Moonlight Baby was released this year by The Dig. The band is creating really catch indie rock with a bit of a psych flair. It was actually a hard decision of which EP to nominate, as they also released the EP Afternoon with Caroline which was part of their El Dig playlist of 2018 which was also impressive.

“You’re Not Alone” is laid back yet commanding with impressive guitar and bold vocals. The title track “Moonlight Baby” is filled with the contrast of foreboding guitar and hushed vocals as it recounts a lost relationship with the parting chorus “It was you / It was always you /
Every time I fell in love / Every time I fell in love / It was you”

The other stand outs on the EP are “Soul of the Night” which is a perfect song to spin when you are missing someone you’ve lost. The closer on the EP really reveals vocal talent and the ability to properly deliver a moving acoustic based track. It’s a lovely track that speaks to someone finally coming home.

Overall the EP is very solid and can easily be played all the way through anytime you are need to feel a bit relaxed and uplifted.

Moonlight Baby is out on Roll Call Records and available on Bandcamp.

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