There are rock records, and then there are rock records. The latter feature a bunch of songs bundled together that make us momentarily lose our shit and once again feel alive. Such records are becoming increasingly rare, but Spielbergs‘ debut EP, Distant Star, is a reminder that rock still rules.

Despite being just five songs, the EP is one of the great rock records of 2018. Distant Star is explosive, manic, intense, and exhilarating, and it kicks off with a massive bang in “We Are All Going To Die”. The track could be the companion piece to Japandroids’ “The House That Heaven Built” with its in-your-face, propulsive garage-rock approach and message to live every day like it’s our last one on Earth. The equally seismic “Daisy! It’s the New Me” follows, and it reminds us to make the most of our second chances. A similar energizing spirit and message reverberate on the colossal “Distant Star”, which is ’90s punk-infused, angst-rock at its finest. It also features some of the great buddy lines of the year.

“We can be perfect.
You could make me better.
We could be soulmates
If we can find a place to live!”

Spielbergs are not all fire and brimstone. They go slightly shoegaze-y and melodic on Ghost Boy”. The number is surprisingly lush and borders on spellbinding, displaying that the threesome can dazzle and enchant. The closer, “Setting Sun”, is similarly dazzling. More ’80s dream-synth-pop that could be made for a coming-of-age movie, Spielbergs exhibit another side – their domestic and real-life halves. The optimistic message could be one for Mads Baklien’s (guitar/vocals/synth) two young children; Stian Brennskag’s (bass) kindergarten students; or Christian Løvhaug’s (drums) girlfriend. However, it is a message for everyone, specifically to believe in yourself. To believe again that for a few minutes we can lose ourselves in great music and conquer everything, as show on Distant Star.

Distant Star is out on By The Time It Gets Dark, and it is available on Bandcamp.

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