After an uncharacteristically long break between records, Ava Luna unleashed Moon 2 upon us, and it was glorious. It’s funky, captivating, and oh so strange. From Becca Kaufman, Felicia Douglass, and Carlos Hernandez exchanging leads on songs to the impeccable percussion throughout provided by drummer Julian Fader and rock solid bass lines from Ethan Bassford, Moon 2 is one of the year’s finest crafted records as well.

Tracks like “Centerline”, “Deli Run”, and “Set It Off” are just infectious with their energy and grooves. The rest of the album is stellar as well with the intense pacing of “Mine”, the knockout rhythm parts of “Walking With an Enemy”, and the strange interludes complete the package. As our original review for Moon 2 stated, it truly is a space-aged masterpiece.

Moon 2 is out now on Western Vinyl, and it is also available on Bandcamp.

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