The project of Australian vocalist and bassist Harriette Pillbeam, Hatchie released her first EP, the dreamy Sugar & Spice this year. Laden with jangly guitar, amazing harmonies, and catchy vocals, the record is easily one of our favorite EPs of the year. It carries an intentional, nostalgic vibe that Hatchie describes as recreating the feelings felt falling in love for the first time. Or for us, recreating the moments we live over and over again through John Hughes’ films.

“Sure” is a wonderful opening track, and it only gets better from there. The synth on “Sleep” adds a delightful layer to the sound as well, contributing to the nostalgic vibe that the EP exudes. The title track is catchy as heck, too. “Try” is the song that put Hatchie on the radar of a lot of people for the first time. It’s easy to see why, with its amazing bass work and ethereal vocal harmonies. “Bad Guy” is a true pop gem, and it’s a perfect closer to the EP.

Sugar & Spice was released on Ivy League Records and Double Double Whammy.

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