The Matinee ’18 December 4th – Part 1 is literally jam-packed with some groovy, sultry flair. Some tunes will take you back to summer while others will send you down to the depths of the abyss. Once you’re finished with these seven tunes, head on over to Part 2.

Autogramm – “Jessica Don’t Like Rock’n’Roll” (Vancouver, Canada)

RIYL: The Cars, Gary Numan, Yukon Blonde

The declining popularity of rock music has been well covered, as younger generations gravitate to other genres. It’s a difficult thing for any rock fan to admit (us included). For Autogramm, a new band featuring three distinguished musicians from Vancouver, they choose to embrace this occurrence and document it in their catchy new tune, “Jessica Don’t Like Rock’n’Roll”.

First, a bit on the trio. Autogramm consists of Jiffy Marx of Brooklyn’s Hard Drugs and Vancouver’s Blood Meridian; CC Voltage of Berlin’s Dysnea Boys, London’s Loyalties, and Vancouver’s Black Halos and Spitfires; and The Silo of Vancouver’s Black Mountain, Lightning Dust and Destroyer. These guys have and are playing with some of the best rock and alternative outfits on the planet, so they’ve witnessed first hand this musical phenomenon. At the same time, they’ve recognized they need to revolve, so they channel a bit of Gary Numan, Talking Heads, and The Car in delivering a new wave-infused, shoulder-shimmying number.

The music is catchy and classic ’80s with the perfect interplay between the sizzling synths and the bouncy rhythms. The best part of the track, though, is the band’s storyline, where they describe how one of their most hardcore fans no longer shows up at their gigs. Whether the person is real or fictional is unknown, but the story provides a bit of insight into what rock artists are thinking.

“So where did she go?
We use to see her at every show.
I guess Jessica don’t like rock’n’roll anymore”.

The band’s new album, What R U Waiting 4?, is out now on Nevado Records. It’s also available on Bandcamp.

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Black Doldrums – “People’s Temple” (London, England)

RIYL: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, A Place To Bury Strangers, My Bloody Valentine

Singer and guitarist Kevin Gibbard and drummer Sophia Lacroix, who make up Black Doldrums, are a two-person, eardrum-destroying, wall-shaking, wrecking crew. People can have their Royal Blood, DFA 1979, and The Black Keys, but in our humble opinion Gibbard and Lacroix are in the upper echelon of the noisiest duos in rock. On Friday, they release their new EP, Sad Paradise, via Club AC30, which includes the seven-plus minute epic, “People’s Temple”.

While we like to say turn up the volume, you might just want to put the headphones on and appreciate the pair’s brilliance in quiet isolation. Then you can truly appreciate the grizzled, darkgaze of Gibbard’s guitar and the harrowing throbs that emanate from Lacroix’s drum kit (she’s one of the most underrated drummers in the business). Furthermore, you can get lost in Gibbard’s minimal lyrics about seeking religion outside the institutions and taking ownership of your own beliefs. It is a challenge for all to think for ourselves and be the proprietors of our faith.

Sad Paradise can be picked up here. It’s well worth spinning.

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Hamish Anderson – “Breaking Down” (Melbourne, Australia)

RIYL: Dan Auerbach, Harts, Jack White

Hamish Anderson‘s artistry, one must watch him live because the 26-year old Australian is one of the world’s underrated guitar gods. He’s a mix of Jack White, Dan Auerbach, and Stevie Ray Vaughn with the tricks he can do with his arsenal of Gibsons and Fenders. Now we understand that not everyone can fly to Oz nor get to one of his festival gigs, so we’ll settle for the second-best thing which is to hear one of his rollicking tunes with our speakers and headphones turned up. Dial up the volume and rock out to “Breaking Down”.

This is blues-rock at its absolute best. Dirty but catchy guitar riffs grumble through the toe-tapping rhythms. Anderson’s voice and lyrics also recall the mid-’70s to early-’80s when the genre was at its peak. He calls out to someone – possibly a brother or sister, a friend, or a son or daughter – who has opted to go alone and try his hand against all odds.

“Who else is going to be there for you
When you’re left all alone?

Who else is going to let you in
When you haven’t got a home?
Sometimes I feel like I’m breaking down,
And pretty soon you might find I won’t be around.”

And against all odds, Anderson is making a name for himself with his classic approach, and we’re immensely grateful for that.

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JAWS – “Driving At Night” (Birmingham, England)

RIYL: Swervedriver, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Slowdive

Late last week, Birmingham indie alt-rock trio JAWS subtly announced that they will be releasing a new album in 2019. Specifically, April 5th will see The Ceiling land in record stores across the globe. The lead single from the record sees the band dip their toes into slightly new waters.

