The Matinee ’18 December 10th is the last Monday playlist of 2018. It was hard choosing just 6 so here is a nine track playlist to get your week started off right. We hope you find your new favorite song or band. Artists today are representing New Zealand, The US and The UK today.

Calva Louise – “Tug Of War” (London, England)

RIYL: Paramore, Thyla, Estrons

“Tug Of War” is the newest single from UK trio Calva Louise. It’s an upbeat and energetic punk inspired track that gets your blood pumping. The single lyrically tackles the push and pull regarding relationships. Calva Louise provides a controlled bout of chaotic guitar riffs, vocals dripping with attitude and infectious harmonies that provide an anthem ready sound.

The trio have also released the video below and share a bit about it’s release: “We feel like in any kind of relationship there are unwritten rules everybody should follow, and that becomes a constant tug of war, dealing with unnecessary pressure. If everybody could have a complimentary point of view, then that tug of war could be a fun game where there are no set rules”.

Calva Louise are Jess Allanic (vocals/guitar), Alizon Taho (bass), and Ben Parker’s (drums) debut album, Rhinoceros, is out February 1st via Modern Sky Records.

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Foreign Air – “Turning” (Washington, D.C. and New York City, USA)

RIYL: Foals, Manchester Orchestra, The Social Animals

“Turning” was recently released from Foreign Air. The single was released in October, but just recently added to soundcloud. The single is hypnotic yet somewhat contradictory. The lyrical tone is definitely somber yet the beats and composition provide a vibrant vibe which could easily be enjoyed on your Friday playlist while you’re getting ready for the weekend.

Lyrically the track speaks to internal struggles and a desire for change: I keep finding myself / Faking it all / Like I hate myself / Longing for something real / Every time I restrain myself / Try it again, try it again kid / Try it again, try it again kid / Break it again, break it again kid / Break it again, break it again kid

Foreign Air are Jesse Clasen and Jacob Michael. “Turning” is the first single from Foreign Air’s upcoming album, which hopefully will be released sometime next year. The duo are also embarking on a 2019 headlining tour next Spring. You can find upcoming dates on the Facebook page.

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Kelsy Karter – “Catch Me If You Can” (Los Angeles, USA via New Zealand)

RIYL: Chloe Black, Kim Petras, Sizzy Rocket

“Catch Me If You Can” is the newest single from LA based Kelsy Karter. It’s a pounding rock single that provides 3+ minutes of energetic female fronted rock. The single tackles the realities of a love lost with a super upbeat tone even though her Facebook page eludes to that one time ‘she killed a guy’, which is actually hinting to the unreleased music video for the track.

On “Catch Me If You Can” we hear Kelsy’s soulful vocals which are set against driving basslines, gritty guitars and the single definitely begs you to hit repeat. Ms. Karter’s influences undoubtedly have a retro throw back to some of the greats (The Beatles/Rolling Stones) yet with a super modern gloss that will attract fans both young and old.

Kelsey shares a bit about her upcoming album release: “I want to be an artist that speaks to my generation. If you want a 50-year career then you have to be innovative and ahead of what’s next. The drum patterns and guitar tones on my record definitely veer toward those early Beatles/Stones vibes, but my stories and ideas will always move and grow with me in the modern world.

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LMBO – “Netter Bot” (Michigan and New Orleans, USA)

RIYL: Flume, Jamie XX, ODESZA

Alt-electronic duo LMBO includes Michigan-born Koby Berman and Mike Swartz, who first met in 2010. They started collaborating as LMBO in 2017 when Koby was in New Orleans finishing up his master’s degree in classical music composition and Mike was in Michigan producing and performing electronic music after graduating college. They realized that when they brought together their diverse musical backgrounds, they were able to create music that uniquely and authentically bridged their respective genres.

“Netter Bot” is an expansive track that includes lugubrious undertones woven with dark hip-hop influences as well as unique industrial electronic elements. It’s the perfect track to get you in the mood for the upcoming weekend and also an even better one to spin during cardio day at the gym.

The duo share the meaning behind the track: “We wrote Netter while we were both grappling with post college life. Each of us was living in different Michigan towns — Koby moved back home and was living in his parents’ basement and Mike had a small apartment and was working at a car dealership. During this transitional period, we felt like we didn’t have control over key areas of our lives and that we were losing the stability we had previously taken for granted.”

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New Luna – “Red Music” (Manchester, England)

RIYL: The Districts, Hippo Campus, Pinegrove

New Luna have just released a new track titled “Red Music”.  It’s an impressive single that includes striking vocals, all encompassing guitar and an authentic sound that feels intimate and emotional. Some of their previously released tracks have definitely been more polished so hearing more of a raw result from the quartet is refreshing. The chorus builds and erupts into a spectacular break that continues to prove New Luna’s insane guitar skills.

