No Violet took their time to release their debut EP, but the time spent honing their sound was worth it. The four-track Faces was released in the autumn, and it grinds like the darker, cooler days. Opener “Be My Friend” starts out like a ballad with front woman Ellie Godwin showing off the delicacies in her trembling voice. The song is a good build up for the rest of the EP without really kicking off.

“America” is a little heavier and here’s where the band really start to ramp up the sound and show what they can do. The fuzzy guitarwork in “Behaviour” is a near on hypnotic sound at times. While the great vocals are the stand out sound from the EP, the band have worked the album so well that all of the members’ work gets noticed. The bass line on “Be My Friend”, for instance, is a knockout.

Finishing up with “She Goes Her Own Way”, the band close with more of a chilled out song. They’ve really shown how versatile their sound can be, and the songs come across great live too!

Faces was released on Leisure Records, and it’s available on Bandcamp.

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