Although Connor Schofield (vocals/guitar), Eddy Geach (drums), and Alex Hudson (guitar) have dabbled in dream-rock, surf-rock, and even a bit of synth-rock, they dive head first into shoegaze with “Driving At Night”. The song echoes the brilliance of Swervedriver, who merged grunge textures into the chiming guitar-driven melody. Like those legends, JAWS deliver a track that is urgent and desperate yet dreamy and intoxicating. It will make you want to sprint out of your home and when you reach your destination you’re winded but rather exhilarated. Within this sonic context, Schofield tells the tale of a young generation that is moving too fast and forgetting to stop and take it all. He is telling us to stop, take a breath, and just appreciate what we have.

In five months time, we’ll get to settle down and spin what will be one of 2019’s most anticipated albums. If you’re anxious like us, you can pre-order The Ceiling here.

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Ladada – “Float Away” (Virginia Beach, USA)

RIYL: Tame Impala, POND, Fleet Foxes

For this track, however, take a deep breath – a very deep breath. Then make sure you’re not driving or even cutting up vegetables because you will find yourself feeling and possibly doing exactly what Ladada say on their newest single. You will “Float Away” this fantastic psychedelic art-rock tune.

“Float Away” is a wonderful piece of musical escapism. It commences like a beautiful serenade, where the dazzling music and heavenly vocals glide effortless through the air. Then it builds and builds into an experience that can best be described as blissful ecstasy. This isn’t psych-rock that takes you through the rabbit hole nor the cosmos. Instead, it takes you down a surging river that carves through grand canyons and bountiful forests. It takes you to a place we know as Eden.

The song is taken from the band’s debut full length album, Heaven On The Rocks, which is set for release on February 15, 2019 via Gold Robot Records. Josiah, Robert, Bobby, and Jonnie are Ladada.

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Men I Trust – “Say, can you hear” (Montreal, Canada)

RIYL: Fazerdaze, Cocteau Twins, Alvvays

Quebec trio Men I Trust have long dazzled with their immersive and intoxicating disco-soul approach. Much of their music is well suited in the most intimate and exclusive nightclubs, where patrons can sway and lithely dance in space. Dragos Chiriac (keys/mastering), Jessy Caron (guitar/bass/keys), and Emmanuelle Proulx (vocals), however, throw a bit of a curveball with their newest single, “Say, can you hear”.

Dashes of post-punk and shoegaze entwine with the band’s trademark dreamy sound. Caron’s pulsating bass line is Peter Hook-esque (of Joy Division and New Order fame) while Chiriac’s guitar glistens in the background and showers the tune with spellbinding chimes. Proulx’s breathy, lustful vocals, meanwhile, hover easily over the soothing soundscape. She sounds like our conscience and tries to guide us in the right direction while pointing out the pitfalls within us. Her lyrics are honest and poignant:

“Staying at the end of a hallway
Dozens of doors you never tried to open
Narrow vision, you’re the scapegoat
You fix things that have never been.”

Men I Trust’s third album, Oncle Jazz, is expected February 2019. It will be one of the new year’s most anticipated LPs in these parts.

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Moon Panda – “GUN” (Brighton/London, England)

RIYL: Warpaint, Beach House, Ava Luna

Music is one of the few things that can bring people from different backgrounds together. In most cases, thousands of strangers will come together in a single venue and enjoy two to three hours of catharsis. Then there are the unique situations where a couple of individuals who develop a surprising chemistry and start creating their own songs and melodies. For American Maddy Myers and Dane Gustav Moltke, they met in England and quickly established Moon Panda. Their debut single, “Rabbit”, opened a lot of eyes for its sultry and mysterious approach. They further take us down their rabbit hole with “GUN”.

The track is the most luxurious and graceful psychedelic tune written this year and quite possibly this decade and beyond. It is the sonic equivalent of the most relaxing and body-numbing hallucinogenic, where all your limbs go limp and your mind deliriously wanders in many directions at the first strike of the lingering guitar, the stuttering rhythms, and Myers’ ghostly vocals. But as intoxicating as the music is, Myers’ words strike a different chord. She enters the mind of an individual struggling to cope with daily life and is considering ending it. Her lyrics are quietly powerful.

“You don’t know what you want,
But you know it’s not this.
You don’t know if you’re wrong,
Think you’ve gotta be missing something.
Any mind can turn
Even the sweetest thoughts get twisted.”

In addition to Myers (vocals/bass) and Moltke (guitar), Moon Panda includes George Godwin (synth) and Adrian Ortman (drums). The single is out on My Little Empire Records, and it can be picked up on Bandcamp.

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