Guitarist Zack Bamber shares about their newest release: “It’s a very direct and raw sounding song that goes on a trip through a few different feelings and places. Musically, it might sound upbeat and pleasant but Tommy’s lyrics heavily offset that, creating a sense of almost sarcastic melancholy in both the floating breakdowns and the heavier drops”.

New Luna are Tommy Deedigan, Zack Bamber, Toby Duncan, and Nathan Gray. “Red Music” is available now on all digital platforms.

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Swimm – “Grandview” (Los Angeles via Orlando, USA)

RIYL: Vampire Weekend, Yeasayer, Passion Pit

“Grandview” is the newest single release from Swimm. The single takes us on a ride of splendid vocals from Mr. Chris Hess as well as euphoric harmonies that float along throughout the entire track. It’s the perfect track to spin when you are wishing for those warmer summer days, especially in the dead of winter. The single is from their recently released Special Edition of their 2015 EP, Bevery Hells. Not only does the new release include bonus tracks, but a few remixes as well.

“Grandview” is reminiscent of other sunny tracks from their sophomore EP Beverly Hells. The surf-rock inspired guitar riffs provide that laid back feeling you’d experience during a weekend at the beach. The vocals by Mr. Hess are always enthralling as the lyrics speak to the gracefulness of a special woman named Alexandra.

Swimm are Chris Hess, Adam Winn, Hany Zayan, and Marton Bizits. Their new, special edition EP, Beverly Hells  is out now.

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TENDER – “Bottled Up” (London, England)

RIYL: Air, Mating Ritual, slenderbodies

TENDER have just released two new singles and today we are sharing “Bottled Up”. The duo share that this release as well as “Can’t Show My Face”.

The duo share: “These songs feel like the most honest and personal we’ve ever created. The process gave us the opportunity to have a real good look at ourselves and the moments we find hardest to speak about. We really hope you enjoy these songs, as much as we did making them for you.”

“Bottled Up” is a dance ready track even though the lyrical content is quite serious. The single is groove heavy track with a definite soul/funk vibe that tackles a serious matter in regards to intense feelings in a relationship. The chorus is telling:

Bottled up / Won’t talk about it / Nobody needs to know / Nobody needs to know / Between me and my mind / Believe me, I’ve tried / Nobody needs to know / Nobody needs to know

TENDER are James Cullen and Dan Cobb. Their sophomore album, Fear of Falling Asleep, rises January 18th via Partisan Records.

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TRACE – “Anxiety” (Los Angeles, USA)


“Anxiety” is the newest track from TRACE. The LA based artist has just released her most revealing single yet. The artist is tackling her own personal struggles with anxiety. It’s a haunting and beautiful track that represents the sometimes debilitating feeling that anxiety can bring.

TRACE has also released a video for the track, and the lyrics are quite emotional.

“Creepin through the doors / and under all my sheets / I can never sleep / It worries me”

TRACE shares a bit more about her newest single and she has also partnered with NAMI California and will provide a portion of proceeds from her Anxiety Merch.

“In the process of writing “Anxiety”, and preparing for its release, I had a number of candid conversations with friends about their own Anxiety in hopes to gain further insight about something so prevalent yet convoluted,” TRACE says. “Through these dialogues, I’ve felt less alone and a bit less hesitant in sharing this piece of myself. I have consequently gotten to know and better understand my own Anxiety and so I hope this song is maybe a way to invite a spark, a thought, a dialogue to anyone who feels the same. Or at least to make feelings valid, especially when they can seem impossible to grasp. “

“Anxiety” is out now on Ultra Music.

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White Lies – “Finish Line” (London, England)

RIYL: City Calm Down, Interpol, The National

White Lies have released another track from their forth coming album FIVE. “Finish Line” is a stellar track that combines a classic White Lies sound along with a newer robust composition that soars. The intricate guitar pieces halfway through provide a strong yet somber tone for this perfectly constructed break up song. “Finish Line” is for anyone that has lost an important relationship in their life and remembering all the thoughts and decisions that happened once the end was finalized.

White Lies continues to provide larger than life harmonies in every track that consistently compliment Harry McVeigh’s commanding vocals. The trio continue to prove their indie rock talent with each new release.

Bassist Charles Cave shares that Finish Line is “A simple song about a young couple’s break-up negotiations, I like to hope the music itself takes the listener through the emotional ups and downs. It’s up there as one of our best songs and we hope our fans think so too.”

White Lies are Harry McVeigh (lead vocals/guitar), Charles Cave (bass/backing vocals), and Jack Lawrence-Brown (drums). Their new album, FIVE, is out February 1st via PIAS Recordings.

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