In an age where band names and artists’ pseudonyms are creative writing projects, few truly adopt names that fit their music. Margaux Sauvé, though, is the exception, as her project Ghostly Kisses perfectly defines her art. It is haunting but intimate, cinematic yet icy dark, spine-tingling and breathtaking. All these characterizations are captured on her sophomore EP, The City Holds My Heart.

The record is one of the most gorgeous and outstanding records of the year. The title track opens the EP, and it is a stunning, widescreen display of dream-pop. As beautiful is the convergence of piano, guitar, percussion, and synth, Sauvé’s hauntingly beautiful voice is the showstopper. She reveals the conflicting emotions that overwhelm her, as she contemplates new paths. Equally jaw-dropping is “Touch”, which approaches the breathtaking spectacles of Massive Attack and Portishead. She lushly yet urgently sings, “I want to feel your touch”, to someone who is no longer around.

A soft, dream-like space is unveiled in the aptly-titled “Spellbound”. Sauvé elevates the dreaminess on the captivating and beautiful “Héloïse”. The classic tones of the piano open the track, and gradually a soft harp and additional strings enter the fray. Within sixty seconds, enchantment and intoxication set in, and a feeling of weightlessness occurs. Her cover of The Cranberries’, “Zombie”, is also turned into a gorgeous lullaby, as she makes this all-time classic into something fresh without losing its gripping power. Sauvé has made the song all her own, and it reveals how her music stays with you long after the final note.

The City Holds My Heart is available on Bandcamp.

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