Twin Fantasy was originally recorded in 2011 and released on Car Seat Headrest’s Bandcamp page. It’s part brilliant for the witty lyrics and parts of the ebb and flow of energy combined in each track.

The original songs were recorded when Will Toledo was just 19. The album is just 10 tracks, but two of them clock in at over 10 minutes. “Beach Life-In-Death” is 13 minutes and tackles random observations like “Get groceries, get eaten” as well as internal dialogues about an ex-girfriend. “Sober To Death” tackles a toxic relationship as the lyrics proclaim, “We were wrecks before we crashed into each other” as the guitars wail and the song perfectly captures the bi-polar esque nature of the emotions that the lyrics describe. There is a definite push and pull that goes from normalcy and then to chaos.

The entire album is almost a bit of a dark comedy, as Toledo shares stories of negative relationships, proper cursive writing, stories of traveling and shopping at Ikea yet with a bit of a negative undertone. “Bodys” tackles the fear that our bodies could fall apart at any second and the promise that the chorus will be rewarding.

The genius of Car Seat Headrest is that these are more than just songs. They are a look inside the mind of a man (or then teen) with fears, questions and observations delivered with a ton of dry humor and killer guitar riffs. Even though the album is re-imagined and previously released, it’s still an outstanding display of unique storytelling combined with impressive musicality. It’s the perfect display of projecting emotions felt in the lyrics through the ebb and flow of the music   It’s quite brilliant and definitely deserved to be included on our best of list for this year.

Twin Fantasy is out on Hate Crime Entertainment. Get it on Bandcamp.

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