Holy Golden have released a lot of great music this year. In February, they released the sublime LP Otherworld and in October they released an amazing EP, Sleepwalkers in the Milky Way. The duo of Leslie Schott and Andrew Valenti have been carefully crafting an image and sound that is distinctively their own, and Sleepwalkers is another peek into that universe. It’s easy to see how Holy Golden ended up on back-to-back yearly “Favorite EP” lists.

Schott paints beautiful, if surreal pictures with her voice as Valenti creates a striking layer underneath  From the infectious chorus of “Lost Island” to the reflective musings of “Seven of Diamonds”, the duo create pure fantasy. They expand upon their mystical craft with “Sun Swallows the Moon”, which is full of vivid, natural imagery. Its breathtaking effect is akin to the feeling of awakening at the crack of dawn and hearing just sound and words.

The nature imagery continues with “Lock Jaw”, which is an ethereal escapism only Holy Golden can. On “Wheel of Fortune”, Holy Golden carefully craft a slow building number that ends with a massive and sublime payoff. When the album comes to a close with the title track, it’s just Schott’s voice and Valenti’s guitar. But like the other track, they leave the listener paralyzed with the words “This story has a happy ending/The characters wake up and stop pretending” lingering in our minds. Like a great fantasy tale, the EP leaves you wanting to hear the story again and agin.

Sleepwalkers in the Milky Way is available Bandcamp, and it can also be picked up at Wallflower Records‘ online store.

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