to the very last. It’s a grandiose offering with an atmospheric feel from start to finish. We really wonder why Ms. Hirsh hasn’t catapulted to the top like BANKS or Halsey.

Ms. Hirsh shares a bit about the track: “I wrote “Shade” on a day when I felt particularly bleak and dreary.  Dark thoughts ran through my head about anything and everything: my artistry, my life, my body, my family, I was having one of those moments where nothing was right.  As an artist, those days are more frequent than I’d like to admit.  As a woman, I’ve felt pressure to cover up this little dark corner, put my face on and show up for the party.  “Shade” is a personal anthem that reminds me to stop hiding my truths, even if they aren’t pretty.”  

“Shade” is available now on all available streaming services.

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The Slumdogs – “Monsters” (Blackpool, England)

RIYL: Queens of the Stone Age, John, Spielbergs

“Monsters” is the newest track released from The Slumdogs. The single is the first one released from their forthcoming EP which is out this Friday.

“Monsters” is filled with an explosive punk rock punch that you won’t soon forget. Their sound is quite raucous and filled with wailing guitar and driving percussion. One can only imagine what their live set must be like.The single has the perfect blend of hard line punk yet just enough restraint to cross over with fans heavily invested in Arctic Monkeys or QOTSA.

The band’s new EP, Where’s Your Sanity?, is due November 16th via 25 Hour Convenience Store. The Slumdogs are Bobby Glaister (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Elliot Gasper (backing vocals, drums), Cam Redfern (lead guitar) and Will Easton  (bass guitar).

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