First Aid Kit released Ruins earlier this year – actually at the beginning of the year. This might be the first time we’ve included a favorite album and a favorite EP by the same artist/band. Tender Offerings is also one of our favorite EPs.

Ruins is a beautiful release by the Swedish duo of sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg. The 10-track album gifts us with the lovely vocals from Klara and Johanna. The opener “Rebel Heart” is the grandest on the album and provides a grandiose sound that is expansive and quite charming. “It’s A Shame” includes a bit of a twang from the duo and their sound is still poised yet edgy. “Fireworks” provides more of an acoustic background, which allows both their voices to completely shine.

Even though the sisters provide a very classic sound both in their vocals and production, they are perfecting their overall sound by pushing their overall style to include a bit more of a modern aesthetic for old and new fans. “Postcard” gives us that country vibe which can easily be spun during a nice long road trip across the country. The title track soars as they speak to the reality of some past mistakes.

“Nothing Has To Be True” is a great closer for the duo as it displays their strong vocal ranges. The overall album is carefully crafted so that each song draws the listener into the sisters’ intoxicating spell. Ruins is quite triumphant and continues to show the growth within First Aid Kid with their newest release. It’s a wonderful set of 10 tracks to either satisfy the die hard fans or introduce others to their often underrated talent.

Ruins is out on Columbia Records.

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