If there is one band on the planet that could be described as your best friend, Yumi Zouma would undoubtedly win the contest. From dreamy and dizzying dream-pop to their embracing lyrics, Christie Simpson, Charlie Ryder, Josh Burgess, and Olivia Grace Campion have lifted many spirits and warmed plenty of hearts. With EP III, they grab us by the hand and take us out on a gorgeous adventure.

“Powder Blue / Cascine Park” is the first destination, and it spellbinding. Delicate beats, a chiming guitar, and Simpson’s stirring vocals recreate the feeling of summertime bliss. From the easy calm of the opener the New Zealand quartet head to the discos of the ’70s on “Crush (It’s Late, Just Stay)”. This super-groovy track belongs on the soundtrack to any reboot of Saturday Night Fever.

After the dancing is done, intimacy arrives in the form of “Looking Over Shoulders”. The soft, bubbly notes and shimmering melodies are trademark Yumi Zouma. The record closes with the breezy, romantic vibes of “In Camera”, and it, too, belongs in the canons of dreamy disco-pop. It’s a song that simultaneously leaves one breathless and dancing. One that leaves you smiling for hours, which is what a best friend does when you’re down in the dumps.

EP III is out on Cascine, and it is available on Bandcamp.

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Editor’s note: Thanks to Kyle Tracy for flagging our errors on the band’s current composition. 

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