Black Peaks‘ live shows are incredible, and the high-energy performances are put across perfectly on this album. The quartet’s second album had been a long time coming, and All That Divides doesn’t disappoint. Three songs were pre-released, and this only ramped up the hype for the album.

Opening track “Sleep” was named Huw Stevens Single of The Week back in April, and Annie Mac has taken a big liking to the Brighton-based rock band with the exclusive release of “Electric Fires”. Frontman Will Gardner’s vocals are incredible and are accompanied brilliantly by the guitar work of Joe Gosney.

The album is perfectly planned out with songs like “The Midnight Sun” hyping you up, giving you a few moments to chill out mid-song, before Will’s screaming vocals force your head into a psychological mosh pit. All That Divides has shown exactly why Black Peaks are so highly regarded within the rock scene at the moment.

All That Divides is out on Rise Records.

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